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Alright. Question time.

So we do our dev stuff in CakePHP and a lot of clients generally want the same sort of website.
It's silly to remake the same stuff in so many places so we want to make a "Generic" site that just has the changes for individual sites (CSS, imgs, PHP functions, and DB info) and I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how best to organize it.

The Base is the "generic template" and the "plugin" is the deployed website.

The ways I've come up with are to have the:
- Base as Vendor, Plugins as "app"
- Base as "app", Plugins as plugins
- Base as "Base" plugin, Plugin as "app"
- Base as "Base" plugin, Plugins as plugins

Also an option is:
- Base as Vendor, Plugins as plugins
But that seems silly because the "app" is virtually empty.

I'm leaning towards having the base be a Vendor app that I can include in Composer, and the deployed site being the "app". I wish I had others on my team to run this by with...

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4 weeks ago
@.:A-MAN:. pain lol
4 weeks ago
@umer936 hmm yeah ik
4 weeks ago
My main concern with this method is difficulty of putting things in the Base project. Say we're developing something in plugin, then decide it would be used by multiple and should be put in the Base, are the others on the team going to move it to the Base or just leave it causing code duplication later...
4 weeks ago
Idk enough about cakephp design patterns to recommend one, but that sounds reasonable