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4 years ago
@Acerio: @Prestotron

But I think that's what he meant, that you made a new thing to get a new username
8 years ago

I can't comment on that, but the word you are looking for is xenophobia.
44GuitarBoy 8 years ago
@.:A-MAN:. @Prestotron @SLEDGE

Guys, I have no clue what to do first with this thing. Here is a CPU-Z Report File on the laptop.

The reason why I don't know what to do is because I'm UPGRADING, so I actually need to know how to compare and contrast parts and specs. For my desktop, I just set guidelines. Ex. I wanted a quad core processor, an SSD, lots of RAM.

But now I have to delve deeper. And for a laptop to boot. RAM for this thing is expensive. I'd like to get a 4GB stick and use the currently installed 2GB stick to give me 6GB. :/ But like I said I dunno where to start with this thing.

It's integrated graphics are poop. Like, how can this thing be a business laptop? Is it a common misconception to think that business laptops can be used for...y'know...businesses that require better specs? Like was it foolish of me to think that this "business" laptop could be used by say, a game developer or an engineer using CAD? Like I don't understand how this thing can pump out 3D graphics at all, let alone give me 10 or so FPS in Minecraft.
44GuitarBoy 9 years ago
Guys, I need a Linux driver for this card reader/USB 3.0 connector I just got. I asked on Amazon if it would work with Linux, and the guy said yes. Only the card reader is working. USB 3.0 through PCIe is not!

Halp @Prestotron
9 years ago
Wtf @Prestotron

Commenting on my friend's Instagram picture saying you and I were there?

Lying is bad. Stop.
44GuitarBoy 9 years ago
Well okay. The benefits of @Prestotron and I becoming roommates:

1. We'd make a good pair. We have a lot to teach each other.

2. We could split expenses.

3. With our combined income, neither one of us would *have* to have a full time job (I just went from $8.60 to $9 at Staples)

4. We'd both get away from our families.

5. We could even go into business together.
9 years ago
@Prestotron has created a new blog series titled Dream Journal .
44GuitarBoy 9 years ago
@SLEDGE @Prestotron @.:A-MAN:. I want you guys to try out this Chrome app and tell me what you think. It's my top competitor app: 3pm-player

Here's a list of sins I've compiled from exploring it:

- When first opened, it looks like it's just an audio player. But it plays videos. Misleading. My player opens slightly bigger by default, and the design is general, so it doesn't lean towards either audio or video.

- It lags on my quad core Tegra K1 Chromebook 13 with 4GB of DDR3. Can't multi-task at all with this thing running.

- The playlist and menu open in separate windows. Why not just expand/shrink the window as necessary? I can understand settings opening in a different window, but not things that are supposed to be part of the main UI.

- You need to download an add-on for audio visualization....why not just include it?

- Audio visualizer doesn't even seem to correspond with the audio. Just flashy, insubordinate, non correspondant shiz. Also opens in a separate window from the player...why...just why. I'm basing the structure of my player off of Windows Media Player, cause, yknow, that crap didn't have a gazillion windows for every feature.

- Can't even use the Web UI. It actually crashed my Chrome browser. Had to uninstall between cycles of unresponsiveness.

- WinAmp skin is cool, but it's the ONLY other skin that the player has. My player will have multiple skins upon initial release to appeal to multiple people.

- Doesn't have fast forward/backward to increase/decrease the playback rate. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a unique feature that my player will have. You can skip ahead or backward like 10 seconds

- Same thing for GIF recording/snapshots of videos. My player 1-ups 3pm there. Keep in mind that I'm using things with free licensing. 3pm could implement these unique features but...

- Player just froze as I type this while trying to listen to music with it

- Music now sounds like THIS, but, comes back around to sounding normal: Does not happen AT ALL with my player.

The only things I think 3pm has that my player doesn't/won't have until a later version:

- connectivity to import files from SoundCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, GDrive, etc....But you can just open files from Google Drive anyways via the files app that's built into ChromeOS. You can also add Dropbox to the files app. And since they're the most popular services, this is kinda pointless.

- ability to open from a URL

- ability to open M3U playlists, although I haven't checked if it actually works.

Tell me about your experiences with the app. I seriously think I can beat this app between unique features and good performance on ANY Chromebook/modern PC.

44GuitarBoy 9 years ago
@Prestotron I actually would like a basement pad. It keeps cool during the summer, and I bet with a little bit of tweaking you can keep it warm during the winter.

Lmao guys. Imagine the entire first floor of your house being empty because you live in the basement.

Well, the basement is typically a place for storage of junk and stuff, so deciding to squat there allows you to come up with creative ways to organize your stuff instead of just "shoving it down in the basement".
44GuitarBoy 9 years ago
@Prestotron Did you ever get my last message on Kik??
38BlueLake2 9 years ago
@Prestotron finally became a higher level than me. I've been a higher level since the beginning. This makes me sad.
9 years ago
1sky 9 years ago
@Prestotron: Oh hey, it's you.
9 years ago

Changed font to Roboto Light and removed drop shadow on my terrible laptop to at least make it look nicer, if not run faster.
34kenw2 9 years ago
In response to @Prestotron,

Only if it is not opposite day. Then the customer would be technically wrong.