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1 hour ago
Eating a bagel w/ cream cheese
11 hours ago
I feel like garbage every day
38BlueLake2 17 hours ago
I just got a tattoo from a reputable, well-known tattoo artist but one day a week she operates out of the sketchiest place ever lmao. It's a "shop" with no business on Google or Yelp or anything, no visible address online, and the instructions were to go to the first floor of a duplex in a residential area and enter a door with the window covered up. The other four days a week she's in a more legit establishment but it takes a lot longer to book. Hopefully my arm doesn't fall off.
8DCTheGamr 19 hours ago
i just got banned from guilded how the hell did that happen
1 day ago
Getting the flu shot today, hopefully won't make me feel sick.
5cdog3789 2 days ago
omg hi guys
2 days ago
Hopping between like 3 different codebases on a daily basis is only slightly confusing.
4 days ago
Feeling mid
6 days ago
Absolutely massive brain:
	--theme-primary-h: 208;
	--theme-primary-s: 100%;
	--theme-primary-l: 50%;

Why? Cuz then you can do cool stuff like this:

--hover-color: hsl(var(--theme-primary-h), var(--theme-primary-s), calc(var(--theme-primary-l) + 10%));

And it *just works* 🤯
8DCTheGamr 6 days ago
this site be ballin