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37BlueLake2 2 months ago
Maybe I'm not talking to the right people, but sensationalist m,edia outlets claim that 1/3 of Americans believe in the vaccine microchip conspiracy theory, but I've never met one single person unironically believe it and hundreds of people make fun of it. I know plenty of people hesitant about a young vaccine, but even the craziest of my family members make fun of the microchip theory that supposedly a third of us believe. I guess it's fun to make fun of it but it just feels like such a strawman, like flat Earth.
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10TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
@umer936 ehh to be fair, it's not like it is easy to get some research ...
10TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
I met one person who appeared to believe in the microchip theory and another who refused to get the covid vaccine if they couldn't know what its ingredients were.
2 months ago
Additionally, I don't think it is worth for them to say the things like "X% say they won't take the vaccine" because people are a bit scared of the unknown.
The percentage that say they won't keeps half-ing every month once they hear from their friends who've taken it. People don't base their decisions on research papers.

Every time I've heard a news company say that for the last 3 months has made me roll my eyes.
2 months ago
The media over-sensationalizes small numbers. Remember when they said Wallstreetbets users had moved on to Silver from GME? Technically true. There were posts about Silver, but they were on like page 6.

I legitimately believe reporting on things like that does more harm, but I'd bet it does get clicks though.
37BlueLake2 2 months ago
i should really proofread my 3am statuses
2 months ago
Yeah I don't buy 1/3 at all. Maybe 1/3 of the surveyed people (which had poor sampling).