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14 hours ago
Unity's DrawProceduralIndirect is abysmally documented which makes trying to figure out why it's not working extremely frustrating.
36BlueLake2 1 day ago
I wish using a popsocket didn't make it look like a condom is always in my pocket
30Yenwood 2 days ago
feel bad for people that forget how old they are and also don't have their birthday early in the year because when they're calculating their age they also have to remember if they've had their birthday yet.
30Yenwood 2 days ago
being a dragon age fan is exhausting because we've had 3 games in 12 years but people are still finding new 20 page essays with terrible opinions to write
30Yenwood 2 days ago
is it a red flag for anyone else when you meet someone and they're super interested in history but not like, in a historian way.
watching forged in fire and theres a lot of people who are like oh i make swords bc they're cool and fun and then theres people that are like... TOO interested in historical weapons. and they strike me as the exact type of person that would bring a gun to work
16SuperCam 3 days ago
My last post got filtered out XD

I am asking for your s e x, not what you had for lunch hahaha
16SuperCam 3 days ago
So here is a unusual question for you guys.

All these years I have assumed all of your genders, but I would like to get the truth lol.

What is ya'lls lunchand age? I'm a 28 ½ male
9TulipsOfLove 3 days ago
This reminded me of @SLEDGE .... Speacking of which, how is @SLEDGE I haven't seen a post from them in ages! Hope all is good! Also sorry for the innapropriate lyrics in the song.
3 days ago
I thought Wikipedia was upset about something and changed their logo to various drawings of computers crying.

30Yenwood 4 days ago
engaging in cannibalism