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18607jf 2 hours ago
6 hours ago
Man, regardless of what specific GPUs are better, I'm just so happy that things are finally interesting in the pc world. I've been complaining of stagnation practically since I got into pc stuff to begin with and now that AMD is showing up big in both CPUs and GPUs I've got hope for exceptional performance or more reasonable prices going forward.
36BlueLake2 7 hours ago
Coffee doesn't really energize me much but 200mg caffeine pills feels like how I imagine adderall would feel and puts me in such a manic state
8 hours ago
I'm very hyped for the 6000 series AMD gpus. They're offering what they claim to perform the same as or better than the 3080 for $50 cheaper. And all their models have 16GB VRAM, GDDR6. Even if the performance lags a bit in the rel world, double the VRAM is a bigger deal for me. Eagerly waiting for the 3rd party benchmarks
36BlueLake2 9 hours ago
There's a class where I've gotten an A on every assignment and the final. I checked the grade breakdown and saw participation is 7. I assumed I had a 7/10 participation. Turns out it's a 7/100 lmao
29Yenwood 10 hours ago
every single day i think about Crucible getting un-released and then canceled
11 hours ago
Oh I have the top (public) QN of all time now.
8TulipsOfLove 11 hours ago
Google broke my subscription feed... Forcing me to have to search each channel manually if the notification for whichever cgannel doesn't get pushed.... Strnage and annoying.
18 hours ago
And now it's 3am
29Yenwood 21 hours ago
me deciding bed time when i don't have anything to do tomorrow: hmm, maybe if i go to sleep at 5 pm I'll be able to wake up nice and refreshed

me deciding bed time when i have class tomorrow: If I go to bed at 11 and scroll through reddit until 2 am I could theoretically be at least half awake for class