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18607jf 6 months ago
Who else is into crt's now? I'm just over here having a mid life crisis in my mid twenties.
18607jf 7 months ago
As a great man once said "opinionations are like the releasing of flatulence, I am disgusted by thine yet proud of mine."Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
18607jf 7 months ago
Hey baby, what if I showed you my PowerPoint presentation on how yoshi evaded the IRS for so long for commiting tax fraud?
18607jf 2 years ago
Tesla channels in a nutshell.

Car channels "I swapped a v8 into my toyota prius"

Tesla channels "I changed the fake engine sound into the "bruh" sound effect"
18607jf 2 years ago
Man, the first company that makes a new car with improved pop up headlights is gonna make a ton of money.
18607jf 2 years ago
Hey guys we got another rpg sword fighter in smash, hooray. :/
18607jf 2 years ago
Waiting for my mom at the hospital makes me wonder if anyone has ever took the suspension from a disability grand caravan and put it on a regular one, essentially factory lifting it.
18607jf 2 years ago
So someone gave me a 7inch fire tablet and it's sad to see the Amazon app store no longer gives out free games it's a "100 coins = $1" sort of deal. RIP
18607jf 2 years ago
I've just referring to "southern" texans as dimmadomes now.
18607jf 2 years ago
Reddit has been full on r/redditmoment for like a week lol.
18607jf 2 years ago
Ordered some new glasses from Zenni with an anti fog coating I'll post an update when I get them. Hopefully this will end mask glasses issues.
18607jf 2 years ago
Disney: let's remake our classic top selling movies that gain no benefit from cgi!

Me *waits for a remake of treasure planet that has a perfect format for live action and didn't sell well when it came out*
18607jf 2 years ago
*me high af* what if dinosaurs don't sound like we think they do.
18607jf 2 years ago
Had to shave my head, thanks alot covid.
18607jf 2 years ago
I miss when PCs used to try and look futuristic, now they all look like strip clubs.