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Steven Stone: "You're the—!"

Draconid_Jo: "The Draconid, yup. Or you could just call me Zinnia Joashu."

こんにちは! I'm Draconid_Jo from 3DSPaint, and I'm a hardcore gamer, ア ハードコア ウィアブー, a scalie, and a Pokémon Master with over 22 years (and tens of thousands of hours of gameplay time) of Pokémon training experience!

I'd like to thank my good friend TulipsOfLove for telling me about this cool website, and all of my other good friends from 3DSPaint as well, including Gemini Guardian and Banjo2 for styling this AWESOME Zinnia+Mega Rayquaza themed profile of mine (and also for that welcome message at the top), and I'd also like to thank my good friends GuiedGui and popuko115 for sharing some of the images used in this profile (and elsewhere) with me (and in Gui's case, sharing how to do those customizable spoiler buttons with me, as well), and last but not least, my good friend and fellow ツクナミ cdog3789, for just plain being AWESOME!

My 2DS is STILL broken, and my RL situation is a lot more complicated now that my dad knows about my online activities, which means that I'm not able to get online as much as I used to.

(He's pretty good about it sometimes, though.)

Still, I pop online as often as I can, and I plan on being WAY more active here (I've been so focused on Paint that I haven't done much elsewhere online), but since I'm still basically a n00b here, any help that y'all can offer me would be GREATLY appreciated!

In Gen 6, I have EVERY Pokémon in the National Pokédex (all 721), allowing me to breed any Pokémon that can be bred (including numerous ones with Hidden Abilities, as well as Phiones), and I have all 807
Pokémon available in Gen 7, as well.

I don't have quite as much to offer in my Gen 4 and 5 games ATM, but I do still have a reasonably complete Pokédex in them (and also the Pokérus), and if you're interested in trading and/or battling me in Gen 6 or 7 (once my 2DS is working again, anyway), my 2DS Friend Code is 1822-1300-7238, and if you're interested in doing so in Gen 4 or 5 (using Wiimmfi), the following are my current Friend Codes for those games:

Joashu★ (Pokémon SoulSilver Version)

Ashujo☀ (Pokémon Platinum Version)

Jaoshu☃ (Pokémon Platinum Version)

Jaoshu☃ (Pokémon White Version 2)

Ashujo☀ (Pokémon White Version)

Also, although I don't have the Gen 8 games yet (or a Switch to play them on), I can battle y'all on Pokémon Showdown now (including Gen 8 battles), and if you're interested in battling me, my username over there is "Dracovish_Jo".
(Named after my favorite Gen 8 Pokémon, Dracovish.)

Oh, and if you're wondering what my signature here means, I wrote this Blog about it on Paint.

I also have an account on E-shuushuu, a "Kawaii (Japanese for Cute) Image Board".

My name on E-shuushuu is Keishousha Joashu, BTW.
(FYI, Keishousha means "Successor" in Japanese.)

I'm also VERY knowledgeable about both Fish and Reptiles (especially Prehistoric ones).

Music wise, I mainly listen to Anisongs and VGM from Video Games that I like.

My Favorite Anisong is Snowstorm, by Rie Kugimiya. Another Song of hers I like is Slow Motion.
(If you're using a 2DS/3DS/DSi, like me, you won't be able to play these YouTube Videos I link to, though.)

My favorite Video Game Song is 伝承者ヒガナ's Battle Theme, from the Δ Episode of Pokémon Ω Ruby and α Sapphire, although I also like her two other Theme Songs: Those Who Inherit Eternity, and The Lament of Falling Stars.

&quot;Let us All Pray for a Perfect Multiverse. If we set aside false notions, such as the idea that Existence is limited, and that certain things are &quot;impossible&quot;, I know that a Perfect Multiverse not only can be achieved, but WILL be achieved, as it is the Inevitable Outcome of such Realizations.&quot;<br /> &mdash;Draconid Joashu



5DraconidJoashu 2 weeks ago
Do you know what the worst part about a power outage during the summer is?

No air conditioning.
5DraconidJoashu 2 weeks ago
@cdog3789: Yeah lol, now that IK that you’re doing OK, I’ll be alright.

I was just freaking out due to a combination of worrying about you, worrying about my dad, and worrying about my sister, that’s all.

(And although I definitely miss talking with you and stuff, @TulipsOfLove and everyone on Paint and Discord have been keeping me company, so I should be.alright.)
4cdog3789 3 weeks ago
@DraconidJoashu: Hey man, sorry I haven't been online anywhere recently. I truly do mean that I'm sorry! I've just been so busy recently with IRL stuff. This past week I traveled seven hours away from home to go to a football camp that a college was hosting. Another thing that is keeping me offline is myself lol. I'm trying to not be on the internet 24/7, (I need the sleep), and just being busy daily other than that. So, again I'm sorry! But I do appriciate the concern!

I hope you're doing better now dude, keep positive!
5DraconidJoashu 3 weeks ago
Do you ever get the feeling that everything that you do is completely meaningless, and that everything (and everyone) that you care about is going to fall apart, no matter how much you pray that it doesn’t turn out that way?

That’s kinda where I’m at RN.

(I keep trying to distract myself from my own uselessness, but it doesn’t seem to be working very well.)
5DraconidJoashu 3 weeks ago
@cdog3789: I’m worried about you…

Please, just say something to me to let me know that you’re OK, and if you’re not, please tell me what is wrong, and I will do whatever is possible to try to make it right.

You probably mean more to me than anyone else on the planet RN, and I really miss you.

(I already lost my mom, I don’t want to lose my closest, most trusted friend as well.)
1JonahB 3 weeks ago
@DraconidJoashu: Thank you it's nice to see you here
5DraconidJoashu 3 weeks ago
@JonahB: Konnichiwa! Welcome to!
16TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
@DraconidJoashu: I replied to everything.
5DraconidJoashu 1 month ago
@TulipsOfLove: It's cool.
16TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
@DraconidJoashu: Imma wait before I try replying to your other messages.
5DraconidJoashu 2 months ago
Two days ago, after my dad took her to to the hospital to try to save her life, my mom died anyway.

We all feel terrible RN, and I would appreciate any kind words you could share to make me feel better.

(We all feel worse than we ever have before, though, and that's saying a lot.)
5DraconidJoashu 2 months ago
@TulipsOfLove: YW.
16TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
@DraconidJoashu: I will read it in a bit. Thank you sharing it with me.
5DraconidJoashu 2 months ago
@TulipsOfLove: Yep! We sure are!

(Although since I typically don't log out before disconnecting from the internet, IDK if it says that I'm online sometimes when I'm not.)

Sorry for not replying to your DMs yet, BTW.

(I've been busy on Paint, Pokémon Showdown, and Discord lately, lol!)

BTW, I just submitted this the other day on Paint.

(It's my 3rd anniversary blog, although it is a day early, lol!)
16TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
@DraconidJoashu: Ayyyy we both online at the same time!