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Joined on 8/20/06
Level 44


Submitted a vast amount of content to
Developed popular apps for the App Store
Submitted themes users found awesome
Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.


I manage most of the server-side code, tell me if you get errors that display weird messages. If you have an issue with a mod, contact me or another admin. @Skittles or @Therum may be available for server issues if I am not.

If you have something you need help with that does not involve code, send a message to @umer936, He is our user service rep/mod.

If you have an issue with a user, contact @CJ101 or @umer936(esp. Umer), as they are the most active of our mod team.



I was kinda hoping @SLEDGE had more of a presence here, on this end that is. I know he is doing a lot with the server, but it would be nice to talk with him here. How often does he make a new status?
So what has everyone been up to?

I am up at the University of Utah studying physics. I have an internship that
in which I work with lasers and diamonds (although COVID has had that put on the shelf for months :/ ). I work as a physics tutor at Salt Lake Community College. Not married, no kids, nothing fancy like that. I have become pretty religious the last couple years, thats a big update. I still live near home so I still get to see @SLEDGE every now and again. My youtube channel has a grand total of 107 subscribers (take that Pewdiepie)! I am also big into python and am learning how to use linux. I also still hate apple products and everything they stand for! #iCult

There are many familiar faces here though!
I love the site @.:A-MAN:. and @SLEDGE! Great job!
I wonder what percentage of humans have worn surgical masks now compared to this time last year.
@Acerio: @Prestotron

But I think that's what he meant, that you made a new thing to get a new username
This annoyed me and I want to complain
Theoretically everybody should be fixed
Looks like a new person is trying to use my breached password in random places but they can't get in
holy balls
What about nose plug filters instead of masks? Like you put it in your nose and breath out through your mouth and you don't have to worry about the seal. You'd have to pay attention but that seems like a cheap way to get really good filtering.
I had a dream last night that I was helping somebody with something in phpMyAdmin and I blame @.:A-MAN:.
What was the link for seeing my own statuses (like years ago) again? @SLEDGE
@SLEDGE: Hey, I can XSS on this site. I sent you a message regarding the matter, but you can also just fire one at me and I'll happily tell you how I did it.

There's an example on my user page if you're curious.
@SLEDGE: Excuse me child? I am your mother. Why will it not let me do the friendship requesting?
"X HOURS EARLIER" is the most lazy storytelling ever. I get unreasonably triggered by it.
The NVIDIA Control Panel that you get to by right clicking the desktop is no longer what they give you. They try to force you into using this POS instead on the W10 store. I reinstalled my drivers for something unrelated and then spent 5+ hours trying to figure out where the hell that program went. For future reference you can fix it by completely uninstalling all your NVIDIA software with DDU and then installing the driver package with no internet connection so it falls back to the one that isn't a POS.