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hi i'm a thing but i don't really do anything ok



So I just found out @lunchmeats101 has a boyfriend

Does that leave @SLEDGE as the only straight DSiHub admin?
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@.:A-MAN:. @BlueLake2 @mayikillyou @SLEDGE @JSMastah @Dill pickle @rayword45 @AquaBeat @Abu @GuitarBoy @kenw2 @Acerio @SuperCam @Therum @CJ101 @X27 @lunchmeats101

What programs does the app store on here​ use? Maybe I can start over and/or pick up where @lunchmeats101 left off?

I don't think I'll do it but I'm going to get back into coding sometime in the next 6-9 months and I want to know what that section on here needs
Written by @lunchmeats101:

That last bit about feeling upset at the design sucks because I made it and hated it too. I made it in like an hour or two so people could talk while we finished other things, thinking somebody else would make it look nice eventually. Smalls tried once but it wasn't well implemented and that version of Hub died the way it began: with my crappy 'temporary' design.
A quick search of Harlan Batchelor (@lunchmeats101) shows he is not around anymore because he has transcended past space and time itself.
The last real version of Hub, the one with the status as the main screen, was totally wrong.

@Therum and I were the only admins left doing anything at that point, and neither of us were(/are) any good at design. I am the one that designed that status page, and I used a ton of old code from my other site. It was supposed to be a quick temporary thing to keep people happy with while we finished other stuff. It probably took me less than ten minutes to set up. But, because nobody ever fixed it, it stayed. Links starting being added to the top of the screen and it became the floopin' homescreen.

@lunchmeats101's design talent is what made Hub so amazing. We really fell apart without him.
Way back as far as early DSiHub I was friends with @EvilWaffles . He was a mod and I reported a glitch or something to him, that he then reported to @lunchmeats101

LM101 told Waffles to permaban me because I found the exploit. Because we were friends he risked his modship and just let is slide(I didn't deserve to be banned anyway, I was trying to help :P).

Something I just realized though, is a little while later, Harlan totally forgot about it and promoted me to mod status. Then, even longer afterward, I was promoted to Admin and practically owned the site along with @Therum . And now Harlan is designing things on this site that I started.

Suck on that, Harlan. Suck on that.
Oh and @lunchmeats101 is like Santa;
They're both fat and only visit once a year.
@X27 Probably your best shot at improving performance is to make the triangles just a GIF animation positioned on top of the canvas. Then the canvas no longer has to do the work of rendering the repeating triangles. You could ask .:A-MAN:. to make the GIF I think. Or @lunchmeats101 (if he ever comes back.)
I've made great progress on my work for the site these last couple of days.

You guys had any time to work on things:
@lunchmeats101 (where are you???)
@lunchmeats101 has made the app store look cool.
@lunchmeats101: dis 1 time i went 2 a c-food restarant nd stuck sum shrimp up my butthole. L8ter i went 2 the bathroom. i opend the stal nd found sum noodles in the toilet boll so i pooped out the shrimp on 2 to noodles and scooped it all up nd put it in my poket. i wnt bck 2 my table and put the noodles nd shrimp and on my pl8te nd told the cook my food sucked. he gave me a refund but little did he no i only ordered sum drinks. the end.
coming soon to a thingy near you
Alright kids, I shall tell you the story of what went on in the mod panel on the last day of Hub.

@Therum @lunchmeats101 @SLEDGE Maybe you admins could shed some light? Prove me wrong?

So anyways, in script form

Mod Panel:

Smalls: Hey guys I made a fake account, CATS. Time to troll the users.
Mods (no admins): Okaayyyy....

Main site:


*everybody freaks out*
Mod Panel
Smalls: Isn't this funny?
Mods: Would you fliping stop you douchenozzle?
*Mods try to stop him, changing the "hacked" news articles to say Smalls is CATS and such*
Mod Panel
Smalls: If you guys don't stop and let me have my fun, I'm going to de-mod you (THIS IS PROBABLY A WRONG MEMORY)
*few minutes later*

Continued in comments