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Hey guys, been a while. So basically these days I'm part time Staples worker, part time electronics store owner, full time money maker.

My girlfriend Sierra and I have been together for 2 years, and are expecting our first child, a girl, in May. We're hoping our lovely corgi Zoey and the cats Sébastien and Seymour will love her.

Neither of us have had COVID to our knowledge. I had a sore throat a few weeks back but as soon as I felt a tickle (before it even got really sore) I took some OTC medicine. Stopped whatever it was before it got worse.

Still working hard on my coding. Been working on point-of-sale software for over 3 years now. Once this software is done, I will have what I need to get out of Staples, get funding, and open a store. Sure, I could just use Square or some out of the box solution. But if your Square account gets suspended or terminated, you have 0 access to any features, even the POS for cash transactions. That is why I am working closely with Stripe to create the perfect experience. And if I experience the nightmare that many others do where my Stripe account is terminated I can still take cash and perform sales. I don't plan on getting shut down by them though. I'm very much aware of what I can and cannot sell with their card processing. Most of Stripe's BBB complaints are answered and actually SAY that the complainant was being unethical or using Stripe for non-approved services/products.

I've already integrated stripe for my site, The POS will use a countertop card reader certified by Stripe that I can communicate with over the web with PHP. This POS will be great though. I'm nearing completion once I figure out how to do math....Maybe someone can help?

You go to do an exchange at a store. You bought an item for $1. With PA tax it's $1.06.

To keep things simple, say you exchange the item for a different one that is $2.

I was told by a friend to apply refunded sales tax to the subtotal for the new purchase.

So you take the full amount for the original purchase, $1.06 and subtract it from the new $2 purchase.
So $0.94 for the new item. Apply new tax on the $0.94. $1.00. That is what is currently happening in this screenshot:

But if I add a coupon for 20% it messes with it and subtotal goes down to $0.80 (OK) but grand total with tax is $0.79 lol.

Does this sound right? I have no idea.
Fun fact I currently hold the top spot for number of page views at over 133,000. @umer936 is in 2nd place and @GuitarBoy is in 3rd.
Anyone know how to use PHP to extract data from an email sent to a server?

Like if I wanted to use GMail and send a message to "" how could I write a script to get the subject, message contents, and attachments?

Thinking of making my own way of posting things for sale online. I'd post them on my site by just sending an email to an address with pictures of items and a description. I'd finalize the post on a laptop by adding price. Each post would have a unique Facebook-friendly URL that I could share to Facebook groups and the link would let you preview the item with a thumbnail or whatever.

The only reason I want to do this instead of CL is because:
1. I can make bulk item postings quick and easy
2. CL forbids data scraping of any kind unless you get written permission. I requested permission but I'm sure they'll say no.
So I'm still working hard on my print ordering app. Works great on mobile and on desktop, and I get an email notification when an order is placed. I'm debating on what to do about payments. I definitely want people to pay up front for orders, but I feel lazy and don't want to code a basic Stripe or Square implementation. Right now the message says that the customer will receive an invoice and that payment is required before production. I'd just send them an invoice to their provided email through Square.

I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and implement something because that sounds like it'd piss off some people to have to wait for me to send the invoice before producing. Would just be so much easier to make them key in their card so I can produce right away.

I will be getting a copier contract with a local company for only $140 a month and it includes all maintenance and consumable parts, as well as 3k BW copies for free every month. Each additional BW is $0.0055 and each color is $0.055. The printer itself will be a Kyocera Taskalfa and it's capable of 11x17 paper and really thick stocks.

Here's what I have for the app so far:

So I need your opinions on something.

I plan to offer nationwide shipping to customers, and to post the app on the Google Chrome Webstore. Chromebook users are limited to Google Cloud Print, which is okay in a pinch but GCP doesn't let you specify paper type and other advanced settings. Just size, margins, # of copies.. You can't choose cardstock for example.

