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1 year ago
New Blog Entry In .:A-MAN:. lists stuff!
8 years ago
Regular accepted your friend request
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12 hours ago
Well that only took several days, but I finally got my dogecoin wallet synced again lol
37BlueLake2 1 day ago
I'm looking for a new apartment starting in the summer and rental prices are insane. I thought everyone buying houses in rural areas to work remotely would lower city prices but I guess not. One place I was looking at was marketed at $2900/mo a month or so ago but no units were available for our timeframe. Now there are a few available, but they're asking for $4942/mo now.
1 day ago
The way I built my new pc is really weird cuz I just took 3 of my drives and literally just plugged them into the new pc, so most of my files are exactly how they were in the old pc. But I changed boot drives so not ALL of my files are the same and my Windows settings had to be reset.

It feels half-new, I guess. lol
1 day ago
hi @.:A-MAN:. i see you

go to slepe
2 days ago
$0.40 for DOGE!
3 days ago
Been writing discord bots lately. A piratebay search bot, an emote bot that I just use a JSON dict for with a folder full of reactions (I could probably make it more intuitive by scanning the directory and using filenames as the parameter for comparison instead of a JSON entry). I also am about 40% done with an SEC filing bot. The only hurdle there is that I have to webscrape, and their devs limit requests to a certain amount per increment of time for "fairness," so I have to save a local copy of the page to run tests on.
Overall, pretty straightforward. Oh, also started learning React Native today. I was put off from it after making normal React projects manually, but React Native is actually dumb easy, especially with expo
37BlueLake2 3 days ago
I was finally able to get my first dose scheduled for this weekend!
3 days ago
got my second dose
3 days ago
DOGE chart is ridiculous lol
30Yenwood 3 days ago
i love shows where crazy crap happens regularly and only like 1 person is aware how insane it is