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44GuitarBoy 2 weeks ago
Finally found a Buy Now, Pay Later provider that both wanted to do business with me and supports my ecommerce platform. Sezzle!
44GuitarBoy 3 weeks ago
The stray cat situation in our neighborhood is awful. We brought one inside so far, but we've had 2 dead cats in the last 2 weeks. One of which Sierra just ran over this afternoon. Very traumatizing. Thankfully Zelda is with her grandparents and the little guy didn't suffer long. He was resting under her car and because she drives a hybrid, he must not have heard the car start up. 20 seconds of twitching then nothing. I had to grab another garbage bag and throw away another corpse
We're trying to bring its sibling inside as well. We kinda owe it for killing their sibling
44GuitarBoy 1 month ago
Unearthed my original AT&T unlocked Galaxy S10e that I bought in like 2019. Aside from the charging port sometimes charging and sometimes not, I thought it was good. But nope. Screen flickers, mostly a white bar at the bottom. Decided to try opening the phone, fliped up the back glass, but that's okay as the case hides the back. Re-seated the LCD cable to no avail.

Ordered my 3rd Galaxy S10e. It's coming from BackMarket. My 2nd one did when I stopped using my original one, and that one had LCD issues as well. But luckily it was within the warranty period so I got a full refund.

Cracked yet functional screens can still be sent to companies like Fixez or Injured Gadgets for $$$, which usually makes the cost to buy a new screen worth it. But if the display is fliped, the phone is pretty much worthless. So this time around I bought the phone with 2yr coverage through Asurion, since if I'm going to have LCD issues it makes the phone beyond economical repair, so better to pay $34 now than $80+ later.
44GuitarBoy 2 months ago
very sad.

took in a stray, there's a lot in our neighborhood. kept him separate in one of the bedrooms upstairs. fed him and gave him water for a few weeks since that was how long we needed to wait to get to the vet.

went yesterday. they say he seems in pretty good shape aside from his right eye which is blind. some fleas, still a bit underweight. they take blood, stool, and urine samples and told us today he has feline leukemia virus. we can't keep him without risking the other cats, and we don't want to keep him locked in a bedroom forever since that's not fair to him. so now we need to find a shelter that will or a person who will care for him. we don't want to say goodbye, yet we can't stand to let him go back outside.

i've been crying all day.

i hate these people in this neighborhood, letting all the cats run around. the whole colony is probably infected.
44GuitarBoy 2 months ago
OK so we just got our first official trash bill. $21. For the whole month.

Week 1: 5lbs for $1
Week 2: 15lb for $3
Week 3: 15lb for $3
Week 4: 70lb for $14

Week 4 would have been less if it hadn't rained; there were weeds I pulled in that bag but I forgot to tie it shut and water got in the bag and soaked the damn things. But holy crap. Every 5lbs is $1?

44GuitarBoy 2 months ago
I recently got back to work delivering. This area sucks lmao.

Everyone is on welfare/drugs/both. For real, look up "Shamokin, PA" on Reddit and you'll find people posting pics of their drugs on r/drugsarebeautiful. 🤣

Almost nobody tips, I'm getting a bunch of orders for just $7. The pay isn't terrible though, as most trips are 3.5 miles or less. So I'm still getting like $2 per mile, which is profitable considering the IRS mileage rate is only $0.65 per mile. There is a small village called Ranshaw like 0.9 miles away from the Walmart. Orders from there are the best because I basically get $7 for that 1 mile.

Other orders are usually to Coal Township or Shamokin. I've done some of them and they're not always the best. Street parking only, the roads are kind of confusing, one ways, can't always see to turn left, etc. The nice part about those orders is that once I'm done with them our house is on my way back to the store, so I just go home instead of idling my car with the AC waiting for the next order.

So far I've made like $180ish since last Wednesday on only like 3/4 a tank of gas. I don't think it's too bad considering I deliver mainly from 7am-1pm before Sierra leaves for work. At this rate, I'll at least have my credit card paid off EVENTUALLY lol. I haven't spent any money the last few weeks.
44GuitarBoy 2 months ago
So a bit of a funny story (sorry, forgot to get screenshots). I'm a member of a Facebook group that pokes fun at peak poor behavior (The 430 credit score people are at it again).

This guy posts a pic of a fellow member of the group form like years ago, of him in his cap and gown graduating from community college. OP says it's peak poor to have gone to public college.

People were absolutely roasting OP for shaming this guy for being frugal. It was hilarious. People were tagging all kinds of crappost groups like, "OP get back here you fliping pinecone so we can bully you" and "OP can eat a 10lb hamburger tube with his ass". I was literally crying at how bad everyone was roasting him. I joined in as well. And later in the day I see the dude FROM THE PICTURE he shared commenting and roasting the butt face too. Guy changed the privacy settings of the photo too so OP's post was basically gone. I couldn't breathe, my eyes were like faucets.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
One minute the kid is watching Blues Clues and interacting with the program, the next she rolls off the futon and takes the Google Nest Hub with her and breaks its screen.

44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
Unethical life pro tip:

If you're like us and your trash is billed by the pound, make sure to take the heavier stuff and put it into Walmart bags. Then dispose of at your local Walmart; there are trash cans near the cart returns.

We aren't dumping excessive amounts at once though. Since Sierra works at Walmart, she takes 2-3 bags a day. Dumps 1 bag when she gets there, and 1 when she leaves for the night. Maybe 1 during her break.

