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 Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.

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I enjoy long walks on the beach.

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uhhh my Instagram account is private and I got a follow request from what seemed like a random spam meme account. I checked the people they're following and now I'm positive it's actually an ex who's trying to view my profile
want more batches
woo got negative covid results and it's just an unexplained illness
I have a 101.8 fever and now I have to figure out how to stay isolated with roommates...
aaa i feel so lightheaded

oo it's now official that Disney+ is gonna be packaged with Game Pass
I have several dreams about going back to waiting tables every week and not one of them has been pleasant.
Honestly what's even the point of code reviews in my team if people just approve 1,000 line PRs in under two minutes
I've never believed America is gonna crumble any time soon and never even believed any riots would come from this election due to how strung out it is by nature, but the thought of one faithless elector throwing the whole thing is something that just might be enough to push people over the edge
After working from home for 8 months I finally got a chair with actual lumbar support and my lower back doesn't hurt for once. I don't know why I waited so long but now I'm finally comfortable working with a split keyboard, ergonomic mouse, and comfortable chair.
Final update: fell in love with the Galaxy Fold now that I'm used to it and I will use it until death. Still wish the outer screen was a bit wider though.
Coffee doesn't really energize me much but 200mg caffeine pills feels like how I imagine adderall would feel and puts me in such a manic state
There's a class where I've gotten an A on every assignment and the final. I checked the grade breakdown and saw participation is 7. I assumed I had a 7/10 participation. Turns out it's a 7/100 lmao
Ugh I'm liking the Galaxy Fold more and more but I'm still unsure and the return window is getting close. I've more or less overcome the weight issue (not solved it, just work around it. I now never really hold my phone at or above eye level, but if I do it has to be resting on something. Most of the time I now just hold it at waist level with no issues). My main issue now is just the size of the two screens. There are a lot of things that just need a screen wider than the folded screen but smaller than the unfolded screen. There are workarounds like forcing an aspect ratio in 9:16 with letterboxing but then you're using a way-too-big phone with no benefit.
I probably split my time 25/75 across folded/unfolded.
If the folded screen was a typical ~9:16 screen I would definitely keep this. If it was also significantly lighter and on par with other phone weights then I'd actively encourage it.