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Hi, I'm Smalls... You may know as the guy who made DSiTabs and G/net. I also developed for DSiHub for a certain period of time.

Cyber-security, network management, systems administration, automation extraordinaire, cloud engineer, dank guy.

* My Personal Website -
* GitHub -
* Twitter - @thetimmysmalls

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9Smalls 2 years ago
One of the bands I listen to is somehow in this year’s Coachella lineup. They are going to stick out like sore thumbs. Lmao
9Smalls 2 years ago
One of my favorite things is hearing acoustic versions of metal songs. Or at least more on the heavier side of things turned into an acoustic song.

Take for instance this song:

Now take it’s acoustic version:

The acoustic version just… Hits harder for some reason.
9Smalls 2 years ago
Two years after making my avatar, I made a new variant of my avatar for Christmas.
9Smalls 2 years ago
About to drop a super hot fire mixtape.

9Smalls 2 years ago
Oh and there’s a possibility that I’m going to be dropping about $150/month to host a Mastodon instance. Heh… heh… 😅
9Smalls 2 years ago
Pretty sure I unintentionally fixed a weird “out of memory” error my website has been having since I switched to pre-rendering the first page load by changing how I define arrays.

I did it for overall performance improvements across the website and the API, but I didn’t expect it to fix a bug I have been struggling to figure out a fix for.
9Smalls 2 years ago
13 years ago was when I first implemented a favorites system for DSiTabs and it quickly evolved into a community-based website. Good God it’s been a long time.
44GuitarBoy 2 years ago
@.:A-MAN:. @Smalls

Well after 3 days of sitting in front of the computer for like 8 hours a day I'm waiting for the extension to be reviewed by Google to be published. I deferred the publishing though, so it won't be automatically put on the store. There's still a few bugs I'm working out.

I actually ended up deleting the vast majority of the original code, and re-writing it in a way that I could more easily understand. Functionality is nearly identical to the original, but there are some differences that set mine apart. Namely the ability to download notes from the options page of the extension, and freely adjust the background and text color with HTML color pickers.

The UI for the notes and options page is improved. Instead of using plain text HTML character codes for icons like the original, I used Material icons.

Using ExtensionPay to monetize. $1.99 a year. Users can install the extension for free since Google got rid of webstore payments, but it's essentially a free trial. No subscription restricts the user to 2 notes, and they can only set the colors of the notes from a handful of presets; exact colors cannot be set, only the presets can be applied.

I plan on adding more features depending on how many people like this. Features like labels to categorize/organize notes, a way to pin the notes so they scroll with the page, a reminder system that will send a push notification of a note to the user, ability to download the note to your phone by scanning a QR code, a way to search notes on the options page, etc.

I'm very hopeful I can get at least $20-$30 a month from this. Like again, if this other guy can get 9,000+ for something as half baked as the original code, I should be able to get at least 10 people or so a month. With how many schools use Chromebooks, there's gotta be some students who will want this.

I'm hoping I can use this as an opportunity to get more serious about coding again, and perhaps make a small career out of creating extensions/PWAs. If one app gets me at least $20-$30 a month, I just need to make a few to get an extra $100+ a month.

The less time I need to be on the road to make money the better I say. With that said, it's 2:21am and I need to drive Sierra's cousin home from work at 7:30am lol. He's paying me $30 round trip each day until he can get a car. I drop him off at work at 11pm, pick him up at 7:30am. It's kinda tiring, but by the time I get done taking him home in the morning I find myself staying awake the whole day so. It's some good guaranteed money though, plus I've been doing some delivery gigs here and there in between.
9Smalls 2 years ago
You ever get to the point where having multiple git repositories for different parts of your website's codebase becomes a problem and you end up merging all of the repos into one monorepo? And still maintain the git commit history for each of the repos? No? Just me?

Cause I just did it.
9Smalls 2 years ago
Well… I’ve had this Mastodon account for a good 6 months. If you want to follow me on there, go ahead. With the way things are going on at Twitter and how it’s being handled, I’m not even sure I want to keep on using it. That sucks because I’ve been on the platform for 13 years and I actually do enjoy using. Mainly because that’s where I post all of my random bullcrap of things I’m interested in or like. Micro-blogging is just convenient. (
9Smalls 2 years ago
I think I hit peak UI design with my yearly “Favorites Music of” lists on my website. I made that initial design way back in late 2020 and I’ve just been slowly iterating on it since then.
9Smalls 2 years ago
Jesus Christ this slaps.

9Smalls 2 years ago
“Oh! You made a Discord bot? What can it do?”

Well… People can drop a fart bomb video on a message and it also has a random chance to drop a fart bomb video on a message. You know… Important stuff.
9Smalls 2 years ago
lol Safari 16.1 broke how my website handles the transition animations between pages. I have it not trigger the animations when the site is first loaded because that initial view you see is actually a pre-rendered view and I don’t want it to run the animation on a pre-rendered view. Causes an unnecessary redraw of the UI.

From what it looks like the handler I wrote for that isn’t working anymore. Maybe? I dunno. lol Gotta debug it at some point to figure out where it’s actually failing.
9Smalls 2 years ago
I hate the Steam Deck so much, I bought another.