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44GuitarBoy 13 hours ago
So I recently started selling on Walmart and wow.

The seller portal is butt compared to Amazon, but the sales are real. I'm getting at least one order per day, but it's usually the same 2 products (purple Magnavox earbuds or these Kleenex OTG 3 packs of 10 tissues). The profit is pretty good, with Walmart only charging me roughly 10% in commission. It's better than eBay in some cases.

These earbuds cost me like $1 and I'm selling them for nearly $10 with free shipping, and the Kleenex I got for like $0.25 at the Staples I used to work at before it shut down. The regular price for the tissues is like $0.97, but people are paying me $6.09 to ship them to their door.

The only catch with Walmart is that you *have* to accept returns, and you *have* to pay for return shipping. You can still dispute returns once you receive them though if someone sends you the wrong item or a damaged item. This is the first time I've ever offered free returns and it's not by choice. But it seems to be getting me orders. I actually updated my eBay listings and increased prices 25ish percent and changed them to 30 day free returns. And suddenly I'm getting orders on eBay now too.

You could say it's because it's the holiday season, but tissues aren't really a holiday kinda item, and who buys a $10 pair of wired earbuds as a gift? My latest eBay order is for these 2 in 1 Tzumi chargers that do both car charging and wall charging. Those I can see as a gift.

And despite offering free returns, I haven't had a single request open yet so far. I'm hoping that it's a numbers game like people say it is. The idea of free returns is to get so many more sales that it outweighs the 2-3% of people who actually return things. Just to be safe though, I even upped my prices on Walmart as much as I could while still being the cheapest option. The Kleenex were originally $5.50, and the earbuds were like $8.95. I increased the prices to what they are currently earlier today, and I still got orders so lol
24 hours ago
Back from the stupid early flight and caught up on sleep lol
2 days ago
Got a stupid early flight tomorrow. I'm probably going to pass out when I get back.
2 days ago
There is a dark part of me hidden deep inside that always tries to convince me that horizontal means diagonal.
2 days ago
Man, there are some tempting black friday deals this year.
17TulipsOfLove 3 days ago
Been rewatching a lot of boogie vids on yt today. Takes me back to when I was a kid and thought they were real. I wish him & his wife never divorced.
9Smalls 3 days ago
13 years ago was when I first implemented a favorites system for DSiTabs and it quickly evolved into a community-based website. Good God it’s been a long time.
3 days ago
Yo! .:A-MAN:. just posted a news article!

Happy Thanksgiving!
5 days ago
Hey, did someone open literally like 100 tabs earlier? We're maxing out our free pusher tier which caps at 100 ccc.
6 days ago
About to be bus>train>plane>car time again.