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18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
and another thing. @.:A-MAN:. the flair tags are a very cool thing to have on a site like this. So thank you for all of the hard work you do for us
.:A-MAN:. likes this.

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2 weeks ago
lol glad you like them. I thought they were a good way to give some use for cu.bes lol.
17TulipsOfLove 2 weeks ago
@SuperCam i don't have many cubes myself, because I bought a lot of games and apps from the shop.
17TulipsOfLove 2 weeks ago
18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
@TulipsOfLove yeah, the animated text options. I was going to share one in this comment but Im out of cubes >.<
17TulipsOfLove 2 weeks ago
Flair tags??