So with that said, I'm thinking I could post the app in the Chrome webstore for like $1.99 BUT program the app to give them $1.99 off their first order. So reimburse them the cost of the app. I like the idea because if people get the app and don't need to place orders right away, it gets me easy money, and if people are gonna buy it for $1.99 and place an order, I get more money to offset the reimbursement anyways. I will charge for shipping too obviously if the order isn't over a certain amount. If they never place an order that's even better obviously lmao.
Okay so I wasn't pleased with the self-service/full service software I had, even after a lot of changes.

So I basically copied everything I liked and gave a UI overhaul. Works on mobile, but some browsers decide to not stretch the job iframes to 100% height to fill the remainder of the screen.!


1. Make general order ticket that will provide me with customer contact info, pricing, list of jobs with prices. Job ticket can be found here:
An order can have as many or as few jobs as necessary. Job tickets hold information on how to complete each job, order tickets are there to show you pricing and customer details.

2. Begin coding full order submission. When submitting the order:

1. Each job iframe will generate its own job ticket from an iframe
2. Each job iframe will generate a JSON form of the job ticket for filing purposes (this will probably not be done right away as it's not that important right now)
3. Each job iframe will use window.postMessage to send all job ticket data and binary files to the order ticket window, which will then use a hidden form with inputs for each job ticket/file to submit and save the files on the server. Since there will be a very lax limit on file size (the maximum my shared hosting allows is 128MB), AJAX will be used along with a progress bar to provide feedback for the submission.

Once received by the server, files will be stored under a password-protected folder.
This is what I been working on. Self-service, goes straight to my email. Make a parent window with the ability to have numerous child windows with this embedded in iframes and you can submit multiple jobs at once under one order.
So here I am stressing out over a web 2 print designer, a custom print order/quoting tool, and Minuteman Press printing has a MINIMAL web 2 print editor on their website (basically a static image with a pre-defined layout, you just add your own text and background), and quotes are done after you submit the file(s) for printing online; they just give you a call.

And apparently Minuteman Press is a popular chain cause there's at least 4 or 5 of them within 25 miles of me.

That's some basic crap they're doing to be raking in business. I think I need to take a deep breath....
JFC I go to learn Angular and now the newest Angular requires NodeJS.

That's cool and all but I really didn't want to have to re-learn what little I did learn about NodeJS just to use fliping Angular.

God. Fliping. Dammit. This is why web development is bullcrap. It moves too fast and everything requires another thing to work. Nothing can be standalone and just work. No, let's rape people's browsers by making them load 10MB web pages. The justification? Single Page Apps/Progressive Web Apps that are just as powerful as native apps. Cool. But I just want an internal app or an app that doesn't need all the extra bells and whistles you're shoving in my urethra.

Guys and @.:A-MAN:.

I finally got everything I needed together for that web 2 print solution.

So I found out after digging for days that canvas.toDataURL or canvas.toBlob both output at 72-96dpi. Unacceptable.

I needed an agnostic solution, so I found a client-side JavaScript JPEG encoder. Now if I take a canvas that is 1125px wide by 675px tall, I can take the raw image data and convert it to a base64/BLOB at actual/natural size, and use piexif.js to modify the X/Y resolution fields in the EXIF data so that Adobe Acrobat now says the image is 3.75"x2.25"--business card sized.

All that's left is to make a full editor that can insert shapes, lines, and rasters. And use a 3rd party tool to show guides/aligning tools so people can make things align with each other and center them. Both of which I already know how to do using FabricJS and this alignment tool I found months ago.

New Year resolution: re-learn everything I forgot about Laravel in school. Learn Angular to assist with my web apps. Make the kickass website of my dreams where people can submit print orders, request tech services, and buy products from me.

My front-end game is good, but re-learning Laravel is what I really need to do.
Hey guys.


Do you remember when I was asking about the HTML5 canvas web-to-print solution a few months back?
If I set up the canvas to be 600 * 3.75 pixels wide and 600 * 2.25 pixels tall, that's all fine and dandy. But how can I manipulate the JPG properties so that when I download the JPG and convert it to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat it reads the correct dimensions? Currently, it's saying the JPG is like over 20 inches wide and like 15 inches tall or whatever. But it's still proportional so it scales down right. I'm just wondering how to make it read correctly in editing/production programs and such.
Got AC adapters and batteries for 2 laptops, so they are now R2R using my marketing/selling strategy. I'll make spec sheets, take nice photos, and make sure to tell customers that all computers I sell are sold fully set up to the customer's liking for a personalized price.

