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44GuitarBoy 2 days ago
At the hospital since last night. Sierra still probably won't give birth until tomorrow at this rate. She's miserable, and I'm laughing because she said she wanted 4 kids. Not anymore!! lol
37BlueLake2 2 days ago
I really hope the rumors of a Galaxy Z Fold Tab come true next year (fan rendition here for a visualization of the rumors). I love my Fold 2 but it's just a tad too small to fully replace a tablet and having an extra fold would make a world's difference.
2 days ago
About time I made the search results actually look decent.
3 days ago
Very pleased that I timed the GME dip today. Hype levels rising.
37BlueLake2 3 days ago
I went somewhere that requires face coverings and some lady really pulled her sunglasses over her mouth and tried to claim it's a covering. She got turned away and left.
3 days ago
React is giving me the ultimate headache. It's literally impossible to configure CORS headers and I don't know why. Finally got it to properly pull from an API, but now it's throwing the cross origin garbage at me.
Make up your mind
3 days ago
I don't remember making the Help page so sassy but I love it.
3 days ago
Is it bad that I start looking forward to my next meal immediately after I finish my previous meal?
22rayword45 4 days ago
Damn I missed @Skittles it seems, anyways, check in that I do every now and then, should be receiving my Master's degree in Data Analytics very soon, but still have yet to secure a job, attempting to move to NYC
37BlueLake2 4 days ago
I went to Atlanta to go to my girlfriend's graduation and we all got pretty badly sunburnt. If you look closely you can see a tan/burn line in the shape of a mask, lol