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A few weeks ago I wrote something about how pretty much all pokemon music is recognizable even if you haven't heard it.

I just started playing Pokemon Sword and did the first gym and boy was I wrong. Awesome theme tho
I got so much accomplished at work today except literally everything I did was wrong
Ouch I just got off of a bad phone interview. They said there will be a couple technical questions. The first one was so broad that I didn't know how to tackle it: "Assume I'm not technical. Describe data structures." I stumbled through a long-winded explanation and landed at "a way to efficiently store and retrieve information based on what is known and what is to be retrieved."

It took me a couple minutes to get there, and then I got the next question: "Describe algorithms." Really have no clue how to answer something that general so I basically ended up saying the same thing.

Anyway, anyone hiring?
I was able to expense a super heavy duty USB-C docking station from work and I'm so excited to get it. It has so much bandwidth that it has to connect through two thunderbolt ports for my MacBook. It can have two extended 4k60hz outputs (with an additional lower-bandwidth HDMI and VGA port for mirroring) and also has an enclosure for M.2 SSDs through SATA 3 which feels crazy for one box

what does this even mean
throwback to when i sold my tsla calls at a loss 3 days ago when they would've been at a $5000 profit now
Enterprise Applecare is sick. I have it on the Macbook I got to keep after being laid off and I'm treated like a king. I called to replace my screen and they told me my only options were to take it to a store (there are none close enough to me) or mail it in for a few days. Then they found out I have the enterprise version and said "oh, in that case we can have someone drive to you and they'll fix it in a couple hours."

Someone nearby ordered the part and today he drove to my door and dropped it off 90 minutes later all fixed.
I'm starting at an Android dev co-op the first week of January. After a semester using Java for assignments and JavaScript/React I feel like I'm learning Kotlin and Android patterns all over again.
hm, I've noticed the previous notifications dropdown doesn't show all notifications. In the dropdown the notification from Supercam is fifth, but in the full notifications list it's eighth. It doesn't seem to be related to friend status or anything
Merry Christmas!

I think this is the ten year anniversary of getting my DSi
I'm home for the rest of the year and this is what my car looks like...

My parents are getting old. My dad was talking about how he wants to get my mom an outdoor Ring camera but doesn't know what to do for power. I looked it up and told him about a Ring bundle with a camera and a solar panel that plugs straight into it so you don't need to connect to anything else. He just went "ahh" and "mhm" uninterested.

A few minutes later he says "ooh this looks good. They sell a solar panel that you can plug into their cameras. I bet you don't even have to plug it into the wall at that point. Look at that, they even sell it with a camera if you want."
It's so weird how we don't spend much time on each individual route in Pokemon, but they all have a unique song that are all instantly recognizable and iconic. I don't know them by name, but it only takes a few seconds to realize it's a Pokemon route song even though there's dozens and dozens of them and they're not nearly as prevalent as others like the gym or bike theme
I pre-ordered an electric saxophone before it released on October 31st. It was under produced and was taking ages to ship.

Two months later it finally shipped today, estimated to be delivered the day after I leave for two weeks. And package theft just started ramping up here.
I got this phone a month ago but I wanna join the chain of flexing