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When a staus is posted it should just use ajax, javascript and have an animation of the post being placed onto the list of status posts being displayed, instead of refreshing the page. I feel this would match the ajax powered pagination that we have. @.:A-MAN:.

What do you all think of this?
Mum comes by *gets under my skin with covid stuff* :/
wtf Google ... Cool, first we screw over content creators and now the general userbase with no subtitles...
Hell we are screwing over the content creator here too by forcing them to pay for a service after a period of months that originally cost them nothing.... ....
Creating gif animations in qn would be so eoic, but there's probably no actuall interest
Whataya Want from Me by Adam Lambert .... Brings back memories of me being a kid.. Good times
Why does online users list say "unkown" by what the person is doing on the site?
Update: we have a newer nicer fridge
Time for some defrosted pizza bites <3 wish me luck.
The fridge for where i live is bricked ;-;
oh gods .... Thankfully I don't use tiktalk....
Ooooo <3 I swear, this site is way better than any of those larger social networks like fb or twitter... Why? Well, it gains more personality with each update and i LOVE it! Good job @.:A-MAN:.
First COVID-19 .... Now, wildfires.....
Enjoying the games from Shadeless Studios... I like the Mood For Food game the most.
Found this broken page. What's the php section for?
Why don't people use Element ( instead of closed source zoom? I don't get it.