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I'm a person.
People tend not to like what I have to say.
I'm a mental nutcase.
If you still want to talk to me, I can't promise any sanity.

Left the above for posterity. Find me on steam as LordStrum, but shoot me a message before you add and remind me who you are.



@LordStrum has created a new blog series titled Strum's Musings.
Casually falling in like I do in Fall Guys. On my head.
got myself a guitar last month, and I have to say, it's made this semester a lot more bearable. weird how that works
Big game starts in 10 minutes.

Also something called the Superb Owl. I don't get it.
Free from college in 7 months, wish it was much sooner than that. Weird to think how fast time has gone.
Obligatory popping in to say hi post or something like that.
Might have an interview on Monday...if I didn't blow it by oversleeping and not responding to their email in a timely fashion.
Well this place looks different from the last time I was here. Very nice.
Making the rounds again.

Finally built a PC, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
It feels so good when you get a program to work.

Wish I was feeling that right now. :v
Can midterms just be done? that'd be nice.
what am I even doing rn
Seems like yesterday I would hang around here 24/7. Now I'm just an infrequent guest (who screws up posting this gg me).

Time sure does fly.
another year has passed
gg 19
why am I still up