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12TulipsOfLove 4 weeks ago
Honestly, the movie called No Men Beyond This Point kinda sucked... No LGBT representation, yet a society of all woman where same gender relationships must be written into the movie as now bad and partners referred to "friends". LGBT people are VALID and need representation too! >-(
12TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
Just finished the movie, Snowpiercer... It was really good.... We'll probably end up similar to this movie someday, with some big trillionaire making an invention for us all to live while keeping the class struggles just as they were before the heat problems & their subsequent "alternative to burning up earth"
12TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
Siberia & wildfires.... *sighs* we're doomed... Things get hotter each year...
12TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
*tumbleweed rolls by*
12TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
I really wish we had an "edit post" feature sometimes ... :/
12TulipsOfLove 3 months ago
I ate the food... Wish me luck
12TulipsOfLove 3 months ago
I got some food recently, but one of the seals for the box was not stuck to the box and it was open slightly... Nothing weird inside. Should i eat the food within? What do you folks do when you buy an opened container. Also the seal isn't cut, but just like it wasn't stuck on or came unstuck somehow.
12TulipsOfLove 4 months ago
Happy pride everyone!!
12TulipsOfLove 4 months ago
I'm eating a yummy fruit called banana! <3
12TulipsOfLove 4 months ago
Awww the greeting that was in the message box is gone
or was it always kinda like this?
12TulipsOfLove 4 months ago
I'm the second to see the new update
12TulipsOfLove 4 months ago
I wish the sliding left menu would only slide out if i drag my finger starting waaaaayyyy closer to the left hand side of my phone, instead of from anywhere.
12TulipsOfLove 5 months ago
The fact i can't get the civid-19 jab at ny dr makes me uncomfortable.... After research it seems like a supply & unwillingness by vax distributers .... Hmm
8 months ago
On behalf of @TulipsOfLove, friend requests now show as a notification on the Friends link and you can view/accept/deny them on the Friends page.
12TulipsOfLove 8 months ago
This reminded me of @SLEDGE .... Speacking of which, how is @SLEDGE I haven't seen a post from them in ages! Hope all is good! Also sorry for the innapropriate lyrics in the song.