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Reached 58 on 7/12/18. Reached 59 somewhere around 10/25/18. Reached level 60 on 3/25/19 at 12:05am EST.

I am awesome.

I own Klub (now retired):

My Desktop:
-AMD FX-8150 (8 core)
-Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1060
-60 GB SSD
-240 GB SSD
-256 GB SSD
-960 GB SSD
-16 GB RAM
-Asus Xonar DG audio card

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Well that only took several days, but I finally got my dogecoin wallet synced again lol
The way I built my new pc is really weird cuz I just took 3 of my drives and literally just plugged them into the new pc, so most of my files are exactly how they were in the old pc. But I changed boot drives so not ALL of my files are the same and my Windows settings had to be reset.

It feels half-new, I guess. lol
hi @.:A-MAN:. i see you

go to slepe
$0.40 for DOGE!
DOGE chart is ridiculous lol
And just like that, I'm back in the green, boys.
Ayy actually managed to book a local covid 19 vaccine appointment.
Ok, slowly getting all my stuff re-situated on my new PC. All things considered, everything has gone generally smoothly. Just a few roadbumps with my drives changing letter and certain stuff from the C drive not present since I replaced the boot drive.
Aw yeah finally time to average down.
Man, taking out my GPU and moving it to the new pc feels like I'm doing a heart transplant with how expensive GPUs are right now.
Update: PC is approximately 75% complete (excluding software stuff).
Well, looks like it's finally pc building time.
So it seems that my PC takes approximately 21 hours to backup now.

And my new PC will have an additional ~1.5TB of storage over my existing ~3.5TB. So that's gonna be even more fun to back up.

I'm crossing my fingers that big SSDs become a lot cheaper soon so I can back up to SSD.
Dang man, I just tried out that E-Cycles version I mentioned below.

They weren't kidding, it's fast. Ironically, in the scene I tested with, it's like 80% waiting for my CPU and only 20% waiting on the GPU lol. Really glad I'm upgrading that now. :P
Oh dang, the guy who made E-Cycles for blender is selling a version with only the original optimizations for $1 (and since the blender market spring sale is going on it's actually $0.75).

If you render anything in blender, grab this. It costs virtually nothing compared to the amount of time it will save you.