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My eyes are like IKEA.

Easy to get lost in



11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Also I kinda wanna do a review for No Way Home but it's a very hard movie to review without spoiling so I'll wait
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
haha it sno

In other news, as of about a month ago, I'm no longer single
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
I accidentally invited half my philosophy class to my house to study

We did not study
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Just had an Irish wedding the night after an Italian wedding. My wallet is happy, my body wants to go on vacation.
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Fun fact about me: I enjoy PDA. Okay wait that sounds weird, I don't mean like watching people showing affection, I mean being apart of it. I'm fully down, even eager, to make-out with my girl in public idc who watches. Just thought y'all oughta know
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Gotta mentally prepare myself for today. Gonna be working an Air Force Ball tonight. 400 people, using 2 separate ballrooms, including the biggest one in the building. This'll be my biggest party yet, they better fliping tip me!
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Fun facts about me:
1. I'm almost always hungry
2. I dress like a champion. Everyday. For every occasion
3. I've been single for 3 and a half years, but it's okay because I'm single by choice (not my choice, but someone's)
4. I judge anyone who drinks and enjoys Michelada's

Thanks for coming to my TED talk
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
The amount of times that I had a good, flirty banter with a girl at my bar and didn't get their number is too high. It always happens the same way too. They come up once, get there drink, which I try to remember. Next time they come up, I start making the same drink they got last time which leads to a good convo, then in the middle of that another person comes up and interrupts so she goes to the dance floor. Then I'm like, "Alright, next time she comes up I'm gonna ask." Then she leaves before the party ends
lol can't catch a break ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
I wish Tinder had the option to only find people in my state. Sure I want to find people that are at most 15 miles from me, but I also don't want to pay a toll to cross a bridge to see them. Perks of living on a border ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
I've been wanting to go to a gym for a while now, but I was always afraid of the price being too high. Now I have an interview for an overnight position at planet fitness, and if I get it I get a free membership. In conclusion, why pay to go to the gym, when you can get paid to go to the gym
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Fun bartending story: I was working this one wedding and no one was really tipping me that well. No one except this gorgeous middle eastern milf. First thing I should mention is that she's very married. While normally that doesn't stop me from flirting (I only do it for tips and for fun, I'm no home wrecker) she was with her man the entire night so I didn't bother. But not only was she throwing $20's my way, but she starting hitting on ME! She said my name was very sexy and manly, and that she'd want to name her kid that and made jokes about our age gap. Overall it was unexpected, but she was fun, memorable, and a great tipper, which really made my night that night.
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Going on a date for the first time in 4 years.
Wish me luck y'all
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Put up a review of Shang-Chi in the blogs because why not. Might do more later.
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
God, I've become such a huge flirt recently. I'm not even trying to date right now (I mean I'm open to it, I'm just not searching atm) I just think it's so fun and sexy to have good banter with someone. This is so the opposite of who I was like a year or 2 ago.
11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Everyone else: Hooray, 3 day weekend!
Me, who only works weekends: Flip, I broke my wine opener again

In other news, tonight's party was pretty good so I can't complain...yet