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37BlueLake2 6 days ago
My day so far setting up a new work laptop:

- Out-of-box MacOS is outdated, latest version is required in order to install company apps
- Spend an hour and a half installing MacOS update
- Apple immediately releases new version of MacOS
- Spend another hour and a half installing MacOS update
37BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
I can respect Apple for a lot of things but their refusal to implement RCS in iMessage is soo frustrating. Verizon just announced they're defaulting to Google Messages with RCS so now in theory it should work with everyone except iPhones and has basically become a tale of iMessage vs RCS. I don't even care about most of the features but higher resolution images and less-broken MMS is literally all I care about. Every picture my mom sends me right now looks awful
37BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
My new company asked if I wanted work from home supplies and I said sure. They didn't say what they were sending and I received this dummy long 21:9 curved ultrawide monitor that doesn't even fit on my desk next to my two existing 27" so I don't even know what to do with it

37BlueLake2 4 weeks ago
I'm 21 but the damn grocery store near me turned down my ID because it's out-of-state and under 25, what the hell
37BlueLake2 1 month ago
Woo this is job offer week, I just got off the phone with my dream company and they're having me skip over SE1 and are offering me an SE2 role.
37BlueLake2 1 month ago
I moved into my new apartment and it's been a total pain doing the moving on our own. It's only 30 minutes from our old apartment so my girlfriend's parents came to help bus things back and forth and it's been 4 round trips with a full SUV and we still have another trip to make. My old apartment was furnished so I didn't think it'd be more than a trip or two to move but I completely underestimated how much stuff I got in the last year
37BlueLake2 1 month ago
My roommate is having her birthday party and as an unrelated note, red bull & tequila is possibly the worst thing I've ever put my mouth on
37BlueLake2 1 month ago
Every week day I struggle to wake up before 9, but on weekends I find myself waking up naturally and fully refreshed before 8am and I can't figure out why
37BlueLake2 1 month ago
good: new xbox arrived two weeks earlier than expected
bad: it was delivered to the apartment that I don't move into for another week
37BlueLake2 2 months ago
I don't think I mentioned it but I started a new summer internship this week where I'm doing both Android and iOS dev in parallel. I'm pretty used to everything Android at this point and trying to learn the slight differences with Kotlin vs. Swift, IntelliJ vs Xcode, and SwiftUI vs XML layouts is a bit of a pain. I'm sure I can pick it up, but I can already tell the context switching between the two is going to be a total nightmare.
37BlueLake2 2 months ago
Ikeas near me have been out of stock with couches for months. I finally got one...for delivery on August 20th
37BlueLake2 2 months ago
I don't have anything planned for this weekend so my gf and I decided to do the GMTK game jam. She has one class of Unity experience from like three years ago and I have approximately 3 hours worth of Unity tutorial experience so this should be fun. We might not end up submitting and following the theme and just mess around with something new.
37BlueLake2 2 months ago
I accidentally got on the wrong bus and had to pay $2 just to go the wrong direction 🙃
37BlueLake2 2 months ago
The best code I've ever written is in a take home interview that I can't post online and it's frustrating
37BlueLake2 2 months ago
Applied to one of my dream companies last week, a recruiter reached out saying they want to talk more, an intro call was scheduled for tomorrow, and now I just received an automated email saying I was rejected...