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32Yenwood 9 hours ago
i think most of my profs suffer from a delusion that people actually want to take their class
32Yenwood 10 hours ago
theres a swath of hair in my mustache thats noticeably lighter than the rest which is unfortunately orange-looking so my mustache permanently looks like its been stained by spaghetti sauce
32Yenwood 11 hours ago
internet was better when every web page had a minimum of 1 marquee
13 hours ago
The fact that GME has dropped to nearly $100 has me dying...

...not because I regret buying it, but because I can't get paid fast enough to keep buying more at this discount.
38BlueLake2 18 hours ago
RSUs are... not doing great lol
1 day ago
If you think of a great domain name, it's taken.
32Yenwood 2 days ago
blocked someone i met over dead by daylight today for being a massive flipin weirdo. i've met two people over dead by daylight and i've had to block both of them for being weirdos.
2 days ago
Getting back into the swing of working out since I was being fat for Thanksgiving/Christmas eating all the deserts lol. Apparently my company is switching to a benefits plan that includes $100/mo. for fitness stuff which could be the cost of gym membership... or it could be the cost of just buying workout equipment yourself (the monthly amount stacks so you can get more expensive stuff too).

Probably gonna get some more dumbbells since it's super convenient to have some near my desk I can just start lifting while I wait for a render or compile or something.
38BlueLake2 2 days ago
I've had so many issues upgrading my PC and spent so much time waiting on new parts. I ended up redoing my whole water loop and I did some air leak testing to make sure everything was tight. It couldn't maintain pressure and I could figure out which single source was causing the leak: turns out it was a loose fitting, a broken reservoir, and slightly leakage in the leak tester itself. Total pain in the butt to diagnose and I'm not even 100% sure it's sealed so I have to do an overnight water test on top of the air test. I'm going back to air with my next PC aaaa
2 days ago
Need to get me one of those Blender Bottles