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Joined on 4/9/13
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If you have a film you'd like me to review, message me or comment on my last review.

I don't come on here much anymore. I spend most of my time nowadays writing scripts, making films, working on sets, watching movies and playing video games. I'll come here if I ever want to give some important film news, or a review or prediction. Otherwise, not so much.

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I'm bored and running out of ideas. What movie should I review next?
Great. Another fliping nor'easter. There's been at least 3 this month.
Also I'm changing my rating system from pluses (+) to letter grades
So I'm moving about an hour south from where I am now which is completely fine except I don't have time to see any movie premieres this month. Bye bye Pacific Rim, Ready Player One, and Tomb Raider, see you next month.
Guess I'll write some film reviews while I'm here
Jesus, how long has this site been up. I check back every live 6-8 months and not only is it still here but it's still somewhat active.

Also the score to War of the Planet of the Apes is absolutely beautiful, if any of you like movie scores please check it out. Michael Giacchino's best score to date.
Finally put up that Spider-Man Homecoming Review, as well as one for War for the Planet of the Apes. Haven't seen all the movies I've wanted to see (I'm missing Dunkirk, Atomic Blonde, Valerian, and Dark Tower) but I'll hopefully get through most of them in theaters soon.
Just finished watching Spiderman Homecoming. Best Spiderman since Spiderman 2, expect a review soon.
Hey if any of you guys are interested I have YouTube channel for my gaming and streaming and what not.
I honestly just need to get these of my chest
Haven't reviewed a bad movie yet, so I'll do another mass review
I finished. If there's any movies I missed or any you want me to review just ask.
Gonna mass review a bunch of 2017 and maybe 2016 movies just for the fun of it.
Hey guys, long time no see. I'm glad to see this site isn't down or anything, it's been a while.