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D/C++/C#/Java/PHP/JS dev
I made some games on here and randomly fix bugs.

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7 months ago
Struggling to find the appeal of opening packs for physical card games when most of the cards pulled are considered junk. Seems like they just pile up, get thrown out, or get scammed to someone else
2 years ago
Roblox 👀
2 years ago
Made a super basic extension for anyone who suffers when controlling videos using arrow keys + space bar on YouTube.

I actually made it over a year ago, but only just set up content to satisfy Google's requirements for posting to the store. Had a friend create the logo, and quickly created the "screenshots" for the store listing.

I feel like something has been/should've been made by now for this, I just couldn't find anything.
2 years ago
@execle silently making amazing QNs
2 years ago
I thought Wikipedia was upset about something and changed their logo to various drawings of computers crying.

2 years ago
Game streaming services should advertise the reliability of their cloud saves more lol
2 years ago
Black is a color.

Hue != color
1IcecreamSheep 2 years ago
Hewwo! I'm new! I'm @X27's bf. Nice to meet you all! (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。
2 years ago
Made a discord bot to automatically remove ifunny/reddit watermarks from images.

Lmk if one of these already exists, since I only made it because I couldn't find an existing bot.
2 years ago
@X27 (and anyone interested) here's the difference between the canvas (on Chrome) and the server's QN output. 1 is the output, 2 is what the browser canvas displayed.
2 years ago
Made a contribution to a small project months ago, got my role on their discord channel changed to developer, haven't messed with it in a while since the main dev hasn't shown interest anymore.

Now I'm getting a bunch of PMs about "my" game >.<
2 years ago
Hoping docker can give me a proper Apache setup that I can feel happy about, but also don't want to spend days setting up and learning it lol

I'll get it eventually
2 years ago
We really have a hashtag feature that tells us there's no hashtag feature huh
2 years ago
The more I mess with Apache, the more I think about throwing it out and rewriting everything with something else.
2 years ago
Anyone know if there's something like tagged templates from js, in php?

Hoping to transform something like this:
`SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Something=${"abc"} AND SomethingElse=${1}`

Into something like this:
    $stmt = $Conn->prepare("SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Something=? AND SomethingElse=?");
    $stmt->bindParam(1, $param[0], PDO::PARAM_STR);
    $stmt->bindParam(2, $param[1], PDO::PARAM_INT);

    return $stmt->fetch();

I've got an example of how it can be done in js, and it will output to the console to show it's working/what it does.
Bottom half is what actually matters:

class PDO {
  static PARAM_INT = "PARAM_INT";
  // other types...

  prepare(query) {
    return new PreparedStatement(query);

class PreparedStatement {
  constructor(query) {

  bindParam(parameter, variable, dataType) {
    console.log(parameter, variable, dataType);

// set up fake connection
const Conn = new PDO();

// actual meat of what i'm trying to show
function safeQuery(strings, ...params) {
  const query =
    strings.join("?") + (strings.length == params.length ? "?" : "");

  const stmt = Conn.prepare(query);

  for (let i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {
    const value = params[i];
    let type;

    // prob a better way to do this, like a dictionary
    switch (typeof value) {
      case "string":
        type = PDO.PARAM_STR;
      case "number":
        // we could resolve into other types like double, float
        // esp in php
        type = PDO.PARAM_INT;
      // error handling bla bla

    stmt.bindParam(i + 1, value, type);

safeQuery`SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Something=${"abc"} AND SomethingElse=${1}`;

Would make writing queries + converting possibly unsafe ones way easier.