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2 years ago
New Blog Entry In .:A-MAN:. lists stuff!
9 years ago
Regular accepted your friend request
2 weeks ago
I opened this GitHub issue for phpmyadmin. not sure if any of y'all know a path I can take.

both phpmyadmin and myself use
however, it is unmaintained and based off of jQuery and jQuery-UI
Unfortunately, I do not know of a replacement timepicker that supports milliseconds (or smaller potentially) and day of year. Any thoughts on what to do for this? I'm hesitant to make my own bc it seems a lot to remake from scratch but it is looking more and more that I may have to.
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1 week ago
@umer936 ah ok
1 week ago
@.:A-MAN:. No, as it supports neither milliseconds nor day of year lol. Plus, I don't think it looks very good either lol
2 weeks ago
Does the linked in the description not suit your needs?