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31Yenwood 18 hours ago
so there was a game released a few months back called Boyfriend Dungeon or something and the premise is you meet a group of people that can shapeshift into weapons and you wield them to fight your inner demons in an abandoned mall and also you can have lunchwith them but anyway
the game was controversial because there's one character you have to talk to to advance the story and he's a massive weapon-person-phobe and every time you talk to him he goes on a massive rant about how weapon-people are untrustworthy and it's very clearly an allegory to real life racism and portraying him as dumb and stupid but you HAVE to listen to his rants which are all really long and drawn out and it made a lot of people uncomfortable so there was a massive backlash to it that included the voice actor getting harassed and that kills me bc like how is sending death threats to the voice actor gonna make the character less racist 💀
11JasonTodd 2 days ago
Just had an Irish wedding the night after an Italian wedding. My wallet is happy, my body wants to go on vacation.
37BlueLake2 2 days ago
I decided to change things up a little and tried using Opera instead of Chrome since it's Chromium-based. I actually really, really love it (at least on PC/Mac, less on mobile). It looks a lot cleaner than Chrome and the sidebar has buttons that let me pull up Messenger/Google Messages/ in a temporary pop-up window without having to go to the sites in a new tab
2 days ago
Dang it, the door on my balcony won't stay locked and keeps getting blown open by the wind.
31Yenwood 2 days ago
my poor ssd has more than 3 games installed on it now. pray for it 😢
3 days ago
This one online service said my username is too short and that I need to change it.
I ignored the message saying that and now I can't login.
3 days ago
I think I'd make a good stand up comedian
3 days ago
I still quite like the song "Take Over" from League of Legends 2020

My favorite line is "if you coming at the king, then you better not miss"
37BlueLake2 3 days ago
I've been at my company for almost three months now and giant changes are starting to hit. I used to be on a team of 3 Android engineers (including myself) and 3 iOS engineers so I had a pretty strong pool of people to fall on for specific technical help. The people that did the backend and web complement of our work were on a distinctly different team. Now all of the teams in our department were completely restructured, so my team is 5 backend/web devs, 1 iOS dev (who is on paternity leave for the next month), and 1 Android dev (me). My new team is responsible for some pretty cool stuff that some of you probably use, but it's pretty intimidating being the only mobile dev for the next month and the only Android dev for the foreseeable future.
31Yenwood 4 days ago
Today in Missouri:
My local newspaper, the Post-Dispatch, discovered that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's website was accidentally making the SSNs of teachers accessible (through viewing page source). The Post-Dispatch notified the department and waited for them to remove the affected pages before publishing an article about it. src (paywall I think)

Our governor is now threatening to sue the person who wrote the article for "decoding the HTML source code" and "acting against a state agency to compromise teachers' personal information in an attempt to embarrass the state and sell headlines for their news outlet" because "what they did is beyond unethical" src

For the record the only thing the reporter did was right click the page and click view source code. Hacker btw.