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1 hour ago
31Yenwood 2 hours ago
im all for conspiracies that the government kills people they have problems with bc its very well documented that they do actually do that, especially in prison scenarios. but mcafee is exactly the type of person to swear up and down he's not gonna kill himself and then immediately kill himself just for fun
31Yenwood 4 hours ago
Wolcen was such a stupid game lmfao. They quite literally gave up on the ending too. Something terrible and dramatic happens to you and then you wake up 6 months later and everything's normal and and also you're the king now
7 hours ago
I think the interview went well. Now I wait for the email I guess lol
1 day ago
Dang I just remembered Fall/Fall 2 on Klub from ages ago.

I should make Fall 3 lol
37BlueLake2 1 day ago
good: new xbox arrived two weeks earlier than expected
bad: it was delivered to the apartment that I don't move into for another week
2 days ago
Man, I just don't have time to play games like I used to...
31Yenwood 2 days ago
my state government will be all aaahh!! law and order! law and order !!! and then pass a law that makes it illegal to enforce the law

this law brought to you by the geniuses that tried to make it legal to hit people with your car.
31Yenwood 2 days ago
i think people should be involved in more communities. i don't mean about different things either, just like different communities focused on the exact same thing. i was thinking this specifically about video game communities bc you know reddit communities get so circlejerk-y and echochambery they become completely unwilling to believe there's thoughts and opinions that exist outside their community. but then i realized this applies to just about everything. i just really hate gamers
2 days ago
I sure hope the new monkey ball soundtrack is just as fire as the old ones. Those were legit some of the best soundtracks ever Imo.