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38BlueLake2 4 days ago
Sports betting apps cranked up their marketing budget to 200% recently, and they're offering thousands in "first bet's free" offers to hook people. If you only do matched betting for these offers (where you bet for both sides so you can't lose) then there's a guaranteed $7,000 on the table, you just need to cough up a large deposit first.

Well I decided to sell $10k of $SPY to cover the deposit since $SPY hasn't been performing well for me anyway. Immediately after selling it, $SPY had its best day in months...
38BlueLake2 6 days ago
gonna go to PAX this year, the badge design is really cool

38BlueLake2 3 weeks ago
I briefly worked for a competitor some years ago. My team is currently on an offsite meeting with one of our customers to ask about their experience with us. Turns out they plan to churn to our competitor largely because of a feature that I helped build...
38BlueLake2 4 weeks ago
woo I got my Steam Deck ahead of a week long work trip and 14 hours of traveling. It took several good hours of tweaking but I'm finally happy with the performance and dual booting Windows for locally running game pass
38BlueLake2 1 month ago is turning 10 years old this year???
38BlueLake2 1 month ago
just got promoted to senior software engineer

my mom is still upset that I left school to work full time even though I still wouldn't have graduated by now
38BlueLake2 1 month ago
I'm sick of games that use a cursor for menu navigation on controllers. Not being able to navigate menus with directional keys is a really strong smell that your UX sucks but so many games are adopting this now. I can't believe Destiny 1 popularized this when the game was a console exclusive.
38BlueLake2 1 month ago
light mode is better than dark mode.
38BlueLake2 1 month ago
I need to walk the dog. The wind chill outside is -40 until morning. I don't know what to do.
38BlueLake2 2 months ago
I just finished my first eng design and it's simultaneously way too much and not enough info
38BlueLake2 2 months ago
kinda embarrassed by how much I'm leaning on chatGPT to write my peer feedback
38BlueLake2 2 months ago
stray won the steam game award for "most innovative gameplay" oh my lord
38BlueLake2 3 months ago
Currently thinking about the golden days when our cereal overlords gave us paradise in the form of Millsberry and Postopia
38BlueLake2 4 months ago
Damn, my girlfriend wants a Samsung Flip real bad and I'd get her one for Christmas but I got her an Apple Watch last year that would just become a brick...
38BlueLake2 4 months ago
I've held out for so long without getting a smartwatch but finally caved and got a Fossil Gen 6 (mainly to have a fast way to see my calendar for the day and have more accurate sleep tracking and alarms). It's pretty cool but the battery life sucks. If I don't use it during the day and just use the always on display with occasional notifications checking then the battery easily lasts 36 hours, but actively doing things on the watch (eg. messing with settings, scrolling through the store, going through todo lists) drains the battery at ~2% per minute. The latest WearOS update conveniently got rid of battery drain tracking so you can't see what drains it or what the battery drain derivative is but actually using the watch is noticeably bad. I got my girlfriend an Apple Watch SE last year and it seems so much better in every way.