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2 weeks ago
This notifications thing has made me very upset.

I don't want to use Pusher or any of that because we really just need for the server to send to the client when an action is done. Currently we poll a "Notifications" method for that info.

First I tried using service workers and that's been terrible. I can't get it to do it without sending the notification through the OSes notifications tray, which I don't need.
Then I realized that all I really need is SSE/Server-side events.
BUT when I try doing that in the CakePHP app, it either a - closes the stream after the message, then reopens (which is basically the same thing as the polling) or b - stays open and causes the page to never finish loading because it's in a loop.
Examples for this are also not helpful.

This shouldn't be this difficult.
.:A-MAN:. dislikes this.

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1 week ago
@umer936 yep
2 weeks ago
@.:A-MAN:. But it's supposed to be standard. I don't get it D:
2 weeks ago
Welcome to non-standard implementations of features that should have been standard.