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1 day ago
Dang I just got Phase Plant and Snap Heap and now I have like 100 plugins to install lol.
2 days ago
What even is free time, anyways? 🙃
4cdog3789 2 days ago
Missed the bus for the second time in two weeks

My mother was upset with me on the way home, and confiscated my phone
Turns out, the driver was driving a different bus today so I did get my phone back. (The first time I had to use the bathroom, thought I had time to go, I didn't lol)

But when I missed it today, it made my bad day worse. I sat outside in the cold for 45 minutes, feeling terrible. Lack of sleep, stressful finals, and constant nagging are definately catching up to me.

TL;DR - Missed the bus, consequence, later turns out not my fault I missed the bus.
3 days ago
Seem like it's time to level up my hard surface modeling skills again.
38BlueLake2 4 days ago
There goes my sense of taste. I wish I stocked up on vegetables so I could eat healthier than ever with no downside
16TulipsOfLove 4 days ago
The pizza ended up being really good
4 days ago
Man, decalMACHINE doesn't work well with UE5
38BlueLake2 5 days ago
I just got back from a 7 day cruise and had a very good time. I now have a sore throat/chest congestion and just tested positive with a verrry faint line on an at-home covid test which is less of a good time.
16TulipsOfLove 5 days ago
Baking frozen pizza for the first time.
Not sure if I ever baked one as a kid. I remember other things, but never pizza. I know I had frozen pizza before, but just don't recall baking them.
6 days ago
Ok this might be my last batch of optimizations for now.

Noticed that avatars weren't being cached right, apparently the rewrite rule that removes the .php extension breaks caching since it sends a redirect. Additionally, we would send a redirect for the default avatar ourselves, so now we just return the contents directly which annoyingly bloats the cache if you load a whole bunch of avatars that haven't been set, but they're small enough that it doesn't really matter since the time saved by not sending additional requests more than justifies it.

Another observation is that I believe the host has imposed a rate limit of 2 requests/sec since everything seems to trickle in at a very steady rate consistently. Unsurprising given how little the site costs to host, but means that anything that can be loaded from cache can save up to 500ms of loading time which is kinda huge for pages like the friends list (assuming you're popular :P).

With the previous optimizations in place, the first site visit should be faster and with these optimization in place, subsequent visits should be faster, so wins all around. The only real areas left for any significant improvement are
1) our libraries on external CDNs (jQuery, Pusher, Bootstrap, Google Ads)
2) the actual server processing time (including unnecessary stuff, performing unnecessary/slow queries, simply needing better hardware)

1 is potentially something that could be resolved by us making custom stripped-down versions on the libraries and/or removing dependencies, but neither are trivial so I'm not gonna do that (at least not right now). 2 on the other hand, is just an absolute nightmare to track down and profile in any meaningful way and given that 90% of the time the low-end hardware is unnoticeable, I'm not really tempted to pay extra to shave an extra ~0.5s of processing time lol.

So yeah, that's where things stand.