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Y'all knew me as Joe Allen/DangerDoctor. 22 year old ER Doctor who had dozens of swords as he fought his arch-nemesis John Cals in Saudi Arabia while having some hot redhead wife while also somehow being gay -

Yeah. Turns out I was just a 12 year old.

Ha, oh well. I'm still Joe. 21. Senior double-majoring in PoliSci and Journalism at UGA.

I play clarinet and bass guitar. My passions are writing, art, politics, history, music, foreign languages, & people (psychology I guess? ? Sorta). If you want my Discord or something, just ask.

I like some shows/musicals/books/video games/insert media form here. Just ask if I like something, I guess. Anyway, I guess I'm a pretty chill guy to talk to in general.

I've been through a lot. I've been through depression and I've gone through a lot at home. If you ever want to talk - whether it be about something serious or anything, really - just give me a message and I'll respond best I can.




God, I try to keep my low-budget college apartment as clean as I can but somehow I still end up seeing a roach every couple days and it drives me insane. I have no idea where they could be hiding, but as long as they don't show up in my bedroom, I'm fine for now (knock on wood).
just figured out that discord has like 50 modmail bots where users can send messages to mods of a server in a sort of support ticket system, but not one of those bots has an option for users to send a message/support ticket anonymously/under a pseudonym. tf?
holy crap, the difference a good router can make even on purely wired connection. last week my ethernet speeds were 94 mbps, and now i'm with the same company's plan, same modem, just bought a new router, and speeds are now 227 mbps on ethernet. wow.
is a higher wifi speed on a cable internet worth the extra price?
right now, with just me using my internet not doing much, ping is 15ms, download is 93.9 mbps, and upload is 11.3mbps.
however, starting in august i'll have two roommates, all of us attending classes which will mostly be online via zoom calls and such, watching/downloading videos, and i like to do some gaming as well.

On Spectrum (the only provider in my city)'s website, they claim their "200+mbps speeds" are 45/mo, "400+mbps" is 65/mo, and "940+mbps" is 105/mo. I'm on their "200+" right now, and obviously, with a wired connection, I'm not getting that - so would it be worth it to switch to the next tier up? The difference is $15 a month to $22ish a month, but yearly that's about an $84 difference. The highest tier is obviously a bit of a stretch, at a $240 difference yearly. I've discussed with roommates and they don't have a preference.

But I have to decide this before the 1st when my roommate that's moving out's basic plan expires. :P
sorta embarrassing to live in georgia rn NGL. governor acting all kinds of crazy stupid
alright, my lenovo 720 laptop with a whopping 8gb of ram is just not holding up like it used to 3 years ago. frequent blue screens for memory management and fans/lag like crazy just to run a fairly simple game like minecraft or the sims 4, or even while just voice/video calling on discord and browsing the web at the same time.

looking for a decent gaming computer, then, i suppose, but preferably something under the $600 price range.

also, finished the semester nicely! UGA never ended up offering a pass/fail system, but i got 3 A's and 1 B, so not too bad after all. professors were gratefully nice.
Figured it was about time to post my annual status post! Hopefully with quarantine and school ending coinciding I can post more often. We'll see!

Finally, I'm almost the age I was when I signed up for those DSi sites all those years ago. Time flies, it really does. Not in Harvard, though, but that's no biggie.

Hope everyone here is doing well. Staying safe, and all.
so, someone on my anime server bought me minecraft out of the blue.

i actually really like it? crazy but i'm out here binging minecraft in 2019.
Aha! My annual status post! Actually, I might make some more this summer. Then again, that's what I said last time too...

Anyways, thanks to you all for the neat story to tell at parties, the "I was accused of being a pedophile when I was 12" is always a good hit.

College's still kicking my butt. Doing good, though. Hope you all are doing well. Any video game suggestions for someone who's gotten tired of Overwatch?
ok yeah so i said i was going to come here more often because of college but then college started kicking my butt. second semester of college hype. c's get degrees??? i hate "classes" that are 90% online but still require attendance as if it's useful when you come to class (it's not). but my other classes are going very well.

it's also very interesting to tell new friends the "Joe Allen" story. it's honestly a hit now and i'm not sure how a story about someone using the username "DangerDoctor" at age 12 to masquerade as a 22 year old ER Doctor solved anything, but, whatever. it's something. so thanks to y'all for that experience, special shoutout to syed and rayword who initiated the "joe's obviously a pedophile" hunt

anyways, college is. college. but hey, girl scouts are selling cookies now so life is good. hope y'all are all doing good as well!
Whew. It's been quite a bit since I've been here. Maybe that I'm all settled into college I'll show up here more often? No promises.

Anyways, like mentioned, I settled into college and all that stuff. Classes are going well - some are pretty challenging and I'm a little frustrated at the slow turnaround of grades, but they're going well compared to the horror stories I expected even if they're not like the "easy college life" portrayed in things I've seen over media.

I've certainly done things I never really got around to doing in high school, though. Actually learned to code in Javascript and made a simple Discord bot for my server. In the process of writing a script for a TV show pilot in space. Applied for some internships (still waiting to hear back). Decorated the dorm room for Halloween, which was fun because I'd never be allowed to celebrate Halloween - religious reasons of my parents. Going home to see the family again this weekend while everyone here does either that or goes down to Florida (it's crazy - we get Friday off explicitly for the purposes of allowing students to travel down to Florida for the FL-GA game).
Speaking of Discord servers, does this place have one? That'd be interesting. Anyways. I'm doing well! A lot less of the depression and stress than when I was at home.

This turned out to be more of a blog post than a status due to me only showing up every 5 months or so to this place. I love the update, it looks really nice, and - of course, how is everyone else doing?

How's everyone doing these days?

I'm just feeling really... ready but at the same time not about graduating high school. Exciting to go to college, but sad that I'll miss a few friends and teachers. I got voted Class Clown and was runner-up for Most Likely to Be President?? Finished my senior project and actually was really proud of my writing portfolio. Still trying to look for a decent college laptop ("high battery, touch screen, runs the internet really well" - my non-tech self) and a way to do a math placement test, but other than all that... I'm overall really excited about the future.

This place reminds me of my past. Tbh tho, without this community I'm not sure if my writing skills and creativity would be what they are today. Those stories really kicked my motivation to write, I think.

Anyway, enough ranting. Refer to question above.
ideas for stories to write with some literary meaning to them? I need to get onto writing stuff for my senior project, but I'm lost on ideas to actually write.

Only requirements are: something that wouldn't be offensive/appalling to an 8th grade Christian literature teacher, and something that wouldn't end up being more than 10 pages (I'm writing short stories - that said, feel free to give me multiple ideas).
dear anyone who still happens to be in high school and not a senior: take your standardized tests early. take your standardized tests early. take your standardized tests early.

also, figure out a general list of where you want to go to college. early.

so that you don't die of stress senior year like i feel i'm about to.
teacher: write a creative descriptive poem
Me: if only I could recover my many hundreds of notepads from DsiPlaza,,, so much creativity,,,lost,forever,,,