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Abu is a rich oil sheikh who substitues dollar bills for toilet paper.

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33Abu 1 month ago
How much money is someone supposed to make?
33Abu 4 months ago
Meta Quest 3 is amazing, I wish I got VR sooner.
Love VR
Also never thought I would be in the process of getting a secret clearance, but here I am going deeper and deeper into that world. Maybe it was obvious considering the region I am from, here it's easier to often ask who doesn't have clearance than who does.
33Abu 6 months ago
Networking is how people get jobs
Never make enemies in your career! *Everyone knows everyone somehow*
33Abu 6 months ago
Just added a vertical monitor to my setup
I LOVE using it
It's great
View it here
33Abu 7 months ago
What is one financial change you have made in your life?
So I recently quit buying energy drinks, and coffee, or any other beverage period from grocery stores/gas stations.

I can bring my monthly coffee expense
Which is probably 64 cups of coffee a month to a simple 13-14 a month all in. (For nice coffee too, and a splash of occasional creamer if I am in the mood)
Vs the $90-100 I would spend a month on energy drinks!
I am saving over $1000 annually with this decision!
This is an extra 400,000 for my retirement!!!!!
33Abu 7 months ago
Just got the iPhone 15 pro max

It was only $750 with the trade in
I think a 3 year trade in is a good deal
This will workout to be a nice upgrade
Made with titanium, 3NM processor, better camera, telephoto, dynamic island

I generally wait 3-4 years before upgrading.
I could have gotten it for $550 but I did not want a 2 year contract
33Abu 7 months ago
What did I find?
33Abu 7 months ago
It's funny how there used to be entire DSi Website wars
DSi Paint for some reason everyone hated, DSiPlaza, then what was it DSiHub
Then everyone else making DSi websites
Tooooo funny
And we were all a bunch of weirdos.
33Abu 7 months ago
It's weird
We are all mostly grown men now
33Abu 10 months ago
I LOVE my Apple Watch
Got the series 8
Only complaint is I found the band uncomfortable, but I got these cheap ones off Amazon and they work great.
The Apple Fitness app is probably the best in the industry
33Abu 10 months ago
It's a cool 56 degrees out
I LOVE this start to summer!
33Abu 10 months ago
Thinking of getting an apple watch series 8
T-Mobile has a discount $200 off a new line
I could leave my phone at home and go workout
So a Series 8 Cellular would be $330 bucks before taxes, 45mm screen
That is cheaper than the discount Amazon has!!!!!!
Don't think Ultra is worth the extra $300

Anyone have an apple watch?
33Abu 10 months ago
Who has Juneteeth off?
Love having a paid day off

33Abu 10 months ago
For the record I do not have a kid
But I do have a 9-5 and a 401k
33Abu 10 months ago
You know what is crazy?
We are all adults now with 9-5s, with 401(k)s, and some of us even have kids