Diapers and used cat litter are the heaviest things we have. Once all the heavy stuff for the week is taken care of, we continue dropping stuff off at Walmart and even at McDonald's (they have a can outside too) and now our weekly trash bill is $5 or under.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
Anyone here watch CollegeHumor these days? I feel like they nosedived. I'm not really a fan of their exclusives on, I just want them to do normal sketches again.

I just watched a video talking about how they had to lay off 100+ people in like 2020 or whatever because their parent company cut funding and blah blah blah.

But you know what's weird? They are another Internet based company that isn't profitable. That seems to be quite the trend.

Reddit isn't profitable, Uber and Doordash aren't profitable, etc.

The only companies that are profitable are the ones who were able to scale quickly and reach hundreds of millions of people. Amazon and Google are the biggest ones. Despite all odds they reached the sheer masses to the point where they had enough customers to turn a profit. I feel like that's how all these companies work. A handful of users are nothing--in order to make money they need half a billion people using their product/service.

Of course they could also just...not spend a lot of money to begin with.

Going back to CollegeHumor, they had roughly the same views right after losing funding and downscaling to 5-10 employees. It makes you wonder how much money these companies frivolously spend.

Just look at the CollegeHumor office in their skits. Everyone has a Macbook, docking station/monitor, their own desks, etc. Assuming some of the props they use in their videos are also part of the office, they have a ping pong table, and some video game consoles. Not to mention a large spacious kitchen, and they even got catered lunches.

They probably had/have so much more that I'm forgetting to mention, but all these hoity-toity offices cost a pretty penny. Just look at a day in the life of a Google, Amazon, or even an Apple employee. Gyms, beanbag chairs, on-site nursing, on-site chefs...These companies waste so much money trying to make employees as happy and comfy as possible, but is it really worth it in the long run? Google, Amazon, and Apple are names that are basically in billions of households, so I suppose they can afford it. But an Internet sketch comedy channel that can't even get 2 million views consistently on a YouTube video anymore? Yeah no, they still probably aren't profitable. Even with Dropout.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
Bro, I'm stoked.

USPS is combining First Class Package and Parcel Select Ground into 1 service called Ground Advantage starting July 9th.

All shipments under 1lb (what would be considered First Class Package) will stay the same price, and some prices for shipments above 1lb will be discounted.

The best part: $100 of insurance will be included automatically with each shipment using Ground Advantage. Which means all the small orders I send on eBay and Walmart will now be automatically insured. And since most of my orders weigh less than 1lb, I will not see a price increase.

I have had 7 returns on Walmart since I began selling on there in November. Half of them are because the customer claimed the item got lost/stolen. With Ground Advantage, I will be paying the same price for shipping, AND I'll be able to file insurance claims and reclaim some (if not all) of my lost money going forward.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
Good news is I already made a few eBay sales since the move.

Bad news is that the local post office has 0 parking that isn't metered. It's 0.5 miles away from the house.

I'll either lose weight, or park on a non-metered street and walk the rest of the way. Flip that crap.
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
I have never put my body under such strain before in my life, but the majority of our stuff is at our new home. We did it.

Now to get the last of our stuff out of the apartment and see if I can quickly find a cleaner to deep clean the place
44GuitarBoy 3 months ago
Still mad. Definitely taking what's mine when we leave, which means he won't have a functioning toilet since I replaced the water supply line and the fill valve.

He's also under the impression that I'm still helping him and showing the place to a tenant on the 19th. Flip that, once we have the keys to the house we're ditching the place and taking everything, leaving the keys on the counter, door unlocked. Let his prospective tenant come in to an empty hole in the wall. Not my job to show his place off and answer questions for him.
44GuitarBoy 4 months ago
Landlords are disgusting, vile, human beings.

The basement flooded and smells like raw sewage, and he can't be bothered to reply to a text about it.

Meanwhile he called me and threatened to file a judgement over $584 in unpaid rent (it's only 11 days overdue). We were arguing over the phone and he told me "either you pay me $300 today or I file this and you're fliped".

All I said was that we'd pay it when we could, but before the end of the month. I even told him I'd pay a late fee. He was refusing to work with me. I don't have an issue paying him (well I do, he's a POS but...), I just won't have any money to contribute to closing costs on Friday, so hopefully we have enough.

He was bluffing I feel though. He was saying he was literally at the courthouse right then and there and either I give him $300 now or he's going to flip us over. No way he was actually right there; it was all a threat.

I even suggested he can use the security deposit and we can pay him back once we are in the new place. Nope. I even told him on the phone "I know you aren't even going to give it back" and he says "don't read my mind". Wow.

So my bank account is about to be $0.00 (I get like $150 tomorrow, guess that's his too).

Like I get that I'm supposed to pay rent on time, but the fact that we are "longtime tenants" (his words, not mine), and the fact we're only behind 11 days, it really shows how landlords don't give a flip and will lie and threaten you to get money.

And if he were to actually go through with it? Paying a couple hundred to get $500+ make sense sure, but if I refused to give him the last $100 or so, it would be purely spiteful. These slumlords aren't businessmen. They will literally pay more in court fees to file a judgement against you for $100-$200. That's not running a business, that's just being an asshat.

It frustrates me when someone has me by the balls. That is why we will never rent again if we can help it. He's gonna get his money, but I'm taking everything that is mine. Lightbulbs, the shower head, and the toilet water supply line. I'll pay him, but after that he can eat crap and die; blocking his number and never wanna hear from him again.