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3 weeks ago
A friend came up with a good idea about essentially hiring him to work on the projects I have that I don't have time for.

Honestly the idea is very good. Basically a small amount each month and the person can find out if the project is feasible or not or just get it done and the person running it gets to work on new stuff each month.


It hasn't been going well so far. I tasked him on the first job of improving my dotfiles, which I keep on my GitHub. Basically I have like 10 different .bashrc / .bash_aliases and he needs to combine them and sort them. Very ChatGPT-able.
He seems to be more worried about putting comments than actually putting the stuff together. e.g. he put in the PR: "alias apti="apt-get install" # apt install"
that's not really helpful bc I can just read the line and get the same info

which like.... sure, more comments is fine, but then has duplicated functions

maybe we just need to get into a better momentum of it, but I feel like I need him to worry less about comments and the README and to do the actual tasks I wrote down for him

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