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22dsiXLent 2 months ago
Upgraded my GPU from a 1070 to a 3070 and I'm still just playing the same games I've been playing for the better part of a decade, most of which the 1070 already was overkill for. Why am I like this
22dsiXLent 2 months ago
There's been a damn skunk stanking up the place at 1am every night for the last week my nostrils are burning up send help
22dsiXLent 3 months ago
Makes me happy to see there's still people actively posting here, hope life's been treating you all well <3
22dsiXLent 2 years ago
How do you unblock somebody on here :thonk:
22dsiXLent 2 years ago
I'm making my own pokemans game !!
22dsiXLent 4 years ago
Is Minecraft still cool around here? Got a server running 24/7, with multiple mods, I'll drop the discord invite link in comments for anyone interested
22dsiXLent 4 years ago
Howdy people, been a while ~
22dsiXLent 8 years ago
Halloween taught me a good lesson. If you're on a tight budget, buy a smaller bottle of vodka, instead of buying the same size bottle as usual, but a cheaper brand..

My stomach /still/ hurts. :I
22dsiXLent 8 years ago
hi .-.
22dsiXLent 8 years ago
Achievement unlocked: You have been alive for 18 years.
22dsiXLent 9 years ago
Me with Jessica Nigri at Comiccon Ottawa
22dsiXLent 9 years ago
So I got to hug Jessica Nigri today at Comiccon Ottawa. Today was a good day.
22dsiXLent 9 years ago
Holy crap been a while I came here. But uhm yeah what's up people?
22dsiXLent 9 years ago
My characters on that roleplay thing ;3
22dsiXLent 9 years ago
With 900 hours of gameplay.. that's 37.5 days.. 1.25 months..

If my maths are right, I have no life