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About whether the squeeze was sqouze, I don't think it actually was. I wish it were easier to get data on this stuff. But one thing looking at the short percentage did for me was think it was still going to, but the people at these hedge funds are smarter, have more resources, and so on. What I think happened is they lost on the surprise and the run up. Then the buying stop killed the momentum, essentially creating a cap on the price. When it spiked down, those same hedge funds likely bought new shorts, but at $400, not $5 like their old ones. Where my mistake was, was seeing "120% shorted" and thinking all of those are at the old $5 price.

They're probably still holding a lot of those original ones because at $60~ it's still a big loss, but at this point it's just riding it out until they've offset much of the loss. I wouldn't be surprised if they profited off the silver business.

There may be upward pressure on the stock price when they do offload the original shorts, but I'm not sold on there being another huge spike. The surprise part of the whole situation is gone and it's silly to think everyone just sat on their hands when the buying was halted.

That said, it would be wild if it does significantly go up - say after the short report comes out tomorrow evening.
I'm still in because at this point I've bought seats to the show so I might as well be a part lol. And I go legitimately think GameStop has big potential to turn it around, especially with their new hires.

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4 weeks ago
I think the short report will confirm all the wsb suspicions since the hedgies would never tell the actual truth. If the report goes well I could see a boost to the 90s or low 100s.
4 weeks ago
Reasonable assessment. No point in selling low for sure.