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My parents should have filed a warranty claim.

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16SuperCam 2 weeks ago
I somehow got all caught up with my homework, and have now had days to just relax!
16SuperCam 2 weeks ago
What did you guys think about Loki? I thought it was amazing!
16SuperCam 2 months ago
I need to earn more cubes. Is there a list somewhere that tells you what gets you what amount of cubes?
16SuperCam 2 months ago
When I won the contest last month by default, I wanted to make a dramatic speech. Thanking everyone for being there for me, etc etc. I would have made it a couple paragraphs long.... but I didnt have time to do it... and the time has now passed...

But just know... It would have been GRAND.

Crap, I dont have enough points for the animated rainbow
2 months ago
Congrats to @SuperCam for winning the QN contest (by default :P)!

16SuperCam 2 months ago
So... Did I miss anything exciting or important the last few months? Anybody have fun news?
16SuperCam 2 months ago
Another semester down, and what a brutal one that was. I lost my 4.0 because of the math class I was taking. I don't know if I complained about this class earlier in the semester, but it sucked. One thing I had to do was prove 0<1. Isn't that such a waste of time?? Theoretical math is not for me haha
I got a B l, but only because of a curve. I should have gotten a C, so thank goodness for curves lol

I'm hoping this semester will be a little easier to keep up with you guys. Fingers crossed 🤞
I'm case your curious, this is what the math class is like:
16SuperCam 4 months ago
Okay so I have a simple question that I need help with.

My computer at home only has 75GB and is completely full. I have an external hard drive that I try to use, but the computer doesnt want to use it for everything. It keeps wanting to use the regular C: drive. I want to buy a new hard drive for it.

Here are the steps I would take now.
1) Copy/backup all of the files from the top of C: (Like "Program Files (x86)" and the invisible files) to my external hard drive.
2) Unplug the computer
3) Remove the hard drive
4) Replace it with a larger hard drive from Amazon
5) Turn on computer
6) Copy paste everything back onto the new hard drive??

I think the system files are on the regular hard drive... so will it even boot up if I just swap it? If not, how do I do this?
16SuperCam 5 months ago
My math class is so bizarre... Last week we proved that 0<1. This class is sooo difficult and I hate it. I'm going to lose my 4.0 because of this class 😓

That's where I've been the last month, dealing with school. I'll probably be pretty silent this semester 😔
16SuperCam 6 months ago
What exactly is the purpose of the gamestop thing going on right now? So they are jacking up the price of the stock, so what? Why do people care?
16SuperCam 6 months ago
My last post got filtered out XD

I am asking for your s e x, not what you had for lunch hahaha
16SuperCam 6 months ago
So here is a unusual question for you guys.

All these years I have assumed all of your genders, but I would like to get the truth lol.

What is ya'lls lunchand age? I'm a 28 ½ male
16SuperCam 7 months ago
I've gotten the worst news I've had in years yesterday...

The couch I sleep on has bed bugs 🤢🤮

I'm seriously considering getting a mattress and just sleeping out in my car while I get this taken care of
16SuperCam 7 months ago
16SuperCam 7 months ago