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Hi. My name is Dill pickle.

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31Yenwood 1 week ago
funniest part about Dead by Daylight is that its rated M but it has an extremely strict chat filter you can't turn off
31Yenwood 1 week ago
its been midnight for like 3 hours
31Yenwood 2 weeks ago
discord wont pick up on my laughter or hissing but it picks up me drinking my coffee at 500% volume
31Yenwood 3 weeks ago
every day fandom becomes increasingly more difficult to use
31Yenwood 3 weeks ago
my brother forced me to play dead by daylight because of the free weekend and playing killer is soooo much fun. i killed four people and ive never felt so alive. and then dead by daylight finished downloading
31Yenwood 3 weeks ago
being new at something is literally so embarrassing
31Yenwood 3 weeks ago
every day im forced to learn something new about sports and/or europe against my will
31Yenwood 3 weeks ago
what I've learned from horror movies is that stay at home moms are always right and if you call one crazy you're going to die from a ghost
31Yenwood 3 weeks ago
really funny when a group of people with an obvious extreme video game addiction complain about video games because they're like "this game is getting so stale i only play 30 hours a week now" and its somehow the developer's fault
31Yenwood 3 weeks ago
i think it's weird when i try to shoo away a bug that's getting too close to me and it just runs twice as fast instead of running away like it thinks this is god testing it and not me warning that I'm about to kill it
31Yenwood 3 weeks ago
takes off my glasses and puts them on my keyboard. proceeds to continue to use my keyboard while having to avoid touching my glasses. i have successfully made my keyboard harder to use for no reason
31Yenwood 4 weeks ago
something that really irks me about League of Legends lore is how frequently they retcon everything. i was willing to forgive the Grand Retcon that changed literally everything but nowadays they write their lore like a game of telephone. every character is gently sliding away from what made them interesting in the first place.
31Yenwood 4 weeks ago
just saw someone on tumblr say gay marriage is ableist unironically
31Yenwood 4 weeks ago
idek why people start lighting fireworks before the 4th of july. like... why? i do not understand
31Yenwood 4 weeks ago
cant believe obama actually said the only reason hes not a socialist is because he didnt get laid in college