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1 year ago
New Blog Entry In .:A-MAN:. lists stuff!
8 years ago
Regular accepted your friend request
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1 day ago
Man, this has been a quiet week.

Not doing much?
3 days ago
Spent like an hour building an incredibly over-engineered tree farm and another hour building an incredibly over-engineered cobblestone farm because that's what you do in modded minecraft.
689Egypt 4 days ago
Somebody get me off of league of legends.
4 days ago
Dang man, it's been crazy hot here these last few weeks. Not quite death valley levels but getting close to 100f
5 days ago
I really need to stop eating food before bed. Probably not very good for me.
22dsiXLent 6 days ago
How do you unblock somebody on here :thonk:
22dsiXLent 6 days ago
I'm making my own pokemans game !!
37BlueLake2 6 days ago
My day so far setting up a new work laptop:

- Out-of-box MacOS is outdated, latest version is required in order to install company apps
- Spend an hour and a half installing MacOS update
- Apple immediately releases new version of MacOS
- Spend another hour and a half installing MacOS update
7 days ago
So the Resourceful Bees mod adds an RGBee that actually changes color which automatically makes it one of the best mods.
1 week ago
Update: it was hot