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689Egypt 1 month ago
I won’t lie, dishwashing is hellish. I hate having to fill because nobody else wants to do the dishes at my work. I should be on the kitchen line.
689Egypt 2 months ago
Somebody get me off of league of legends.
689Egypt 2 months ago
Super tired. All I do is work nights, come home to play video games, sleep in and do it all over again. At least I get to listen to music majority of the time.
689Egypt 2 months ago
Wish I could get the original first three Silent Hill games buuuut I’m not willing to shell out that much. Just gonna have to emulate again. Silent Hill 2 might be my favorite game of all time.
689Egypt 2 months ago
What’s everybody been up to? This last year and a half has probably been the worst of my life, haha.
689Egypt 2 years ago
been making music still, life has been pretty well if not just boring. started community college last year. hope everybody is having a good decade thus far!
22rayword45 3 years ago
Congratulations to @89Egypt for having what is currently the 19th best album of 2019 according to RateYourMusic!

I haven't listened to it yet
689Egypt 3 years ago
Well hey I’m back, I love you all. I had a great Christmas and New Years. Hope you all had the same.
689Egypt 3 years ago
These past few days have been a pretty mixed bag, honestly leaning towards the bad side? Got evaluated at a mental hospital today, should be going to a partial hospitalization program soon. Hopefully it won’t be too long.
689Egypt 3 years ago
By the way, anybody with a Switch should totally add me, my friend code is 7827-1537-9776!
689Egypt 3 years ago
Picked up Diablo 3 for the Switch, and wow. I never knew how amazing this game was, I honestly bought it off a whim but it’s really satisfying to play and progress through.
689Egypt 3 years ago
Pretty upset right now because I lost the coding from my profile, that was years old. Oh well.
689Egypt 3 years ago
Today was a surprisingly nice Monday. Pleasant weather here aside from a little sprinkling of rain, really hoping for snow.
689Egypt 3 years ago
It's been so long, heya guys!
689Egypt 4 years ago
hey guys, nice to see this place is still up. sorry that i've been whoring out my music on here instead of just checking on you guys. hope everything is well