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Salutations, I'm kenw2. I'm 19, white and nerdy, and like sandbox games.



Got a small SSD for $50. I don't even store anything, my 1TB HDD isn't even half filled yet but I want those quick boot/game loading times. Plus I've never owned an SSD before and don't want to feel left out for this Prime Day fake holiday.
SSDs are getting cheaper and cheaper, dang. It's tempting. Is it bad though that I'm considering an m.2 one just so I don't have to take the back panel off of my case? I stuffed the wires back there and don't wanna go back into that mess.
I mentioned that I was thinking about buying an ultrawide monitor a couple of weeks ago and found a great deal so I totally did buy one. Huge 21:9 aspect ratio monitor and I'm sitting here playing a 2D game from 2002...

Love it!
I think my car's eco mode actually gets me less mpg...
Price matching a monitor, "I just received a response from my price match team and they have informed me that unfortunately, the current price we are offering on this LG model is the most competitive price we can offer at this time"
What's the point of offering price matching then??
Just Cause 4, nice. Hope the performance is better this time around.
Really considering getting an ultrawide monitor (21:9 aspect ratio) but I only have $116.57 for the near future
This whole status page is a real downer, have some good news: I passed my math final.
You ever finish a book or movie and just feel like this
Wow, for a Friday, today really sucked.
My friend's laptop broke and I convinced him to build his next PC. Needless to say, my old graphics card is going to a good home next week :_)
when @kenw2 was online one hour ago but hasnt posted in 3 months
Hey do any of you have a drone?
50,000th status?
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