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I am a potato.

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That's a pleasant surprise for sure!
I really admire that everything on this site is still written in plain JavaScript without too many overly complex libraries being included because of nodejs dependencies etc..
Ajax pagination doesn't scroll to top when going to the next page 🤔
So the dashboard's been giving me the ol' 500 for a few days now, is that gonna be fixed at some point?
Looks like the Quicknotes that are being shared aren't being served over HTTPS, so there's some improvement to be had there
Rainbow BB for cheapskates
Guess I'll need to post more to earn some more cu.bes
@heldplayer: how old are you then
@firecat: Well whatever it was it's maaaany years in the past, I was probably 14 years old or smth at the time
@heldplayer: hehehe [pray] oh god
@firecat: That name rings a bell, but not in a good way hahaha
@heldplayer: hello
So I've been looking at DSiHub in the Wayback machine (not much available unfortunately), and there's a reference Socialite. Man I forgot about that site, where has time gone
Happy New Year from Belgium!