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I'm looking for a new apartment starting in the summer and rental prices are insane. I thought everyone buying houses in rural areas to work remotely would lower city prices but I guess not. One place I was looking at was marketed at $2900/mo a month or so ago but no units were available for our timeframe. Now there are a few available, but they're asking for $4942/mo now.
I was finally able to get my first dose scheduled for this weekend!
We don't get spring break, but instead a bunch of random days off throughout the semester. Some days off I didn't even have class to begin with, other days I "get a day off" but my professor decided to just reschedule class to later in the week. That means the only thing this spring break alternative does is make my lectures and assignments more condensed than intended. Thanks, I guess?
Part of me kind of likes pulling an all nighter to do work (schoolwork or a personal project). It kind of feels like you have all the time in the world with pretty much no distractions, so I feel so much more productive from 8pm-8am than I do from 8am-8pm.

on the other hand i have to work in the morning...
My school is now officially requiring all students to be covid-vaccinated in the fall, and is ending the choice of remote learning.

I'm actually kind of surprised. The vaccines are still a good ways away from going from emergency use authorized to full FDA-approved, so I'm pretty surprised a lot of schools in my area are requiring it with no virtual alternative. We already paid tons of money to get cameras and microphones in all of our lecture halls so it seems strange that students who want to wait until it's fully approved no longer have that remote option. I guess the group of people who trust vaccines but also wants to wait for full approval is too small to consider on a school-level.

To be clear I've been planning on getting it once my state's slow-butt rollout makes me eligible. It just seems weird to me that an emergency vaccine is being required. People online are saying it's just the same as requiring the mumps and influenza shots, but those are already approved. Still, playing devil's advocate hasn't been turning out so great on local subreddits and I'm pretty sure there aren't that many responsible people willing to quarantine until full FDA-approval, so it's more of a hypothetical discussion than practical policy.
I used to always think the Spotify desktop UI was miles better than the mobile apps and pretty much perfect.

Now they removed the top search bar, requiring you to scroll the sidebar to click into a dedicated search page.

They also removed the artist column from playlists, so you can no longer sort by artist??? And for no reason at all. There weren't too many columns, in fact I'd say now there are too few columns and it just looks weird

I have a bad tendency to git stash then just never remember to unstash, leaving important work never to be seen again
Another day of finishing homework as the sun rises...
I have to read just a few pages of Gertrude Stein for class and it's absolutely horrible. I swear her writing is just nonsense that people are too afraid to admit is only fluff so they just say it's genius. It reads like when someone repeatedly taps on the autosuggested word on their phone's keyboard until it loops a few times before starting a new sentence the same way.
Ah man the Reddit thing is ending in an hour. I almost made it to the top 100, I got to #114
If anyone hadn't seen, the Reddit April Fool's thing this year is a game where you vote on one of three images, and the goal is to vote on the item with the middle number of votes. If you do, you gain 3/6/9 points (based on how soon you vote). If you pick the most or least possible, you lose 1/2/3 points (based on how soon you vote). Every 15 seconds it gives a quick preview of the current votes to give you an idea of where people are voting. You can't change your vote, so if you go early you risk more points but can't gauge other votes as well.

If you guess about 1/3 correct, and you get +3 points for corrects and -1 for incorrects, I think you average a net +0.33 points per guess over time?

I think I figured out a pretty solid technique, and I set up a quick Python script to automate it overnight to see how it goes. I've noticed that if there's a clear loser after the first preview of votes, that item never catches up at all. The other two are always a pretty clear neck-and-neck tie due to the feedback influencing late votes, and it's common for the vote split to be like 1000 vs 1002. I've been picking whatever has the most amount of votes after the first reveal, since we know the thing in last is out of the running, so it's pretty much a 50/50 where you get +3 on correct and -1 on incorrect, which I think is +1 point on average per turn.

I just have Pillow taking screenshots every couple seconds, Pytesseract parsing the votes as numbers, and PyAutoGui clicking specific points. Hopefully I'll get some nice results in the morning. I'm tired and don't want to set up something to track the wins/losses so hopefully points will be enough
I'm still counting on Nintendo to say "sike, Super Mario 3d All-Stars is here to stay" after profiting off the +300% FOMO sales
I love Docker

Maybe I'm not talking to the right people, but sensationalist m,edia outlets claim that 1/3 of Americans believe in the vaccine microchip conspiracy theory, but I've never met one single person unironically believe it and hundreds of people make fun of it. I know plenty of people hesitant about a young vaccine, but even the craziest of my family members make fun of the microchip theory that supposedly a third of us believe. I guess it's fun to make fun of it but it just feels like such a strawman, like flat Earth.
Considering writing a script to rapidly probe CVS, Walgreens, and the mass vaccination sites for open slots once I become eligible. The demand is insane in my city and people are saying they can only get appointments at like 3am