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37BlueLake2 2 hours ago
turns out my ears aren't good enough to become an audio snob
31Yenwood 15 hours ago
elon musk wants everyone to flip asap
31Yenwood 15 hours ago
is the snowman new
21 hours ago
OW matchmaker went easy on us today lol
31Yenwood 1 day ago
feels performative to hate on schoolwork so near the end of the school year tbh. like i only gotta stick it out for another week wtf am i whining about
31Yenwood 1 day ago
btw my state made it illegal for local police to work with the federal government to stop gun crime and our ex-governor who resigned in shame amidst a lunchscandal said the law was an effort to defund the police backed by RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and then the next day said it was a good law being opposed by RINOs.
31Yenwood 1 day ago
reading an article on what to buy for gamers on christmas and the 3rd recommendation is Hyperlight Drifter OST on vinyl
1 day ago
Sometimes you're just in meetings that do not require your input...

37BlueLake2 2 days ago
Our dog's been awfully sick the last two days. Started with diarrhea/vomiting and stopped eating/drinking, turned into diarrhea with bits of blood, turned into pooping only blood, and ultimately ended up with blood just spewing from her every 15ish minutes.
We took her to an emergency hospital with the first sign of any blood and finally saw a doctor after four hours. Six hours in they couldn't give a diagnosis and sent her home with us way too early. She had an awful night on potty pads so we called and they said we'll be added to the callback list and get a call ASAP. 8 hours of bleeding pass without a call, we call again to ask if we can bring her back but they refused unless she's in super critical condition (blood constantly free flowing from her butt doesn't count).
We went to another animal hospital this morning and in under an hour she was evaluated, found positive for giardia, and hooked up to an IV catheter.
I have no clue how the first place never found giardia when it's tested using the exact same process as other tests they did and more likely than the other things they tested for but it was an awful experience. The best thing they did for us is turn us away.
New place is amazing, everyone is super friendly and communicable and they allow you to stay next to your pet every single moment from the second you walk them in until you walk them out 24+ hours later. Now that she's settled we're only popping in throughout the day but the transparency is great.
It's incredibly stressful but it's super comforting to have her monitored overnight versus what the other vets made us do last night.
2 days ago
Man, looking for cars is STILL some trash right now.

I don't even care that I can technically afford decent used cars still, I just refuse to pay this markup out of principle at this point. At this rate, I'll probably have enough saved up for a new model 3 before car prices return to normal.