Base prices will include Office 2016, a 1 year warranty, and 1 year of MalwareBytes Premium.

But a customer can request other programs or software to be installed, or waive the warranty, or choose a different AV. The idea is to sell the PC experience, not just a computer.

Looking to get around $340 plus tax for computers. Give them 10% off if they recycle their old computer, and even transfer their data for free. Then use the recycled computers to keep the cycle going.

Got hired to create a Wix website. Easy $390. Got 50% up front, and I think it's coming out well so far. Will be sending her the preview tomorrow of what I have so far. Also, when we met earlier for the consultation and payment, I got an eyeful. A 48 year old that looks like a 25 year old. Total MILF. JS.

Someone then contacted me through one of my many Craigslist ads about DESIGNING AND PRINTING a 5x7 bar mitzvah card featuring Spaceballs "May the Schwartz Be With You". She needs the invite and the response card designed. So about $40 for the design I'm thinking. Then $63 for the printing and envelopes. Cost of printing with HP Instant Ink? Like $9...That's even factoring in the cost of the paper.

So more than 10x the cost.

Then my GF's brother is giving me $380 for a desktop and monitor so he can play some PC games.

Making like $500 this week doing just my own thing. Then another $450 or so from my actual job.

So much win.
Aha...Just realizing now that the $99 HP Officjet Pro 6978 I bought isn't meant to handle heavy cardstock/cover paper. The spec sheet from HP even says up to 28lb for bond. The only heavy paper it's rated for is HP brand brochure and presentation papers, which are all less than 180gsm. 110lb index is 199ish gsm. No wonder the business card test page I've been trying isn't printing properly. The 10up file cuts with a slight white border on one of the cards on the bottom. It's literally printing crooked.

I should have known better. The paper settings are very vague. "Plan Paper", "Plain/Thick Paper", etc.

Now I'm debating whether or not I should keep this printer or sell it and put it towards the unfortunately very expensive HP 8740, which has similar specs to the HP PageWide printer I have, which CAN print on heavy papers, and might have more specific paper settings in the software like "Cardstock 170g-220g". 220gsm high enough to cover say, 80lb cover stock, which is 216gsm. That's standard business card stock.

But I've tried 110lb cover (298gsm) in my PageWide and it still seems to handle it well. So if the paper handling on that Officejet is anything like my PageWide, then it'll be perfect considering I can still get instant ink for 4 cents a page.

Here's what I'm thinking. I will need to be patient the next month or so. I will print the presentation books using this Officejet, but I will not hand out the books until I am absolutely ready. I can't have a printer that can't handle heavy paper. Business cards, postcards, and all kinds of crap need to print properly and straight dammit lol. I need to save up for this printer.

But first and foremost, when I go into work tomorrow at 7am, you better believe I'm gonna test that crap out on the floor model to see if it can print straight on 80lb cover and 110lb cover. I'll just save my 10up test file onto a USB drive.

The 8740 would be nice otherwise though. Faster printing, 2 paper trays (for slipping sheets between copies, slipping front and back covers, other exceptions), and a bigger touch screen. Woo.

I'm still very positive though. Once I can get things settled with the equipment I need to use, if I stockpile a hundred of these books and hand them out I'm sure someone will reach out to me still so.

My dream is to one day own one of these....hnng.pdf
Managed print services meaning I get a fast printer and negotiated pricing not only to lease the machine but a flat rate cost per page still. And 11x17 paper handling. And a stacker/finisher with stapling/hole punching. All while printing as fast, if not faster than Xerox laser digital presses like the C70. We're talking about 70 pages per minute, black or color, regardless of how much ink is covering the page. PageWide is amazing technology, but expensive.
So guys, the time is coming for me to do some serious advertising for my business.

The best part about HP Instant Ink is the referral program. I'm at 3 free months of printing right now, up to 300 pages per month.

