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30Yenwood 8 hours ago
destiny 2 actually has way deeper lore than i thought, and also Google thinks because of my search history i am interested in destiny the streamer and keeps recommending me stories about him
20 hours ago
yoooooooo happy thanksgiving everyone, make sure you save ya boy a plate I'm coming through lmao
1 day ago
.:A-MAN:. Just Posted A News Article!
18607jf 1 day ago
*me high af* what if dinosaurs don't sound like we think they do.
1BleachFan 2 days ago
*Peeks head in*

Site's still up, good. This place didn't get 2020'd.
2 days ago
You know, Youtube's algorithm is essentially just a network of people who like similar things, used as a metric for what things you might like next.

It would probably be able to make a killer dating site with that detailed info.
16SuperCam 2 days ago
Guys.... My dad is such a boomer!!! He sent a message in a group chat from 8 years ago on Facebook-- but more than that my ex-wife is in it.

I bailed out on that conversation immediately. Hahaha 🤣
3 days ago
Oh yeah, new record high for bitcoin.
3 days ago
We ran out of Jiras at work lol. Guess we're too efficient.
30Yenwood 3 days ago
btw my senator that said he wouldnt vote to confirm Barrett to the supreme court unless she openly denounced Roe v Wade voted for her anyway lmfao