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@Therum a friend of mine says she's basically being forced to leave RIT bc they revoked her scholarship due to long term illness. Is this normal practice?
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I think google ad sense thinks I'm black. Or maybe it's being disproportionately inclusive.
Hollow Knight is the best metroidvania I have ever played, beating out every castlevania and metroid game I have ever played. It is my favorite game I have played all year. It's about bugs. I love it so much.
Happy Birthday, @Therum!
So, if you were ever curious about Heroes of the Storm, now might be a good time. Pretty sure if you join right now, you get to select a pack that contains 20 free heroes
If you program, linear algebra is a course you should take. Just saying. It's not a required class for software engineering at my school(for as far as I can tell no reason). It's easily the most useful math I have learned for programming.
I assume that it continues to be the case that no one here plays monster hunter games?
I was looking up electroluminescent phosphor because @Therum and found a YouTube video of a woman explaining it and the comments disgust me.

Because it's a woman, the comments are like "her knowledge makes me hard" or "want to see how big my lab is?"

And we wonder why women feel less welcome in STEM... >.>
I now have a 3dsxl running custom firmware
Why is learning how to hack my 3ds harder than learning how to work with electroluminescent phosphor?
I've been thinking about installing custom firmware on my 3ds so I can play the japanese mhxx demo(/the actual game)
I rather like this artist's music.
I forget, doesn't someone here aside from me go to RIT?