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31Yenwood 6 hours ago
socialcube in 2021 bottom text
10TulipsOfLove 6 hours ago
Awww the greeting that was in the message box is gone
or was it always kinda like this?
6 hours ago
I had to stare at light theme to make sure it was updated too so you better enjoy it.
10TulipsOfLove 6 hours ago
I'm the second to see the new update
6 hours ago
.:A-MAN:. Just Posted A News Article!
10TulipsOfLove 10 hours ago
I wish the sliding left menu would only slide out if i drag my finger starting waaaaayyyy closer to the left hand side of my phone, instead of from anywhere.
11 hours ago
Good day for GME
31Yenwood 1 day ago
worrying myself until i feel sick abt something stupid so i cant study for my finals tomorrow lmfao
44GuitarBoy 2 days ago
Anybody here know Java? I've decided to switch to using Square hardware for my point of sale. I have the hardware and all, just not the know-how.

I could always use the Square Point of Sale API for web apps, but that software route requires me to leave my app to accept payment within the Square app. I don't like that, which is why the Reader SDK would be better. You don't need to even download the Square app on your device, and you stay in your own app the whole time.

Basically what I would need is an Android WebView container with the ability to call the Java card charging functionality from JavaScript.
2 days ago
Ooh 5 users online. Nice.