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2 weeks ago
So last Friday, I got a *fat* speeding ticket.
Thankfully the cop only got me at 90mph.

Tbh, I'm surprised it took so long to get my first one.
I've been zooming down all these highways for the last 8 years in many different cars. Many, many hours at 110+mph.

Haven't figured out what I'm going to do about it yet...
.:A-MAN:. dislikes this.
SuperCam dislikes this.

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18SuperCam 2 weeks ago
Wow, thats kinda crazy that you only got a ticket; and even crazier that this is your first one.

But I agree with A-MAN, probably shouldnt be doing that lol
2 weeks ago
@umer936 yeah, you got lucky
2 weeks ago
yeah it now like actually hit that i could actually have been arrested which doesn't seem like a good time
2 weeks ago
Big oof.

Really probably shouldn't do that though lol.