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4 years ago
New Blog Entry In .:A-MAN:. lists stuff!
11 years ago
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4 months ago
Oh dang, I completely stopped watching Bitcoin a while back, it's actually doing good again. Huh.

Wasn't planning on selling either way though. 🤷‍♂️

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9DCTheGamr 4 months ago
I remember it was worth only like 6k (still a lot, but much less than the 60k-ish it was worth before). Kinda cool its doing good again, admittedly it probably died for a while because shills and other people got it and anything cool that could come out of it was made worthless due to people just thinking "this is a scam" (which in many cases there are crypto scams so i dont blame them)
4 months ago
I saw an ad on TV about BTC exposure and that made me realize that it must be doing well lol.

Yeah I'm not changing what I have. Don't care enough to do so.