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Leedle leedle leedle lee.



This PC is extremely fast. Only bottleneck is the GPU though
Oh my god the PSU still isn't here, it went out for delivery at 9AM and its 6PM here. Giving me anxiety lol
FInal pc part arrives tomorrow :DDDDD. Too bad I'll never get a 3080
All my pc parts should be in by the 15th :0
Looks like I'm getting a 3800X :^) Not about to pay for that zen3 price creep.
I'm pretty hyped for the zen3 event
Now implement infinite scroll on here :^)

Just counting the days down till I graduate
With the release of the RTX 30 line, we've arrived at the point where high-resolution performance is less dependent on hardware constraints. Seems like machine learning is working its way into every piece of hardware nowadays, i.e. iPhone ML cores. There are a handful of people who are irritated (Like that Moore's Law is Dead clown) that the performance gains between the 3080, 2080 ti, and 2080 diminish the lower the resolution is.

But the rtx 30 line is kind of misunderstood (and also mis-marketed by Nvidia to secure early sales), since its purpose is not to just out-punch the previous releases. DLSS is, simplistically, a collection of ML models that upscale from 1900x1080 to 4k, with virtually no difference in graphical quality. If anything. DLSS made some games look better while watching comparisons. Better contrast and less noise. If you want to see it, there are a couple analyses of Control that clearly show better text legibility in some parts, but some shadows and reflections that were physically wrong here and there. So of course the performance sub 4k will be less impressive, because previous cards don't have the DLSS 2.0 which is a far better implementation of DLSS than 1.0, and the performance gains don't really scale linearly because the DLSS performance is asymptotic the closer you get to the native resolution it scaled from. It only makes sense to use it when the resolution is significantly higher.

After this generation, resolution is probably not going to matter in a meaningful way, since manufacturers can just train models on games, letting the models do all the hard work. This way, the GPU doesn't need to brute force with pure hardware and software optimization. Is the 3080 the 2x 2080 performance they were claiming? Hell flipin no, but it does set the stage for the next 10 years or so now that games are actually adopting RTX and DLSS for it to become standard. So for any of you budget gamers, this is reaaaaaaally good news. You could be plugging your pc into a big ol tv double or triple the resolution of your monitor and not see any real performance loss pretty soon.

Now we just gotta see what AMD brings to the table lmao.
Ok, time to wait for the 3080s to be back in stock I guess. Stonk market still busted so I'm pulling out some to build my pc
My portfolio site in React is going well EXCEPT who the flip decided to make onclick events targeting DOM elements so obtuse? I simply want to animate href target scrolling, but any onclick handlers basically have to be inside a react component class as a function, and all the ref implementations of a scroll animation are either deprecated or not the answer I'm looking for. Very bizarre for a framework such as this. You can't even querySelect an id, it has to somehow be via the props passed through the class as a parameter, and even then it craps the bed on me saying querySelector can't use whatever object I passed it.
Perhaps I should get around to learning django and react
Stonk market is pretty garbage right now. Think I'm gonna pull most things out and just make myself feel better with a PC build