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Yes it is me, the realDC. One of the most controversial paint members of 2022 and 2023. Socialcube a pretty fun site tbh. I have my own website where stuff like archives/blogs are posted so feel free to check it out. If you need anything, just DM me and I'll respond as quick as I can.

More About Me:
I first joined the internet in 2015 on Miiverse. I won't give my old NNID because it had my last name, but I will say Miiverse was pretty fun. RIP Miiverse, you will be missed.

In 2019, I had made my YouTube channel named "Digital Cheese" and I have been using the same name + MSPaint profile picture ever since. It was perfectly named. I liked pizza, I liked gaming, thats how I made the logo up. As for the name, I was gonna go with PizzaGamer5027 but that didn't sound good for a YT channel to me and also it had numbers so it would be hard to remember.

Digital Cheese on the other hand was easy to remember and cool sounding. It was perfect. Turns out the name also helped whenever games/other websites would have a shorter name limit, the most you could have for a name on a lot of sites wasn't like 14 characters. But my name can be easily shorten to DC, DC TheGamr, or another variation so its useful.

For a while I was kinda just there. Channel barely going anywhere, using paint a bit in 2021 but thats it. Then around December 2021, I had made a major change to my YT channel. Considering my channel was more so just crapposts before, this would be possibly the most major change in my YouTube history. After this moment, my channel just started actually getting somewhere.

You see for years I would just upload with no thought. However around this time I thought something along the lines of "ok so I have a dead YouTube channel, I need to get it bigger but how?" and then I realized, commentary videos. As easy as gaming, somewhat more entertaining than the same gaming video over and over again, and it was something that was risky but had a good reward.

Either my channel would've fully died out and I wouldn't even be close to 250 subs or I would've not taken the risk and the same thing happened but no commentary and I stayed where I was in 2021 basically. I made the right choice even if I have a lot more work to do before I make it. However around this time I also really started using smaller websites such as SpaceHey, GBAtemp, and even this one you're on right now.

One thing I realized was that smaller member count along with active posters meant anything I posted would have a higher chance of being viewed as a result (along with mainstream websites getting worse and worse anyways), I had a reason to start really more actively using smaller websites.

If I had to take a guess, between 2021 and 2022 I went from being on like maybe 6 websites max (YT, Discord, Roblox, 3DSPaint, Reddit, and to easily 20+ and at one point even mass-uploading content I made onto other platforms. I finally was getting somewhere. Most of the accounts are dead now if the entire site isn't just straight up dead, but it helped a lot lol.

Now what was part of the risk of commentary? The people in it actually. Usually you gotta be much more careful and not trust anyone because these guys will backstab you for a video if they can get views off of it for the few that are still left (a lot left towards the later half of 2022). I was one of the few not willing to backstab anyone but then again I maybe made like 4 friends, only one makes videos (and not actively).

I managed to stay out of drama for the most part and just stay within the admin ranks of a few servers so that was cool tbh. Didn't have to be crazy, no one really did anything against my channel, I took a W and now with the channel semi-dead again I can only go up from here. I won't go on much longer because at this point it could be a full blog lol.

My Website + TDK Website
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5DCTheGamr 1 week ago
I wish cu.bes bought hours for a day
5DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
ive been purging literally every cringey youtube comment ive made. i remember i used to just make like at least 10-15 comments daily and actively do tons of trolling/arguments and crap. honestly it was pretty fun, somehow they didnt manage to mess up the comment section that badly then (to think "then" was only like 3 years ago).

Until I made a 3DSPaint, it was actually where I was most active. Like if I were at my computer, I would guaranteed be using YouTube at least a few times in the same day. Still kinda am because I listen to music via it, just most youtubers fell off and I'm not sure if youtube has made their comments not auto-filter minor things yet allow sophisticated literature bots like what used to happen last i was active with that type of stuff
5DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
While I'm trying to figure out a solution to the flipnote archive, I decided to start working on the forum archives. Its pretty much mostly GBAtemp blogs for now because I actually haven't done a ton on most forum sites lol. However, I will probably be done with this pretty quickly
5DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
I've gotta find a better way to do the Flipnote Archive. I actually have to convert into Base64 because neocities weirdly doesn't support direct .zip or .7z uploads which makes the HTML files several MB. The final archive is like 5.84MB but I gotta figure out how to solve that so it doesn't lag to death.
5DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
Flipnote and Forum archives will begin tonight for my website (if not sooner, on phone right now tho). Forum archives will be the same page due to the few amount. Flipnotes will be the same instead of splitting DSi Flipnotes/FS3D ones because it would be unnecessary.

Now because the forum archives will be all on one page and it’s several forum sites potentially, I will have to figure out how to make posts display properly. Maybe make div elements appear when you click a link via IDs?

That’s how I originally did SDKCommunity archive spoilers but that seems inefficient. That and I might try to make custom emojis as if it’s a forum site but idk.
5DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
Level 5 lets goooooooooo
5DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
Just like the SDKCommunity archives, Socialcube archives are now also on one page for everything Archives

Archiving statuses seems like a waste of time tbh but I could consider it.
5DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
The final result of the archives are here, I worked basically most of the night to do it lmao.

SDKCommunity Archives

I definitely don't have the space to store every blog, painting, tile, and more. If I did, I probably would be hosting it myself instead of Neocities. As a result, it only includes archives of my stuff. I haven't made sprites because for the entire time I've been on paint, sprites have been broken but if those are fixed then I'll gladly make 100 for the badge.
5DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
So far the SDKCommunity 2022 blog archives work just fine on N3DS. Haven't finished the whole thing, maybe it can unload stuff that can't easily be seen? idk lol, very good tho so hopefully it'll work right whenever the final archives on one page are done.
5DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
I have decided I would attempt to fit the entire DCTheGamr SDKCommunity Archive on a single page. 250+ blogs, 50+ paintings, 10+ saviis, and more. This won't actually take long finally, but still could take a day or two once I figure out how the final thing will end up looking like.

I won't even need the .css file for it anymore if I do so which will cut down on the neocities file limit. I will make sure it loads on N3DSXL before proceeding though. If it doesn't, I might have to figure out how to get that working to make it work right.

Either way, that should be done soon. I may try to do something similar with my Socialcube blogs and my GBAtemp blogs.
5DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
If I have to watch one more crapy YouTube video about some 18yo rich millionaire making obviously fake prank videos or 5 minute crafts, I will buy YouTube then shut it down. I’m done, why do 4 year olds watch it?
5DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
New updates to the website, CSS is darker and shouldn't burn y'alls eyes as much.

The SDKCommunity Archives are also being put into a single few pages because why not, I have the time to do it might as well. I could make the font-sizes also be like the original sites but I'm not sure (12px would be like paint, but damn thats a small font size on a 1080p computer)
5DCTheGamr 4 weeks ago
What is 2+2 guys plz help
5DCTheGamr 4 weeks ago
Oooooooo I found the SDKPaint Community Discord invite. If I get 3DSPaint ban, expect me to troll the server and respond to some of the racism allegations against me directly in the server instead of Hall of Shame.
5DCTheGamr 1 month ago
105 Cubes now so W