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3 weeks ago
Don't' understand how my mom got so weak.

My parents used to live in Buffalo, where it snows more than the 3inches it has snowed here.
She used to live in Pakistan and Nigeria, where there was oftentimes no water or electricity.

We have a couple of cases of water and she was still storing water in all the pans like we're not going to have water for 3 months. It'll probably be like 2 days.

I don't get why she's freaking out. There's nothing that can be done. If the main pipes are frozen, no amount of hairdryer is going to unfreeze it when the temperature is 20 degrees outside.

Yes, the heater will not work if the power goes out. You'll just have to wear more clothes. It's not complicated.

I would absolutely move out if the vaccine wasn't just a few months away. Tired of this.
She worries for no dang reason then worries more that her blood pressure is too high.

.:A-MAN:. dislikes this.

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10TulipsOfLove 2 weeks ago
@umer936 alright. That's fair.
2 weeks ago
Boomer parents tell me to "man up" all the time and that "they walked through the snow to work with only $2", so I feel it's only fair lol
2 weeks ago
I've noticed that about people who are from countries where they may lack resources we expect to have 24/7. My friend's mom would stock ludicrous amounts of bottled water, no matter the time of year or weather situation.
10TulipsOfLove 3 weeks ago
2-days are still days without something. Kinda comes off insensitive, to say that she's "weak". :/