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16Akise 1 year ago
A new era of socialneko, built with Spectre.CSS.

16Akise 1 year ago
Someone mentioned DSiCade and I had forgotten about it's existence.
16Akise 1 year ago
I just found out by reading the first news posts that I apparently was the third user ever to register on this website. That's pretty cool. That was seven years ago huh...
16Akise 1 year ago
To think socialneko has been active for eight years is mindblowing, more so with people still actively using it today, though not as many as the peak days. Did it win the dsi/3ds sites war?
16Akise 1 year ago
About three weeks off-antidepressants and yesterday was my first day off-antipsychotics.
1 year ago
@Akise: shhhh dont let them know
16Akise 1 year ago
@umer936: Stop lying you are 22.
16Akise 1 year ago
I'm one week off antidepressants and it's been my (now) usual good. However quitting antipsychotics seems like I'm up for a wild ride. However taking them makes me feel like someone beat me up every morning and my body hurts.
16Akise 1 year ago
Do you ever feel like you wasted your time on DSi websites when you could've been doing something else
16Akise 1 year ago
I miss IP-based DSiPlaza Community.
2 years ago
@Akise: @Akise
shhhhh youll expose my secrets!!1one!
16Akise 2 years ago
@umer936: you are not 15 liar
16Akise 4 years ago
I logged in to revive some nostalgia and this is what I found

16Akise 4 years ago
hey what's up buds
16Akise 5 years ago
im back from the dead to say hi