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2 weeks ago
The new Lexus RZ (electric) has alcantara seats instead of leather

lettssss gooo

I've always thought leather is such a stupid decision as the "luxury material" for cars. I prefer the cloth seats to leather. Leather gets hot and sticky in the sun.

I like alcantara best. I have alcantara seats in my car but that's because they're Recaro racing seats.

They're saying it's because it's more environmentally friendly, vegan, etc. IMO more environmentally friendly would be making the car smaller lol but sure.

But IMO it's just a way better material.

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1 week ago
One thing I will add is that I found out that I don't sit very still due to cloth seats. For some reason, anytime I drove a car with cloth seats, I would get static shocked touching the door while leaving the car, but it didn't happen with leather. Then I realized that I'm generating static electricity while I'm driving due to the seat. I've only ever seen this mentioned by one other person before so it's basically just a me problem lol.

Alcantara is better either way
33Abu 1 week ago
I hate leather seats. It's way too hot in summer and way too cold in winter.
20TulipsOfLove 2 weeks ago
@.:A-MAN:. That and it's animal cruelty
2 weeks ago
I hadn't even really thought about it much, but yeah leather really is a dumb "premium" material. I don't think I've ever actually wanted something to be leather.
20TulipsOfLove 2 weeks ago
"Make the car smaller" oh no ..... *Reminded of the truck that is so huge that it's grill is at head length of a person.*