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37BlueLake2 2 months ago
I basically only use my PC at the living room TV now so I've been trying to find a new mini-ITX case that's less of an eyesore. I found this wacky thing which is a fanless chassis where the case itself is a heatsink and I really love the look of it but it's just a hair too big for the space I want to put it
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2 months ago
Looks sick
37BlueLake2 2 months ago
@umer936 I've been on there for a while. They all worship the Ncase M1 but I just don't think it's a look that would look good next to a living room TV. I have the Lian Li TU150 right now which is basically the big brother version and it just looks too computery.

It'd be awesome if I could get something that could fit a 240mm AIO loop since my GPU gets really hot on air (5700XT, junction temps hitting 110c at peak load) but that's a pretty big ask for mITX. A few cases from /r/sffpc can kind of fit one, the Mjolnir is definitely the sexiest, but that case can fit a 240mm but only one 120mm fan which kind of defeats the purpose
2 months ago
2 months ago
It's certainly unique. Iirc LTT did a video on it.