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Abu is a rich oil sheikh who substitues dollar bills for toilet paper.

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I remember talking about how flash isn't going to be relevant in a few years, and welp I just got a notification to turn off Flash from Chrome!
Support discontinued in 2020!
Good bye Flash!
Oh and if Mac goes ARM, i'm going to sell my kidney to buy one
You know you're in college when it's totally socially acceptable to find a spot and just take a nap
Google Soli is going to be amazing
Also the 90hz screen
But I won't buy a new phone until 5G is reliable
Could be 2020, could be 2021
I can't justify buying $900+ phone if it won't have reliable 5G connection
Current 5G phones have major heat issues
So since I have a Pixel device(A 3XL) I was able to get the Android Update last week.
One reason I don't like IT because it's super casual
I want a job where I have to wear a suit or get to wear a suit fairly often
I just changed my major to Financial Economics because I hate programming, and I hate general IT
I like playing with numbers and analyzing crap
Also funny thing is I should be able to graduate earlier by changing my major
Changing my major to Information Systems from C.S
I still have to take the same programming courses, I take some business courses, but I get to take less math.
Only need Calc 1, Stats, and Discrete math
Plus in MD it's easy to find a job with this degree from my school.. Usually you get a few job offers upon graduation
So in another 5 years are we all going to own property and be driving a Tesla?
Also I never realized that Umer is older than me by a year
Also my new phone is ....
PIXEL 3XL!!!!!!!!!
I will never not own a Google phone
I love the stock experience and the extra features like the Google call screening
6 years ago I was 14
Holy crap
I am old now guys
So looks like I will be on track to a 5 1/2 year college career
But at least I won't graduate with a worthless major
I started college when I was 16
I came back to say
Netflix is our lord and savior
Praise Netflix
I use to walk across campus
But since I started bringing my laptop I just take the bus
Walking sucks when your laptop is so heavy
Got to love having free campus bus service
It is fast too
Your CS professor being the IT director isn't ever helpful
Nor is your advisor being a department head
oh god I am so fliped
So we were to do security certs before the test or the test is a zero
Well I forgot... And emailed the teacher this morning
no response yet @.@