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Hi. My name is Dill pickle.

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32Yenwood 2 months ago
i have a boyfriendddd
32Yenwood 3 months ago
32Yenwood 3 months ago
i love apologies where they are obviously not sorry. like if your apology could not be any less enthusiastic or genuine if you tried i get a lil wet
32Yenwood 4 months ago
i miss jvelor
32Yenwood 4 months ago
when i was a kid i thought the FPS genre stood for frames per second. i heard games get referred to as FPS and first person shooter interchangeably so i thought they were called FPS because frame rate was so important in first person shooters to the point it was synonymous. i asked my dad if that was true and he said yes.
32Yenwood 5 months ago
never changed my pfp back after pride ended so I'm still gay
32Yenwood 5 months ago
32Yenwood 8 months ago
proud to announce i will be gay for the entire month of June
32Yenwood 9 months ago
i actually hate dieting so much. like i want to EAT but i want to lose weight more
32Yenwood 9 months ago
i said it before but I'll say it again: i prefer playing janky games with funny bugs. when a live service game introduces 20 gamebreaking bugs every major update? that's the fliping spot.

this is also about dead by daylight because about a month back they accidentally fliped up auras so any perk that interacted with them was fliped up. there was a perk combo that would crash the game of anyone that got injured.
32Yenwood 9 months ago
honestly surprised how homophobic the dead by daylight community is. when i was first playing i was surprised how lgbt it was.

seems like everyone in the community is either gay or homophobic with no in between
32Yenwood 9 months ago
dead by daylight revealed today that my favorite character is gay so i was pretty happy then i saw the community's reaction and now i get to be emotionally exhausted today
32Yenwood 9 months ago
dying light 2 just released a NG+ mode but i dont know if i have the mental fortitude to suffer the awful story again
32Yenwood 10 months ago
so when people say insidious was the scariest movie they've ever seen are they joking or...
32Yenwood 10 months ago
taking a 6 hour break from schoolwork after writing a single sentence for the discussion boarcd