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@.:A-MAN:. idk if you've seen this one or if there's others like it but these seem pretty helpful

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4 weeks ago

That's super cool info. I don't actually know much more about 3D beyond how to make boxes in Blender lol.
Well and functional stuff for 3D printing in Fusion 360, but that's not the same.

Also, bc i 100% totally knew and want to make sure others know, PBR is Physics-Based Rendering.
4 weeks ago
Haven't seen that one, but looks similar to other AI game tools in that it has a long way to go to being actually useful for anything other than a prototype. Lots of technical issues with the output, not enough fidelity or control over the content (though that one offers a little more control than some of the others I've seen), and they all struggle with the same limitations that 2d image generation has (fingers, limbs, etc.). Animation generation is sloppy and hard to capture a "vibe" with since training data is extremely limited compared to 2d images. Lots of unpredictability causing you to waste time over just doing it yourself or finding something "close enough" on an asset store.

As a proof of concept, it's cool. But the tech is really just not ready yet. None that I have seen can even generate PBR textures which is the standard for almost every game these days unless you're making something extremely stylized.