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18SuperCam 6 hours ago
My bruises are basically gone now, still a little (and I mean little) amount of pain. So I'm happy
18SuperCam 1 week ago
I destroyed my ankle over the weekend. Luckily it doesn't hurt, but there are bruises on all sides of my foot. Nothing is broken, and I can walk on it with very little pain. So I'm okay, but it does look gnarly haha

Here's the main bruise:

18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
Therapy is freaking amazing. I just had my mind blown by my therapist and it will literally change my life. If you need mental health treatment, get it. You are not alone, and you deserve help. If you are feeling depressed, homicidal, or suicidal, reach out to a counselor and they can help you. You got this!
18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
and another thing. @.:A-MAN:. the flair tags are a very cool thing to have on a site like this. So thank you for all of the hard work you do for us
18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
You know what makes me sad? @.:A-MAN:. had an awesome idea of doing monthly QuickNote contests, and I am the only one who entered anything! That was such a fun idea, and I want him to know that. Ya'll should apologize to him about that, because it probably made him sad. lol
18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
I just woke up from a crazy dream. I decided to write it down and share it. It's in my dream journal blog here.
18SuperCam 4 weeks ago
Have any of you guys bought Stray, the new cat game? I bought it while it was on sale, and Ive heard lots of good things about it. Havnt played it yet though, but im excited
18SuperCam 4 weeks ago
I have an announcement to make...

I finally figured out what I want to do with my career.

I always wanted to get a physics degree, even before I graduated college. The plan was to get a PhD and be a professor that was doing research. But... its taken me so long to get here that I burned out. I realized that I didnt really have the desire to do my "dream job."

After that, I felt lost and purposeless. People always ask me what I wanted do with a physics bachelors degree and I didnt really have an an answer. The plan was always to get a PhD, to become a Dr. Kopaunik. But.... I dont know if I want to do that anymore.
A couple days ago, my sister asked me what it is about physics that I like. I told her I loved physics, but just am sick of school. The conversation did start me thinking about what I really wanna do with my career.
This was a thought that I had been pondering on and off for over a year now, and its left me feeling really lost. But for whatever reason, my sister's question led me down to where I wanted to go.

I want to create mathematical models. I to look at a system, and make equations that describe its behaviors.
After I made that decision, I realized I will need to get a masters in mathematics, so I am going to look for a company that will pay for my masters degree.

After I came to this realization, I looked at the jobs for this line of work and the I can make a ton of money doing it. The minimum Ive seen was $70k and with median making $173,800, and the top 67% making $208,560.

I am very happy about this, it is a huge relief to have a goal again.
18SuperCam 2 months ago
So I decided to take this summer off after going nonstop for 6 years in school. Its been really nice to actually have a summer break. I am so relieved and relaxed, its made those deaths actually bearable, Ive been hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, writing my book, and whatever I want to do. Its awesome
18SuperCam 2 months ago
Life is hard sometimes... I had two friends die in the past month. One from cancer and we dont know why the other one did. Life is too short guys, dont forget to make sure people in your life know that you love and care about them.

I dont know how people deal with death when they dont believe in an afterlife. I genuinely dont know how they do it. I am super depressed because of it even though Ill see them again.
18SuperCam 3 months ago
My brother shared this video that talks about a crazy AI being worked on for research. It's pretty kind blowing, it's like "this is not a real person" but more generalized, if you know what I'm talking about.

Either way, check out this video if you're interested in artificial intelligence:
18SuperCam 3 months ago
So I got a new phone, and I found a screen protector that a lot of people recommended. It's a liquid screen protector, which sounds weird. It'll come today, it's a process to set up... So hopefully I don't mess up lol
18SuperCam 3 months ago
I think that someone was just trying to hack into my Instagram account. They changed my password, but I was already logged in. I just kicked them out and created a duo security authentication for it. So that was an intense couple minutes haha
18SuperCam 4 months ago
Is 60 the max level you can get here? If so, what that number in particular?
18SuperCam 4 months ago
So my grandmother had a star named after me years ago, and today I decided if I can find any information about it. I wasnt able to find a whole lot of anything, except for a picture of it. Which is still really cool. It looks like it is a blue giant, but I cant really know that without actual information. But here is the picture: