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Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.

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Hi. My name is Yenwood.

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Not looking good for nvidia.
I've never played Ace Attorney but seen a few scenes and the entire concept of it is crazy to me. you play a defense attorney that puts the prosecution's entire life on blast for no reason other than the drama of it all. I'm half expecting Phoenix Wright to not even be a real attorney, just some dude who snuck in to cause chaos
every single day i think about Crucible getting un-released and then canceled
me deciding bed time when i don't have anything to do tomorrow: hmm, maybe if i go to sleep at 5 pm I'll be able to wake up nice and refreshed

me deciding bed time when i have class tomorrow: If I go to bed at 11 and scroll through reddit until 2 am I could theoretically be at least half awake for class
I don't think video game companies should announce release dates until the game is finished lmfao
people with mental illness will be like "only people with <mental illness> will understand <universally relatable thing>!!"
I love fall so much its 6:45 and completely dark outside

🦀 status is gone 🦀
you wonder why ancient humans were so superstitious until you grow up and have anxiety. a 5 minute walk in the dark and i experience enough horror to invent like 3 pagan religions
the only time my mind is empty is when I'm trying to do basic mathematics
sorry but this is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. WoW really misses the mark on dramatic moments repeatedly every single time
French is a language for people that hate pronouncing more than half a word.
every time i realize something isn't funny in middle of typing it I make it as criminally unfunny as possible before deleting it
Wish it was legal to beat the crap out of someone every time they present a false equivalence.