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I'm the owner of Venith and The Destruction Kingdom (TDK), I spend too much of my time sitting on the internet trying to become a web-developer. I can do frontend web-development pretty well, I am currently attempting to learn PHP/MySQL for backend websites such as for a site like Socialcube or 3DSPaint. If you need me, just contact me below as I'm likely to actually respond there.
Direct Contact:
Website: (personal site)
Telegram: FAC_GigaBalls
3DSPaint: DCTheGamr

Venith/Partners I Help:
The Destruction Kingdom
TrashTalkSC Podcast

Other Venith Websites:
Venith Git
Venith Fediverse (Lemmy)
Venith Has A Discord Clone (FOSScord)
Venith StreetPass Shop
Venith Image Gallery(?)
Venith Hackerlab
I will occasionally update this page, email or 3DSPaint is the fastest way to reach me along with Telegram.

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9DCTheGamr 2 days ago
I have like over 170 pencils now wtf. Until the end of next week, I'm counting pencils I can collect from school, I genuinely might have 100 by the end of the week.

I have 44 currently for the two week perioid, I am definitely close to 200 pencils for free though. If I don't end up dropping from HS and actually go from 9th-12th all the way, I'll easily have 1k by the end I bet unless pencils are destroyed, lost, etc (which I doubt will happen).
9DCTheGamr 5 days ago
I wish Unabomber's books had hard-cover copies. Anti-Tech Revolution and Technological Slavery don't seem to have them, or at least I haven't found them while looking around.
9DCTheGamr 1 week ago
I got like 6 new books today from Books-A-Million. Specifically:

Illiad And Odyssey by Homer
Fourth Wing And Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

It was around $80 total, was gonna get "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee and "Animal Farm" by George Orwell as well, but goddamn they single-handedly made the price like 130 and I have no clue how tf. I did mainly try to obtain hard-covers or leatherbacks tho, so thats probably why as only Illiad and BNW were paper-backs in the end.

Just the 3rd and 4th books I mentioned alone are over 1100 pages between the two, so once you add the other books, theres probably over 1.5k pages to read through XD. Yes the pages are not all the same size, but still.
9DCTheGamr 1 week ago
got the new wallet today and damn is it amazing. Fits in my top-pocket in my jacket well, so thats good XD. As long as this wallet works, im keeping it because damn its good, it'll probably last me over a decade.
9DCTheGamr 1 week ago
Idk if its just me, but I almost always research books I'm thinking of buying for months on end to determine if its actually worth getting. If I just randomly got books, I'd probably never read them because I read a while and then realize that it doesn't interest me at all, even if its of something I am interested in. I'd rather have the book spoiled here and there over waste $10-$40 on it only to not enjoy the book ($10-20 if i only can get paperbacks usually, but whenever possible I try to get the hardcover versions).
9DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
i might find a way to cut my school-load down to a 1in binder, a chromebook, and a mathbook. Maybe not even the chromebook some days. Won't count on it just yet, but if so then I will be very happy because i like having fewer things to carry. The main problem is carrying papers that arent attachable directly via binder rings, theres no more than 6 on binders ive seen (4 inside, 2 outside that technically arent meant for storing papers). Also, tests that aren't done on paper are a problem too.

It may be possible, ik its gonna be even lighter if only the 1in binder and mathbook. The only thing about chromebooks i hate is that theyre required for tests even for classes that wouldnt need them. If I do manage it, I'll go into actual detail on how its all organized
9DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
Update: Earbuds already starting to give trouble. Whatever, I found them on the ground of all places so it doesn't surprise me, plus I believe new ones are pretty cheap anyways. I could try to fix them, but idk I'll see XD. If I do manage to fix them and they don't start having trouble again almost instantly, I will seriously consider using them tho.
9DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
Once again, being a hoarder helps me out.

Free earbuds that actually work still, will use this for my DS lol. Also might just stop bringing my phone to school even tho they dont care if its not used in class, it would be safer anyways in case either school searched everything or if someone tried to steal it.

