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5Z3rtech 4 months ago
Working a low level job at a movie theater is much less stressful than being a chef was.
If you ever actually go to the movies please walk your trash all the way to the bins as a courtesy. The release schedule for major movies is pretty much every other week, starting with Jurassic World this weekend.
5Z3rtech 5 months ago
Migrated my local servers to free/cheap cloud stuff just so I could put my ancient laptop out of its misery.
Post covid brain fog made me forget the calibre server though. :/
5Z3rtech 5 months ago
still tired
1Babybean 1 year ago
@Z3rtech: Hi
5Z3rtech 1 year ago
Man I'm so tired
5Z3rtech 2 years ago
5Z3rtech 3 years ago
Fellas the quarantine is going WELL so far.
Been playing Animal Crossing on my boyfriends switch and it's been making me forget that I'm not supposed to go out to public spaces.
5Z3rtech 3 years ago
Happy 2012 folks.
5Z3rtech 3 years ago
fellas I'm not enjoying the snow
5Z3rtech 3 years ago
I don't have anything to say I just wanna flip around with this keyboard some. Pretty comfortable ngl.
Other than that this laptop is a fliping mess.
5Z3rtech 3 years ago
Just quit my job on a whim with no backup plan lads.
Being an adult is probably the worst thing and I wish I was 12 again.
5Z3rtech 3 years ago
Dav#0213 on Discord 💋
5Z3rtech 6 years ago
Thinking of installing an old cb radio I have into my truck.
5Z3rtech 6 years ago
Tfw ur one of those "smart" kids that was praised through school but ur on ur second senior year and haven't even re-enrolled yet.
Like half my fault and half circumstantial but still.
5Z3rtech 6 years ago
Pls help I'm a chef and I wear a white butt chef jacket and it gets super dirty and I don't know how to wash it properly.