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37BlueLake2 4 days ago
The UPS store here charges $5 if you ask them to print your prepaid shipping label at dropoff, but you can also request any print for $0.15? I was able to just send a pdf of my shipping label and they printed it for the 15 cents, in awe at the scam they're trying to run
37BlueLake2 4 days ago
I got to walk my neighbor's 8 year old corgi for 15 minutes and I already miss him
37BlueLake2 7 days ago
My PC is finally done, pics in comments. My TV does 4k/120 so I don't use it at my desk anymore, just on the couch with a lap keyboard/mouse and it's been a great setup.
37BlueLake2 1 week ago
Retailers shouldn't be able to advertise a super discounted price only to later reveal it's "with eligible trade-in only." It's like advertising a $1000 Tesla, but only if you trade in a Ferrari.
37BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
omfg I finally finished my watercooling but I just realized I don't have a fan header to molex adapter to turn on the water pump during a leak test and now I need to do another batch of parts
37BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
I just finished the first two seasons of The Mole that recently re-released on Netflix and it's definitely one of my favorite shows. It's like Survivor, except the prize winnings start at $0 and completing challenges adds money up to a max of $1m. One of the players is a mole working with the producers whose goal is to sabotage the group and lose as much money as possible, and each episode the players take a quiz to figure out who it is with the lowest scoring player being eliminated. Season 2 spoils season 1, so it's definitely better to watch in order.
37BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
gaah I ordered the last of my watercooling parts with next day air on Thursday, but it was packaged later than usual so it didn't get shipped out until Friday making "next day" delayed until Monday
37BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
I want to meet the UX designer who said "yes, this is plenty of space for content."

37BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
Now realizing hours into my build that I'm missing an essential bracket to attach my pump/res to the new PC case, and there's nowhere else it will fit. Hopefully I can get sent a replacement, but the company takes a week and a half to ship and I can't even find it listed anymore so who knows if they even have it at all. I might be out of a PC for a few weeks...
37BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
Slowly starting to put together my watercooling loop. I replaced my GPU cooler with the water block and just realized how stupidly expensive of a flip up this could be
37BlueLake2 3 weeks ago
I went to a pretty awesome music festival this weekend but live music isn't entirely ready yet. Two bands had to drop out/be replaced last minute, and one of them was already a replacement for another band that dropped out. All Time Low still said it's the second biggest show they've ever headlined for
37BlueLake2 3 weeks ago
For some reason Zipcar always sends me emails that address me by my first and middle name and it makes me feel like I'm in trouble.
37BlueLake2 4 weeks ago
I've been drinking a cold brew coffee concentrate where one tablespoon has 150mg of caffeine and you're supposed to mix with 8oz of milk. Some mornings I don't have the time to drink a whole cup so I'll mix 1tbsp with 1tbsp of milk in a shot glass and it's really good.

I decided to try it with Baileys today and it was an awful mistake. I don't know much about mixing but I think the density and acidity of the coffee concentrate made the Baileys instantly break apart and curdle, and 10 seconds after pouring it started to turn into what I can only describe as a cottage cheese drink.
37BlueLake2 1 month ago
I ordered all the parts to make a custom water loop for my new case and jesus christ it got expensive
37BlueLake2 1 month ago
I basically only use my PC at the living room TV now so I've been trying to find a new mini-ITX case that's less of an eyesore. I found this wacky thing which is a fanless chassis where the case itself is a heatsink and I really love the look of it but it's just a hair too big for the space I want to put it