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11JasonTodd 3 years ago
Fun bartending story: I was working this one wedding and no one was really tipping me that well. No one except this gorgeous middle eastern milf. First thing I should mention is that she's very married. While normally that doesn't stop me from flirting (I only do it for tips and for fun, I'm no home wrecker) she was with her man the entire night so I didn't bother. But not only was she throwing $20's my way, but she starting hitting on ME! She said my name was very sexy and manly, and that she'd want to name her kid that and made jokes about our age gap. Overall it was unexpected, but she was fun, memorable, and a great tipper, which really made my night that night.

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11JasonTodd 3 years ago
@TulipsOfLove I objectify all genders. Literally have a game where I pick out the biggest DILF in every show (Hakoda in A:TLA)
3 years ago
damn how do i get like that. definitely a little jealous
23TulipsOfLove 3 years ago
Milf" wtf thinking of us all as objects. :/
3 years ago
Big HMMMMM there lol