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2 weeks ago
I feel like people are really bad about writing down phone numbers. Every time, someone seems to have a mistake whenever I check the online portals for doctors, car dealerships, etc.

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38BlueLake2 2 weeks ago
That's how I got my dog! Someone in my apartment building had to give her up so they made a post on our apartment building's online board that said "text me at XXX-XXX-XXX5 if interested."

We didn't hear back for a couple days so we looked through months of the board's old posts and saw another post where she was selling some furniture that said "text me at XXX-XXX-XXX6 if interested," basically the same number but off by one. We texted that slightly different number about the dog and immediately got a reply. Some months later we were talking and she said "yeah it's weird, you guys were the only ones who reached out. I would've expected a lot more" and we just stayed silent