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38BlueLake2 8 hours ago
I just had the sudden, overwhelming urge for the last week or two to entirely commit to getting my private pilot's license and got fully set up with learning materials. I think it's starting to fade now.
38BlueLake2 1 week ago
I think I've been able to identify some coworkers on Blind and I feel like Sherlock Holmes
38BlueLake2 3 weeks ago
I just won my org's hackathon with a (imo) lazy OpenAI wrapper and will move on to present it to our CEO and I kinda feel guilty. AI feels like a corporate cheat code
38BlueLake2 4 weeks ago
Someone tried to sign up for my company's product with the email address, which sent onboarding emails to thousands of employees. Dozens of employees saw the onboarding email and tried to reset the password, accidentally triggering dozens more mass emails.
38BlueLake2 1 month ago
3am. Couldn't sleep. Played some saxophone (digital sax with headphones). Had a major epiphany about how to solve a problem at work that everyone spent the last 2 years saying was unsolvable. Frantically drawing out system design diagrams. No idea if this will even make sense in the morning.
38BlueLake2 1 month ago
God I'm sick of getting so many Baldur's Gate 3 spoilers in my suggested feeds
38BlueLake2 1 month ago
I got to play a little bit of the Quidditch Champions playtest and really like it so far. The rules are pretty different but the original rules made no sense anyway. It feels kind of like Rocket League with more concrete roles
38BlueLake2 2 months ago
Someone just messaged me and someone else for help understanding why a test isn't working. I gave a response, the other guy parroted the same thing I said but slightly more incorrect, then the original person THANKED THE OTHER COWORKER FOR HIS HUNCH BEING RIGHT EVEN THOUGH I SAID IT FIRST. I'VE BEEN DENIED CREDIT ON SO MANY THINGS LATELY AND I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS
38BlueLake2 2 months ago
38BlueLake2 2 months ago
I can't believe people have the nerve to message me during my middle-of-the-work-day naps
38BlueLake2 2 months ago
I just got a tattoo from a reputable, well-known tattoo artist but one day a week she operates out of the sketchiest place ever lmao. It's a "shop" with no business on Google or Yelp or anything, no visible address online, and the instructions were to go to the first floor of a duplex in a residential area and enter a door with the window covered up. The other four days a week she's in a more legit establishment but it takes a lot longer to book. Hopefully my arm doesn't fall off.
38BlueLake2 3 months ago
Baldur's Gate 3
38BlueLake2 4 months ago
Getting tired of my job, might be time to start looking elsewhere. I'm not sure if I want to stick with native Android or go back to React. I always keep thinking about going back to web development but every time I read about this year's 800 latest frameworks I want to toss my computer out the window.
38BlueLake2 4 months ago
There's a small company named Ploopy that makes trackballs and stuff. I joined their Discord to find some info and this is their one and only rule:

38BlueLake2 4 months ago
I found a service that lets you pay student loans with select credit cards at a 2.9% fee. I can pay off my loans upfront in full before payment resumes, so I signed up for a high sign up bonus card that I can pay off immediately and hit the initial spend threshold with student loans. I also have a credit card that lets you earn a point for each dollar spent on rent with no fees.

Between paying rent for a year and paying off my student loans, I banked up enough points for two round trip business class tickets from NYC to Tokyo and only paid about $100 in fees.