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30Yenwood 3 days ago
I'm pathetic irl but I'm funny on the internet, so it balances out
30Yenwood 3 days ago
considering trying to cut/style my own hair for the first time in my life. i generally just let my hair grow out until it drives me crazy then shave it all off. I've only ever had a professional touch my hair once and that was like 4 years ago zzz. i need supplies first i think, like hair scissors and a hand mirror. I have literally never had a hand mirror before and i don't even think there is one in the house rn lmfaooo. i think if my hair actually looked good i would feel better about myself. or maybe i would just feel the same with hair that requires more maintenance. who knows
6Rango 4 days ago
Damn, 8 years later...
4 days ago
So yeah, not flying for Thanksgiving. At least I get my PTO back. I have a feeling I won't be going anywhere for Christmas either at this rate, though. :/
30Yenwood 4 days ago
my own hair perpetually torments me
4 days ago
Dang, just trying out OverCloud and it looks really good, even out of the box.

I have no intention of switching to HDRP until it's actually stable (and there's Switch support) so fortunately OverCloud is perfect in this case.
30Yenwood 5 days ago
we need a lurker wall of shame that has a list of ppl who visit regularly but dont post
5 days ago
Striking physics 2 lab off the list. Now it's just a research project and some exams.
15Alyx 5 days ago
Ayy imagine being a founder
6 days ago
quite an annoying and frustrated week