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Hey there, my name is Jonathan. I am 19 years old and live in the southern part of the US. I'm sort of quiet irl, until you get to know me. I like gaming, watching tv, browing, and just thinking/spending time in my head.

An hero in the making

What Pokemon are you?



Is there a discord server for the DSi community? Not really active anymore and would like to join one if so.
Tawagoto speaker, joydreamers translation is my spirit animal. Ashe does the best male cover

May record a cover of it myself later this week.
Waddaya know. I was able to get drunk and not stir crap on the internet this time.
I meh public transportation so much.
Maybe I should focus on learning the code first because I see some tutorials where I don't follow it at all.

Kinda bummin me out tbh. 😂

Like how the flip do I even begin learning this crap?
Flip it. I'm going to take a step back and just make my first "game" a memorial to my friends with black/white "graphics" comprised mostly of signs that pop up text boxes with homages to our friendships and crap.

No idea where I want to go with my platformer, (even as far as jumping mechanics, now I'm using a typical, tap the button, it only goes so high mechanic with a 5 second powerup that increases jumpspeed) and I haven't made much headway on making art. (I can't find a way to make what I see in my head get onto the canvas. xD)

I know I can finish that and I imagine I can make that look okay.

which one

How's my pallet?

Not sure how I feel about it, but I want to hear ya'lls thoughts on the new grass/dirt sprites.
One of my favorite game makers is making another game.

Would've liked for it not to have been of the same universe but the improvements/changes is amazing.

Can't wait to play it tomorrow.
The folks on the gamemaker subreddit asked if my grass sprite was actually pixel art! Lol

May be getting back to making my first project (that I never finished) again.

It's gonna be just a typical 2-d side scrolling pixel art platformer.

How's the grass?

Holy crap. xD

Warning: Political trolling, if easily offended, don't bother clicking.

Socialneko rn

Sorry if against the rules.
0 cavaties.

Looks like I CAN get away with complacency.