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30Yenwood 2 days ago
i like to think of myself as not depressed and suicidal anymore because I've made so much progress but i just realized that i fantasize about killing myself at least once a week. it's so common that it's just background noise to me now. just your normal every day fantasy about taking the gun and killing yourself in front of your entire family.

my dad was OBSESSED with the idea of being a gunowner. never understood it. and i fought against him buying it because i was afraid of the temptation to kill myself with it. the only reason I'm alive now is because i was afraid killing myself with a knife would be too painful and take too long and I almost did it anyway. but there's a gun in the house now and I refused to let him show me how to put it together and use it. it pisses him off every time and he insists i learn how to use a gun but I'm afraid one day I'll snap and won't be able to stop myself from using it on myself.
2 days ago
In related news, I've been making some pretty dang solid loops recently. Actually gonna try to turn one into a full song.
2 days ago
Man, now that Daft Punk is no more it's gotten me back into some of their stuff.
30Yenwood 2 days ago
also love how ddo posted a logo of the number 2 out of nowhere and it turned out to be a countdown they decided to start on the number 2 and not a teaser for DDO 2
30Yenwood 2 days ago
the filter applies to bios i literally look insane
30Yenwood 2 days ago
^ this idiot can't count in hexadecimal
37BlueLake2 2 days ago
I'm really gonna miss being able to watch lectures at 2x speed once things go back to normal, especially since all classes in my program are 3 hours long.
2 days ago
It's kinda weird to think that you are made of meat.
18607jf 2 days ago
Tesla channels in a nutshell.

Car channels "I swapped a v8 into my toyota prius"

Tesla channels "I changed the fake engine sound into the "bruh" sound effect"
1execle 2 days ago
A US magistrate judge has ordered Valve to provide sales data to Apple in response to a subpoena issued amid Apple's continuing legal fight with Epic Games.
In addition to some aggregate sales data for the entirety of Steam, Valve will only have to provide specific, per-title pricing and sales data for "436 specific apps that are available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store," according to the order. That's a significant decrease from the 30,000+ titles Apple for which Apple originally requested data.
I thought it was dumb that Apple lawyers were demanding Valve's sales data because they need it for a case that Valve isn't even a part of for reasons. I thought it would be laughed at. Now the judge is ordering Valve to give their sales data up? What the FUUUU