Former is unlikely because I have no social-media prescense with my real name and normies dont know anything but that, latter is unlikely bc its "older" to the normies and they have their own phones (but still, you never know maybe the school will complain if i tell someone to flip off via email, but they are usually PGP-encrypted anyways and im not giving anything LOL).
9DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
$100 USD Bill Math For 1M USD:
10,000g is around 22.04623lb

I wouldn't be surprised if the weight is the same or very similar for Canadian dollars, either way money is way heavier than it would seem at first XD. On an unrelated note, I wanna find a way to get $1000 CAD.
9DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
If you know what you're doing, I genuinely believe you could carry just what I carry everyday to school (started this after my bookbag that i had for 3+ years broke):

All the paper I need is in here and the heaviest 2 parts are actually just the mathbook and chromebooks i have to carry around. Now a lot of the classes force chromebooks anyways for the few times you actually do something of any value (or even of non-value), and those that don't often keep the books in the classroom (such as English I) which keep them because the kids destroy it. My high-school doesn't even have 700 people despite being an American public high-school, and even in bigger schools I'd imagine you might still be able to do something like this.

If you have a good jacket and your school doesn't ban them, just carry useless stuff in your pockets. I carry a pencil sharpener in my bottom-left pocket, a roll of toilet paper + some plastic bags in my bottom-right, and money in my last pocket at the top, putting it there so its harder to steal it or even notice without me taking it out my pocket (seriously, I'll notice it then just beat them senselessly, if i can get away with it I'll even stab them with my pencils because I've got plenty, probably enough for my entire grade and then some).

I then carry 2 pencils in my left shorts pocket and on the right, it just depends. Sometimes I bring nothing, other times my phone (usually off ofc, but i disable notifications already except for iMessage, where i rarely get anything). I've considered to not bring my phone to school since it may be possible for them to justify searching the contents if they suspect anything, though I could just use Firefox Focus and login to my emails if I needed to check it anyways, which I also kinda already do so eh whatever.

I can carry basically nothing to school, yet do fine. As much as I hate the digital stuff because its inconvenient in using it sometimes, its much better not having to carry around a ton of paper and textbooks, along with some of the classes having teachers who don't even care and just let everyone Google everything. I doubt there's anyone else who's 14 here and especially not those who are in 8th or younger still, but if there is somehow, absolutely try to cut down on what you have to carry.

If you happen to have classes on another side of the place (such as both of my 4th hour classes on A and B days), you can actually get there without having to risk being late nor running out of breath trying to run across the whole damn place. Its very convenient, I could probably turn this into an entire article on my website. Might honestly do it and call the link "hs-minimalist.html", would likely actually be of more help than my last actual note-worthy one that boiled down to "cash gud, digital bad" (yes its true, but still).
9DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
102 regular pencils, 5 led pencils I currently have in my collection. Damn do I love collecting things off the ground whenever I'm forced to be in child prison (school, not juvie), I get free stuff because the idiots there don't value anything except the newest iPhone
9DCTheGamr 3 weeks ago
Recently got "C In A Nutshell" so gonna learn C from that and W3Schools. Over 800 pages to look through, so should be plenty to understand the language. In terms of non-programming languages, gonna try to learn to speak and read Latin (maybe even learn to write Latin). No classes or anything, just search it up until I make it lol.

Also, getting a wallet soon so i can actually hold my cash normally rather than with a plastic bag i have currently. 15 card slots (aka extra cash slots), 2 cash slots, coin storage, ID that i'll never use, and a bit more. I don't have so much that it would actually warrant this, but whatever XD. I paperclip my bills to sort them by value easily, actually makes it real easy to find what dollar value i need. 2 cash slots isn't needed, but who knows perhaps i'll get Canadian dollars one day and carry them with me (or euros).

I will update on if having a wallet with so much storage is worth it, also tip dont put your wallet in your shorts/pants pockets as it can be stolen more easily (unless u have to), put it in your jacket pockets if you have a jacket with pockets almost at the top that zip like i do. Bit inconvenient im sure, but far harder to steal.
9DCTheGamr 1 month ago
I am posting in school when I should be sitting around doing nothing because I've either finished all the work or the work I am unable to skip ahead on, but can get it done by listening to the monolouge that devolves into "blah blah blah"
9DCTheGamr 1 month ago
I have over 250 pennies. Yes I know thats not even $3, I still have more pennies than most of you here.
9DCTheGamr 2 months ago
Since I'm officially on Arch Linux for my other laptop, I will begin the process of making it my main OS on the currently Win10 laptop, Gentoo seems like too much work so hell no im not doing it for now.