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44GuitarBoy 4 days ago
Ran into the first general manager I ever had at Staples at Walmart 🤣 he's quite the character.
4 days ago
Bought a Japanese import guitar from the 60s. Need to get some maintenance done on it but this thing is absolutely nuts
32Yenwood 4 days ago
sims fans are obsessed with the craptest looking cc you've ever seen in your life
38BlueLake2 4 days ago
"Flip new players." -Bungie on Destiny 2, probably
5 days ago
Dang man, you have no idea how hard it is to make character controllers feel adequate at minimum and how much more work goes into making character controllers that actually feel good. ESPECIALLY in physics-based games. I've literally been working on the movement for vehicles for this personal project for months and I'm still not there. The acceleration curve is hard to control, the turning friction is jank, the deceleration after you go above a maximum speed is tied to another variable for acceleration and also affect the turning friction... the list just goes on and on...
38BlueLake2 5 days ago
I have a crapy $30 pump in my watercooling loop which works fine for my low volume PC but the wires are so brittle and snap off with the slightest pressure. I just broke my second pump and I've been looking at more sturdy DDC pump-reservoirs but the setup I want is $180 so I think I can just keep replacing that cheap pump several more times lol
6 days ago
Idk why but I've been feeling 2012 dubstep again lately.
6 days ago
Wow we might get snow here.
7 days ago
Not feeling like doing anything today. :/
32Yenwood 1 week ago
earlier today i played against someone that was so cringey it actually made my blood sugar drop and i thought i was gonna die