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Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.

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Final update: fell in love with the Galaxy Fold now that I'm used to it and I will use it until death. Still wish the outer screen was a bit wider though.
Coffee doesn't really energize me much but 200mg caffeine pills feels like how I imagine adderall would feel and puts me in such a manic state
There's a class where I've gotten an A on every assignment and the final. I checked the grade breakdown and saw participation is 7. I assumed I had a 7/10 participation. Turns out it's a 7/100 lmao
Ugh I'm liking the Galaxy Fold more and more but I'm still unsure and the return window is getting close. I've more or less overcome the weight issue (not solved it, just work around it. I now never really hold my phone at or above eye level, but if I do it has to be resting on something. Most of the time I now just hold it at waist level with no issues). My main issue now is just the size of the two screens. There are a lot of things that just need a screen wider than the folded screen but smaller than the unfolded screen. There are workarounds like forcing an aspect ratio in 9:16 with letterboxing but then you're using a way-too-big phone with no benefit.
I probably split my time 25/75 across folded/unfolded.
If the folded screen was a typical ~9:16 screen I would definitely keep this. If it was also significantly lighter and on par with other phone weights then I'd actively encourage it.
I wonder if in like 35 years we'll be seeing phones like the iPhone 47
Every episode of Family Feud is actually AI generated.
I'm writing an essay about modern US-China tensions and data privacy concerns and trying to research the whole TikTok-Oracle deal is so difficult. All info available is just like "Will TikTok still be banned? Maybe!" "Is China approving? We don't know!" "Can the treasury actually demand to have some of the deal? Not sure, it's never been done before!"
The Galaxy Z Fold 2 came in today. Such a super cool phone and it's the first time I've ever really been wowed by a phone.

The screen real estate just feels so nice. The crease in the middle is noticeable from an angle but completely invisible straight on. The outside screen when folded up is...functional. It's super narrow in a weird aspect ratio (2260x816) which definitely isn't fun to use, definitely feel likes the minimum amount of usable space. Unfolding immediately resizes whatever app you have open and it's really nice having that big 120hz screen. When unfolded, you can use up to three apps in split screen simultaneously, and doing two at a time doesn't seem crowded at all and is really useful. I've used it for stuff like going through my email app to get a verification code for another app or having Pokemon Go open waiting for pokemon to appear while reading Reddit. It also runs 3/DS emulators really nicely, probably the coolest use case imo.

The cool part about unfolding like a book is that the front display is a different display that ends up on the back of the phone, so in the native camera app you can see a preview of the camera right next to the rear view lenses.

My big cons: This thing is super heavy and bulky. This is nearly 10oz, and I'm coming from a 6oz phone. It feels impossible to one-hand it in bed after a few minutes. A popsocket helps a ton, especially for palming the phone with my offhand, but holding two handed and reaching for the bottom or right edges of the screen still really cramps my entire hand super quickly. My right hand was cracking so much at the end of the first day. I feel like when unfolded, the entire bottom right quadrant of the screen is painful to reach. I've been able to resize the keyboard to not use the bottom and right ~inch and repositioned the navigation buttons to be centered (moving those ~an inch to the left). Hopefully it'll help the painful reaching, but I don't have too much hope.

Ultimately I think I'll be sending this back in a few days. Really really cool phone, but $2000 for a phone that hurts to use isn't smart. It's weird, I've seen some nitpicky complaints about the phone but nobody ever really talks about how heavy it is and can cramp your hands by design, but that's my deal breaker. It's the one major issue I have but I think it's a major issue. I've been typing this laying on my back in bed and my right wrist and arm are just super sore.
Flip it, I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It's expensive but I love weird tech.
Quibi seems like it's about to die and I'm happy.
I have to take a data structures class and our first project is to take input from a book then store each word and keep track of how many times each word appears. Okay, cool, easy. The weird part is we have to do this using linked lists. That might actually be the absolute worst way to implement this versus something like a map.
oh my god I opened the box for my Quest 2 and they sent me two by accident, this is nuts

My neck is really killing me but today my Quest 2 comes in the mail. hm......
I'm pretty confident that Call of Duty Zombies has the worst, most confusing, convoluted, and inaccessible storyline of any game/series ever. Handled even worse than Kingdom Hearts and the branching Zelda timelines.
On the bright side I'm going back to the first company I interned for in January. They laid me off and I'm still hesitant but it's a contracted role and I know for a fact I can get some good work done there so I'm super excited about going back. Getting laid off and working at two other places actually made me realize the right team size and structure that I like.