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My parents should have filed a warranty claim.



So you've been abducted by aliens. Great.

It takes a couple months, but you realize how wonderful it really is. The technology they have is far beyond your comprehension. They seem like gods as they appear to be able to do anything. They take you all over the cosmos, you go to places you will never begin to understand.

You get to the point where you feel comfortable hanging out with them. You even get to the point that they are your friends. You get closer and closer to them, and eventually they become your family. You will never be able to understand them, but they understand you.

You are at peace in a perfect world where everything is handed to you and you have everything you have ever wanted-- and more.

But occasionally.... they are cruel. Every now and then, they create a singularity. A black hole. Something evil. As you stand there in horror, you can hear the sounds of women and children being tortured. You hear their screams.

Everything around you is falling into the black hole, not a single part of your home is spared.
And they follow you. As you plead for your life as you run... but they just lead the horrific nightmare to you. Occasionally you are able to get away to hide... but they find you. They ALWAYS find you. There is no escape.
Sometimes they even laugh at you while they do this, or what appears to be laughter. You don't really know what it is.

They do this when you have your guard down. You never expect it.
But they are your family, and this is just the way life is for you now. There is nothing you can do about it but run when it is necessary.

Now that I have painted this picture in your mind, listen carefully to what I have to say next.

YOU & YOUR FAMILY are the aliens
The person in the story is YOUR PET
And the abomination... the horror.... well... that is your vacuum.

Welcome to the eyes of your animal.
I have an idea that would be very convenient to have on this site @.:A-MAN:.
What if we had the ability to quickly select a name if we put down "@"? Writing your name A-Man is always a pain haha
@.:A-MAN:. posted about ballot names earlier, and I found it interesting. However, after a quick comment I stopped thinking about it. 10 minutes later I got on YouTube and saw this video in my feed:
It's about the psychology of ballots and hope they can be used to hack your brain.

Kinda spooky spooky coincidence lol
I remembered on my YouTube channel I have posted flipnotes I made/edited.

This one have me so many colored stars

And this one is probably my favorite

*I did edit them a little for my YouTube channel
I bought my first bike yesterday ♥️
Since @SuperCam reminded me of Flipnote, I went back and looked to see if I had any good stuff. There's one or two but they've mostly aged really poorly lol.

Here's one (never had audio):
I have found a way to play 3DS games on my phone effortlessly. It can hook up to my PS4 controller and I can even make it 3D by putting my phone into a generic VR headset. It is cool to play Super Smash Brothers on my phone!

This is the app if you are interested:
I miss those days where I would sstay up late at night watching flipnotes. Did you guys do flipnotes on the dsi? Thats how I found DSiHub...

I had a midterm today, five hours long.... I am so brain dead... but I was able to finish some other homework just now though anyways. So... I am a boss today.
I had about half a dozen nightmares last night, one of which was one of the worst I have had in a very long time. I had a dream that my brother came over to my place and committed suicide by jumping off of my balcony (I live in a high rise). It was awful.
So there is this REALLY cute girl at my church that I have had a crush on for a little while now. Well today during church I asked her out, and she said yes!

Problem is that now I have a ton of anxiety and am afraid I am going to mess it up by saying something stupid. I was already stressed about some homework and a midterm this week. Oh well I guess lol
Where is everyone working these days? Anyone have a particularly cool job?
Why did my profile picture revert to it's old one?
Is this better?
Dangit @SuperCam that image makes the page take forever to load lol.