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Yo. I'll still pop in every once in a blue moon <3 very nostalgic for these old ds sites. Fun times for better or worse. If you'd like to follow be elsewhere, im active on twt @disvect

~~~~~ old/classic bio below ~~~~~~
hai /)o3o(\ it's FoxAlchemist from SocialNeko

and i'm CandyVixen at plaza



3foxalchemist 2 years ago
wow! neat this place is still up and somewhat active! <3
3foxalchemist 5 years ago
wow. sure has been a while since these dsi/3ds days.. uwu
while i sometimes look back at those days and cringe, they were undoubtedly fun, and a huge part of my past.
It incouraged some of my love of digital art. and it helped me a little with basic socialisation. (i was a lonely child)
one of the biggest things to happen is meeting the love of my life. In retrospect is was pretty dumb to be "dating" someone over 3ds websites and skype for years. but, i guess i'm either smart or just f'ing lucky. We are now together in person and have been for a year.

I was 13 and dumb when i found these places and now i'm 19, have a job and have had such excellent performance that i'm making more than others in the same position at $9.95 an hour. and, while dollar store retail isnt my prefered job, i'm okay for now, and it's close enough i can even walk to work!
Me and my bf also own a house/car together. Not to mention he has a decent job as well.
I have been working on my life and environment to the point where i feel like i'm actually pretty happy.

So, thank you 3dsplaza/socialneko/cube.
Thank you for being a simple yet big part of my tween/early teen years
3foxalchemist 8 years ago
wow... this place is still up. neat.
anyone know what happened to socialneko?
i know that it's gone apparently, but, what exactly happened?
3foxalchemist 9 years ago
wowwowwow it's been forever.
damn, i actualy managed to guess my password.
...that was a very retarded password
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
i see my icon is back to vinyl scratch XD
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
ver2 looks cool :3

i think it loads a lil slower on a dsi though
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
almost at the end of the timer :3
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
well i guess i'm done with my first theme :3

i actualy kinda like the way it turned out
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
what's the code foer the menu/dash board icons?

don't seem to work
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
i'm currently working on a rainbow dash theme :3
even if you're not a brony, i'd like to know design wise whatcha guys think :3
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
*to make it more show accurate
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
earlyer i bought myself a rainbow dash figure. and i styled her mane :3
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
y0u guise keeled SN
h0p yur hapy
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
now it's up to $0.04
3foxalchemist 11 years ago
you can get your ad down there for $0