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13 hours ago

One of the cars I was looking at just dropped into my price range. I might be going on a spending spree lol.
14 hours ago
Yeah, need more RAM for Blender, so I ordered another matching 2x16GB since it was only like $4 above the all-time-low.
17 hours ago
New GPU installed and working 👍
33Abu 1 day ago
How much money is someone supposed to make?
2 days ago
Hmm might be buying more RAM too... 😔
9DCTheGamr 2 days ago
I have like over 170 pencils now wtf. Until the end of next week, I'm counting pencils I can collect from school, I genuinely might have 100 by the end of the week.

I have 44 currently for the two week perioid, I am definitely close to 200 pencils for free though. If I don't end up dropping from HS and actually go from 9th-12th all the way, I'll easily have 1k by the end I bet unless pencils are destroyed, lost, etc (which I doubt will happen).
2 days ago
Ooh GPU is gonna come 2 days earlier than expected.
21TulipsOfLove 3 days ago
My rank 📈
3 days ago
YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Best Buy had an open box RTX 4070 available in my area for once! $439.99 (excluding tax). (Somehow even cheaper than most of the 4070s on Ebay)

Is finally new GPU time!
8DracoAureus 3 days ago
you ever wonder why people are people sometimes