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14mayikillyou 1 year ago
Just graduated college, I wanted to swing by to say hello the community that had such a large influence on my life and career path. Hope everyone is well!
14mayikillyou 2 years ago
@umer936 still isn't level 60? Smh
14mayikillyou 3 years ago
Man, it's crazy how comfortable I am asking strangers on the internet for advice.
14mayikillyou 3 years ago
React Native is really really nice
14mayikillyou 3 years ago
Can't believe it's been four months since I've logged in...

I still check the site once a week lol
14mayikillyou 4 years ago
I'm planning on making a multiplayer game with javascript and firebase, and I've come into a problem. How can I keep the firebase data secure without forcing users to make accounts? I was thinking implement a backend with Flask-socketio and making that server the only authenticated user and then passing the data to and from the JS front end. Would that work? Is there a better solution?
14mayikillyou 4 years ago
Building a new PC
14mayikillyou 4 years ago
I read like every status, just too lazy to log-in
14mayikillyou 5 years ago
14mayikillyou 5 years ago
Eid Mubarak!
14mayikillyou 5 years ago
Policy updates suck. Google Play took down my app because of some new child laws or something.
14mayikillyou 5 years ago
Also, has the loading bar on profile pages always been animated?
14mayikillyou 5 years ago
Kind of want to get back into some full stack web development for side projects and hobby stuff. Torn between learning django or node.js for backend stuff. Anyone use django here?
14mayikillyou 5 years ago
It is a sad sad day. I have to return to windows because an overwhelming amount of exclusive software I need for this project.
14mayikillyou 5 years ago
I lurk alot but I only login when I see something I want to post on or about