I plan on printing close to a hundred copies of this PDF, sneaking them into work at Staples one morning, coil binding them with a clear cover and black vinyl back, and finally handing them out to a bunch of businesses. Since the cost of printing is nothing, the only cost I have is the paper (about $0.04 per sheet). The paper I will be using is a premium HP matte presentation paper, which is capable of borderless printing. You can imagine how sexy the headers on this PDF look; I'd take pictures of the proof I printed on brochure paper but I'm too lazy.

But anyways, I'm almost done setting up all the Publisher/Word templates for people to download to design their things, the order builder software is going to get used if people request custom print orders, and I haven't even mentioned the best part yet.

I'm advertising basically all my skills as a person in this PDF. HP printer setup is easy and fun for me. Plus if I can get enough people interested in it and can sign everyone up for HP Instant Ink, that means I get more free printing...Printer setups will fuel my printing business, and offer a foot in the door to offer people things like virus removals and other tech services. I have like 5 laptops that I need to get parts for. 4 of them just need batteries/AC adapters.

My idea is to sell laptops fully loaded and set up, ready for the customer to use. I want to make PC buying an experience, not a hassle. You can read what I mean in this PDF.

If you can't already tell, this PDF is hopefully going to change my life.

Here is my to-do list, in order:

1. Sell a desktop computer to my girlfriend's brother for around $200. Use that to fuel paper purchasing for all the specialty stocks I'll need; HP glossy brochure/matte paper isn't cheap. It's nearly $0.30 per page, but, is very high quality. While I may not be able to pass a lot of savings to customers looking to get flyers on that paper, it's the best paper to use considering I'm using HP ink and HP equipment. I guess I could buy Staples brand flyer paper for $0.23 per sheet but I dunno. I also want to get 80lb cover in glossy and matte for business cards, and thick magnetic paper stock for magnetic business cards. And then there's inkjet window decals you can get in 8.5x11 too. A whole bunch of specialty stocks for a whole bunch of different purposes/products. And who can paper too! I'm prepared to stock up too. I bought like x4 5 drawer organizers from Staples for like $40 and I'm going to be labeling the drawers and stocking them with papers.

24lb standard, 28lb premium, 32lb ultra premium, 24lb standard 3 hole punched, 67lb card, 110lb card, 80lb cover matte, 80lb cover gloss, 110lb cover matte, glossy brochure, matte brochure, glossy photo, matte photo, thin magnet sheets for general magnets, thick magnet sheets for business cards, inkjet fabric transfers, 80up return address label stock, #10 peel and seal envelopes, and whatever else I can come up with. Can you believe how much different crap you can print with just a $100 inkjet printer?!

2. Finish printing all the presentations from this PDF. I don't remember once my next billing cycle starts but the free pages are only for my regular monthly pages, not anything after. I can print around 20 copies with the 230 pages I have left for this billing cycle/month. This is where I need patience. In the meantime I guess I can add services that I may not have even thought of yet. Any suggestions guys? Of course, more pages added to this PDF means more pages to print. But I want people to know what I'm capable of. I got 1000 sheets of that presentation paper coming in the mail lol.

3. Once I have close to 100 presentations, hand them out to businesses all over the place. When handing them out, recommend products that would benefit each specific business. A library? Custom bookmarks. An auto body shop? Window decals. A pawn shop? Nice business cards.

4. Wait for the phone calls/emails to come in. By this step, I plan to have at least 4 computers ready to re-sell, all my specialty papers stocked, and my website complete.

Did I mention this PDF?
I feel like everyone has been talking money and budgeting lately.

I recently got a steady 2nd job part time at Dollar General just being cashier. Making $8/hr has never been so easy.

I work at Staples full time 7am-3pm, then work at DG 4:30pm-10:30pm. I'm making over $450 a week now, and I may be getting promoted to Print and Marketing Supervisor and start making $13.50 an hour at Staples with the same hours and all.

In the meantime, still trying to do computers/printing. Printing can be done while I sleep, and I just need to order batteries and chargers for a few laptops and list them on Facebook marketplace.