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5 hours ago
So one of the benefits I get for work essentially covers either the cost of a gym membership or $100/month towards workout equipment.

This includes weights.

So I decided to look up what's out there and apparently you can get weights shipped to you, which is probably the definition of "dead weight" lol. Not only that, I found you can get up to 40lbs shipped to you and even worse, it lets you order up to 10 of them. I can only imagine the poor delivery driver who has to unload the 10 40lb weights to get them to the door.
18SuperCam 7 hours ago
My bruises are basically gone now, still a little (and I mean little) amount of pain. So I'm happy
7 hours ago
Pretty much over covid now, just a bit of a residual cough.

In other news, been doing a bit of digital painting again for a friend's TCG.
2 days ago
Man, I cannot find the last hinox and talus in BotW. I found 39 of each of them. Trying to do it without googling it.
5 days ago
Well, so far covid has only really been an annoyance thanks to being vaccinated, so that's good I guess.

Mostly just annoyed I don't get the free food at the office when working from home
38BlueLake2 7 days ago
I really love when apps let you have granular control over which types of notifications you receive even though it's basically against their best interest
1 week ago
Got covid from the wedding. Not exactly unexpected or anything, but that stinks. :/
18SuperCam 1 week ago
I destroyed my ankle over the weekend. Luckily it doesn't hurt, but there are bruises on all sides of my foot. Nothing is broken, and I can walk on it with very little pain. So I'm okay, but it does look gnarly haha

Here's the main bruise:

1 week ago
...and I'm back. And still tired lol. Too bad I've got work tomorrow.

2 weeks ago
Ok... NOW I'm tired lol