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Maybe I'll add something here later...

*4 years later*

Yo what up fam
Still haven't added anything I'll get to it eventually

*Another 3 years later*
I'm only like level 6? Wtf. I suck at this lol.

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Group projects
that's all
@blackdragon1234: Yooooo
@ShadowFall: Hi how are you
yoooooooo happy thanksgiving everyone, make sure you save ya boy a plate I'm coming through lmao
i hope yall are staying safe, crazy times out here lol
Lurk lurk lurk
A suh dood
a suh dood
Competitive in overwatch makes me sad sometimes @.@
I'm back, and I'm here to bless your day with some music:
Spoiler, the drop is orgasmic
Thank me later lol
I live! Eh not really
Just played GTA with some friends for 550 minutes according to Steam, I think I have a problem
Lurk lurk lurk lurk
Aight, so I'm trying to learn how to code.

Any suggestions for a beginner?
Websites, languages to start off with, etc.
Time to finish this essay...

Papers, out.
Pandora, on.