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'Ello there, name's Wayne and obviously I'm an Administrator of this here website.
I tend to handle some of the back-end systems. I'm also the one who developed our drawing application - QuickNotes.
*strokes ego*

I'm a 20-year old university student (like I'd tell you where
), currently dual-majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science. With regards to the former, my chief interests lay in the branches of the philosophy of religion, ethics, logic, epistemology, metaphysics, science. However, my knowledge of philosophy is still very slight as of now.

With the later, I mainly stick to web programming languages, though I plan on expanding my repertoire by learning languages like Ruby and C++ soon. I'm also familiar with some things within IT as well. I'll soon be doing some freelance work most likely.
Lastly, I have some interest in developing some video games, with a couple of ideas for a great game or two floating around in my noggin.

Sometime in the near future (hopefully soon), I plan on getting into and becoming familiar with video production and editing, and putting those skills to work by making YouTube videos on various subjects, including Philosophy, Science and maybe some light social commentary.

Some activities I enjoy doing are reading (I'm an avid reader; mostly philosophy and programming books, with the occasional fantasy tome), programming (obviously), exercising by swimming (former collegiate swimmer), playing video games (I play all sorts of games) or chess, and just plain laying around like a bump on a log.

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@cdog3789: Nope, @Skittles is Skittles lol.
@.:A-MAN:.: @.:A-MAN:. Are you @Skittles?
Does Ray still come here ever?
Woooow, I'd forgotten I gave myself this flaming unicorn badge. Think it's from UN Squadron, heh. 😅
@Yenwood Bloomberg's only real hope is to close Sanders's plurality of the Dem votes enough that the party leaders will be able to claim he's best to run in the general. No real hope for him at this point though.
*stumbles in drunkely*
*stumbles out*
@.:A-MAN:. Have you put together a portfolio of some of your pest CS work? I remember a friend of mine had already done one before he graduated high school. Ended up not even getting his degree since he got a decent job so fast. I've always been super jealous of him, lol.
@.:A-MAN:. Good luck with -that, hehe. I graduated back in May, myself. :-)
A-MAN Are you still working on that game you were making? I think it looked kind of like Paper Mario games, can't remember. I've been gone too long.
Ok, so the first steps to redoing QN will be:

- Make it properly cross-platform. I'll start by abstracting some of the functions so that it works on every device.

-Thanks to the way that I store the data that user draws for their QN (as a series of data about each drawn line/shape), I can make the images infinitely scalable. Of course, this necessitates that the canvas dimensions for each device be proportional to each other. So I'll need to look up the average available screen resolution for phone web browsers.

- Probably just end up creating separate files for people drawing from their phones (and why draw from PC anyway? lol)

-Fix some odd bugs with undo/redo. They work, but they can occasionally bug out. I need to set up some boolean flags to control when the user can hit undo/redo.
Finally finished all of those proofs. Bleh. Now I'm off to get some shut-eye, haha. Night~
Sometimes I hate doing logic proof. Especially in a system I'm not used to. ????
At some poijt, it'd be cool if the staff did a Google hangout or something together. I don't think I've ever actually spoken to any of you, lol.