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Another AI tool, though this one doesn't even really need AI behind it.

Browser extension. There are a lot of tools that let you set macros and autotext complete for like email signatures and stuff. The extension would instead see what tasks you do often and generate a button to do that for you.

For example, whenever I open Firefox for the day, I click on the link. Then I click "Status", then I open each "Comment" link that I didn't visit the day before or that has a different number from the day before, then I often click the "new status" button.

An extension should be able to see that I do that every day and instead have a button to do that routine for me. I definitely could set up a routine in Axiom extension (or a few others), but I did one for clicking "Claim" on Twitch/Amazon Gaming free stuff and it was so tedious and hardly worked that I went back to doing it myself.

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